Music of the heart {Chapter 8}

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Music of the heart
Chapter 8

Praniti ends the flashback while Teddy is standing there sadly.Bulbul”Now,Bhai what if he asks about Bhabi when he is awake?” Teddy”No need to worry.He forgets whatever he does when he is drunk.” Bulbul sighs. Purab takes Teddy to home. Purab consoles her and makes her to sleep.

Other side,The person drags Tanu and leave her in a room.Person”Until she comes to me,you should be here. Don’t worry you will get all the facilities since you are her friend.

Tanu gives a disgusting look to him.Tanu”You cheap!!” Person” Hey you!!!” and goes to slap her.But he does not slap her.Person”Since i promised her,I will not slap you. Now don’t ever come infront of me or else..”

Tanu” I even dont want to come infront of you.” and walks away in attitude. The person closes the door with a bang and goes away. Tanu gives” i don’t care” look.

After somedays,At Abhi’s offfice.

Abhi is seen working in the laptop,when he hears a voice.Person”May i come in sir?” Abhi raises and head and looks at the person.

Abhi” Of course come in Raghav.” Raghav, his P.A. enters into his Cabin.Abhi” Ok tell me, what brings you here?” Raghav”Sir, Today there is a interview..” hi thinks”Hmm.. ok i am coming.”

Abhi comes to the interview hall.The interview starts.Abhi patiently starts the interview. The interview was a lengthy one as many people had applied to get a job in Mehra Companies.In the middle Abhi was getting impatient,so he stops the interview in the middle.

He calls his P.A. He comes inside.Abhi” Raghav! Tell them that the interview would be started after 15 minutes.I really need a break.” Raghav”Yes sir!”

After 5 minutes,Raghav hesitantly comes inside Abhi’s Cabin.He looks at Abhi who is resting his head on the table.Ragahav”Sir.”Abhi gets up lazily and” I told you to come afer 15 minutes right?? What are you doing here now?”

Ragav is scared and out of fear he tells”Sir.Sirf pani dhene ke liye aaya.” Abhi nods and Raghav gives the bottle to him.Raghav comes out.

Raghav to a girl” I am sorry.But sir is busy for 10 minutes.” Girl”But please sit.It is really urgent.”Raghav”I cannot do anything I am sorry” and starts to walk way.

The girl silently enters into the hall and Raghav who hears the door closing panics and runs behind her.

She enters and looks at Abhi who is closing his eyes and resting in the chair. Raghav enters.Abhi is disturbed and asks”Ab ky..” and freezes looking at the girl infront of him.”

It was his fuggi.But she had long brown hair instead of the curly hair his fuugi had.He looked into her eyes. The dark black eyes which he was always lost was in brown colour. She was wearing a perfect office wear dress.

She was wearing a perfect office wear dress

Then he hears her voice. It was not sweet and meladious as his fuggi’s. He was keeping on staring at her while she was saying something to him.After as few seconds he comes out of his dream world and hears “Sir are you listening to me?” Abhi comes back to his senses. The next thing he did shocked both Raghav and the girl.

He went and hugged the girl very tightly.He had tears.Girl”Sir sir? What are you doing??” and she tries to get out of his hold.”But Abhi is so strong and he pulls her more closer.Raghav is shocked and yells”Sir!!” Abhi leaves her.

Abhi signs Raghav to leave and he leaves out. Abhi”Pragya.You are alive.. Ican’t believe.I am so happy. I will let you never go again. I will always be with you.But why are you so different?his hair and your eye colour??Did you dye your hair and used eye lens uh? wWhy are you using lens?Answer me Fuggi.” He looks at her wheresas she had an blank expression.

Girl”Hello!!! What are you thinking uh?? I am not Pragya.” Abhi”Don’t play fuggi.I know that it is you. Don’t cheat me” Girl” Sir!! I am not Pragya and I am Anamika..” Abhi”Anamika?” and gies a ‘Are you serious look?”

Teddy”Yes. Why I should not have that name uh?”Abhi”Fuggi.Dont lie.Why do you want to lie infront of me and why do you want to act infront of me?”

Teddy”That question should be asked by me. I am not Pragya and I am anamika.Abhi”Acha and walks closer to her. She moves back. Abhi walks more closer to her and holds her.Abhi”Abhi batao,tum mere fuggi hai na?” she can feel his hot breath on her. She started breathing heavily. They both have an eyelock. Allah waariyan plays.

Teddy’Sir i cannot understand what are you saying?” Abhi”Don’t overact Fuggi.” She pushes him and says”Sir!! Why do you want to behave like this.Iam not Pragya or your fug..fu..”Abhi”Fuggi.”

Teddy”Haan Fuggi. I am not her.” Abhi”excuse me.” and goes to the washroom and washes his face.He comes out and walks here and there for sometime and says”Iam really very very sorry Anamika. I did not mean to.. You look just like her. So i became a little emotional.. That’s why..”

Teddy”Its ok..I understand sir.” Abhi”Thank you for not taking me wrong.”

Teddy’s pov”You can never be wrong Rockstar!!!”

Abhi”So let us start the interview Ms.Anamika.!” Teddy”Ok sir.” The interview starts and finally Abhisays”You are appointed as the JMD{junior managing director} of this company!!

Teddy”Omg!!! Omg!! that is a very big post.. I am very happy sir..Thank u soo much!!” Teddy’s Pov” I know it is a big post.But that does not matter.I am happy that I can work with him. I am very happy!! I am going to be with him!!”

She gets a call. She gets very happy to see that. It was Praniti’s call.Teddy”Sir,excuseme can i attend this call?”

Abhi”Hmm ok Ms.Anamika. You can.”

Pragya sneaks to a corner and speaks to her happily and comes after sometime. Abi observes her speaking cheerfully to someone and thinks”Waise kon se baat kar raha hai?”

After she comes Abhi asks”Friend ah?” Teddy”No.Bf.” Abhi”O bf ah? He thinks again and shouts “Kya BF ahhh??”

Teddy’Haan yes. soo what sir?” Abhi”You have boy friend ah?” Teddy”Sirr!!! noo!!! Bf means Best friend!!”

Abhi”Oh!! Thank god!!” Teddy”What bothers you sir if i have a boyfriend?” Abhi”nothing..just asked.”

She check the time and says”Sir. If you don’t mind I have an emergency and may I come an hour later to the office to take on the responsbility?”

Abhi” You are asking excuse on the first day itself uh?”Teddy”Please sir..It is very important!”

Abhi”OK.You can go.”Teddy”Thank’s sir.” Abhi”you are welcome. Teddy takes her belongings and walks out while Abhi shouts”take care.” She turns back smiles at him and goes.

Abhi’s pov

“I know fuggy it is you. that smile tells me that it is you,your uneven breath when i come near you tells me that you are my fuggy.Even though the eyes are brown,Igot lost in them.They tell me that you are my fuggy. I don’t know why are you acting before me.I will soon find out and I will get back you very soon.The day on which you are going to come back to me is not so far. I will get you back soon.” he thinks looking at the direction she went.

Guys..I don’t know how is this episode. I am very happy for your great response guys. Sorry guys i could not reply to everyone.I was just struck with some works.I will try to reply everyone soon.Thank you for waiting patiently and reading my ff with lot of patience.I hope this is better than before episode.Idon’t know you guys will like it or not.. I will try my maximum to make it interesting.Thank you for giving open reviews.t really helped me..And Abhigya eill unite doon.Don’t worry guys.Let us see in the next episode.Until then bye gys and take care.

Wiht lots of love’

Asmithaa{Cutiepie Achu}

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