Muskaan 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak and Muskaan have a debate

Muskaan 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak initiating the debate on bar dancers. He says women should hate such avatar. He sees Muskaan and stops her. He asks her to say in subject of bar dancers. Muskaan says its not wrong, without knowing anyone’s situation, judging them is not right, bar dancers also have heart, feelings, emotions and situations, they are also humans like us, we should hate those people who bring those women to this point. Ronak says you don’t know how many houses they break, they shatter real relation with fakeness. Muskaan says you won’t understand them, you need to think by heart. He says there is no place for emotions here, facts are needed to win the debate, not emotions. She says I know all facts, you all won’t understand. He asks why, are we fools. He says how does this girl know

so much, like she stays with them. She gets tensed.

Tabassum bids bye to Aarti. She goes to Sir ji and says Aarti is getting released. Sir ji says we will gift Aarti to Muskaan, take Aarti there and she will adorn Muskaam, she shall know the result of going against me. Ronak asks Muskaan how does she know such brothel women so well. Muskaan says I will explain, but you won’t understand, their responsibilities and challenges. He laughs and jokes that she lives with them. He says everyone has their own responsibilities and challenges, no one sells themselves like them, they sell themselves and enjoy it, then you like the market. Muskaan recalls Aarti. Ronak asks do you have any answer. Muskaan says yes, its a quicksand, no one can get out of it. Ronak says if person has a will, he can do anything, there are many NGO, police station, person can get out of brothel if he wants. Muskaan says not everyone can have courage, their courage is broken even if they will. Ronak asks her if she can name anyone, a mum prepares her daughter to become a bar dancer. Muskaan thinks no one can understand. She goes. Everyone praises Ronak for the good debate. They clap for Ronak. Muskaan goes and cries. She recalls Aarti.

Ronak comes to her and gives her tissue. Tabassum calls her. He takes the phone and talks to Tabassum. She asks for Muskaan. He talks non stop. Tabassum says give phone to Muskaan, her mum is unwell. He gives phone to Muskaan. Tabassum asks her to come home. Muskaan runs. Ronak asks her to take tiffin. He runs after her. He gets hit by the car. The tiffin falls down. He sees Sir ji in the car and turns away. Sir ji scolds him. Ronak gets rude towards him. He argues and asks him to leave. Sir ji leaves in the car.

Ronak says I lost the tiffin today. Hanumanth says I have got the bike, come, where did Muskaan go. Ronak says she went far. Tabassum tortures Muskaan and asks about Ronak. She slaps Muskaan. Muskaan cries. Tabassum says you will do the same, your mum made loss for me and ran away, you are following same path. Muskaan says you are misunderstanding. Tabassum scolds Muskaan. She attends a call. She asks Muskaan to perform in the marriage, go along Sapna and earn much money. She warns Muskaan. Suzaine stops Muskaan and asks what’s the matter, what are you hiding. Muskaan cries.

Muskaan performs with Sapna. Ronak comes on stage and holds Muskaan’s hand. He taunts her and asks her to lift ghunghat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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