Muskaan 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti gets jailed

Muskaan 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji and Tabassum threatening Aarti. Tabassum says we will not educate her and make her a famous dancer. Sir ji asks her to count days in jail, they will count money from Muskaan. Police comes there. The senior asks how did Aarti go out without bail. He comes to arrest Aarti. Aarti gets shocked. Tabassum and Sir ji smile. Aarti says let me meet Muskaan once. She is taken away. Suzaine says we have to tell truth to Muskaan. Jaya says yes. Tabassum stops them and takes Jaya away. Rakhi stops Suzaine and Lumi. Suzaine apologizes to Tabassum to save Jaya. Tabassum sends Jaya with someone. Jaya shouts for help. Suzaine asks where are you taking her.

Rakhi asks Suzaine to calm down, Jaya has gone to another brothel. Suzaine cries and asks what was Jaya’s mistake. Tabassum

says if anyone talks in front of Muskaan, I will kill you. Tabassum takes care of Muskaan and lies to her about Aarti. Rakhi gets Sapna there and asks Muskaan not to worry. She says we are with you, we will love you. Sapna gets jealous. Its morning, Muskaan gets ready to go to school. Tabassum gets ghungroos and asks her to shine the ghungroos once. Muskaan says I have to go and study. Tabassum asks won’t you listen to me, I have saved you from fire. Muskaan shines the ghungroos and says I don’t miss Aarti, I don’t know who is my real mum, Aarti loved me and now she hates me. Aarti is put inside the jail. She gets sad. Muskaan says Aarti left me alone, I would have not done this if she was with me. She cries and asks Lord why did she make Aarti hate her. She asks what shall I do, shall I study or dance.

She sees her books. She picks ghungroos. She says I will study and dance for Aarti, so that Aarti feels happy seeing me. Aarti cries for Muskaan and apologizes. She recalls Muskaan’s words and cries. She says you have snatched Muskaan from me, I will snatch your smile from you, you took advantage of my weakness, I will make my weakness my strength, Tabassum and Sir ji don’t know that a woman means strength, I will take revenge now. She says I will get free, I will teach Tabassum and Sir ji a lesson. Muskaan takes her bag. Sujoy comes back. He says they won’t let you study, they will just make you dance. She hugs him and says you don’t know what happened here, Aarti left me alone. He says I have come back, don’t worry, we will find Aarti, what happened.

She tells him everything. She says I won’t go anywhere, come back here. He says I don’t want to come as you are here, everyone troubles you, I can’t see this, when you know the truth, you won’t like it, run away with me, there is nothing left here. She says I have Aarti here. He asks her to take pic and toys along. She says no, I have to listen to mumma and stay here. She takes books and ghungroos. She says I have cleaned ghungroos, I m going to school. Rakhi takes Muskaan’s bag and scolds her. She says you won’t go to school. Tabassum says I m here to decide. Muskaan says let me go, I have to go school. Tabassum scolds her and asks her to learn dance. She gets a whip to beat her. Muskaan gets shocked. Tabassum says you are caged here, wear ghungroos. Muskaan obeys her and dances. Tabassum smiles.

Tabassum gives sweets and says Muskaan will be dancing today for the first time. A guy Ronak comes to college as professor. Muskaan comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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