Muskaan 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum misleads Muskaan

Muskaan 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan waiting for Aarti. A couple asks her what is she doing here. Muskaan says my mum is lost. They try to help and ask her to sit back. Tabassum says don’t worry, my aide will get her. Muskaan cries. A man goes to her and says your mumma has left. Muskaan thinks he is lying. Tabassum says Muskaan will cry a lot and then my aide will meet her. Muskaan tells lady that her mumma didn’t come, she can’t leave her, she loves her a lot, she is very good. The lady says maybe someone caught your mum. The man says come with me, I will drop you.

Muskaan agrees to go with them. Tabassum asks Suzaine not to get emotional. She says my aide will get Muskaan here, then Aarti knows what to do. Rakhi praises Tabassum for her cleverness. Aarti says I have laid thorns in my daughter’s

life, why. She cries. Tabassum asks her to cry now, and just show anger for Muskaan when she comes, its for Muskaan’s bright future. Aarti asks where is Muskaan, is she fine, tell me. Tabassum gets a call. The couple gets Muskaan home. Tabassum starts scolding Aarti. Muskaan looks on.

Aarti does a drama and gets angry. She says I won’t cry for Muskaan now. Tabassum acts to see Muskaan. She shows fake concern. Muskaan goes to Aarti. Aarti scolds her. Muskaan asks why are you so angry, tell me. Aarti says I don’t care for you, I just don’t want to be with you. She calls Muskaan useless. Muskaan cries and says I will just come, don’t go anywhere. Tabassum praises Aarti’s drama. Muskaan wears ghungroos and comes. Aarti gets shocked. Muskaan says I have worn ghungroos, I will dance for you. Suzaine cries. Tabassum and Rakhi smile. Muskaan dances. Aarti asks her to stop the drama and go to do her work. She says I don’t care whatever she does. Tabassum slaps Aarti and takes Muskaan’s side. She says I will raise Muskaan, don’t say her anything. She asks Muskaan to forget her mum. Muskaan says but she is my mumma, I want to be with her. Tabassum takes her. Muskaan cries.

Aarti goes to her room and cries. Suzaine comes to her. Aarti says I m a bad mum, I have hurt Muskaan a lot. Suzaine thinks to tell her truth. Muskaan asks Tabassum to talk to Aarti. Tabassum says I don’t know what happened to her, maybe she is not your mum, why will she do this, don’t know she is your real mum or not. Muskaan thinks why is she saying this, Aarti loves me a lot. Tabassum thinks this will be truth one day. Suzaine says its time you know the truth.

Muskaan comes to show ghungroos and asks Aarti to teach. Aarti teaches Sapna. Muskaan thinks I m not Aarti’s daughter. She falls down the stairs. Aarti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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