Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part – 18

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 18

In sarna mansion everyone were upset because of twinkle. She is not telling anything to anyone. Kunj was angry and upset too because of her stubbornness he dont want her fall in another problem he want to solve everything but he don’t know what is problem acrually . And he is sad because he raised hand on his twinkle he couldn’t control his anger seeing twinkle supporting murderers who killed there kid and they did many more crime and never let them to live in peace when twinkle herself released them from jail and also bring them home and supporting them to stay here this all he didnt liked and he couldn’t control his anger and raised hand on her . He is feeling guilty for that act now because his twinkle will never do wrong things if she did it means there is some reason behind it and when she cried hugging him her eyes conveying him unknown pain that she hiding from everyone he thought he could have controlled his anger.
Twinkle pov (kunj I am sorry I can’t tell you anything now sorry for hiding this matter from you but what I have to do kunj I have no option left I have to save our first baby kunj you know our daughter is alive now may be she is six year old she is away from us kunj I promise ill return you my first gift . And i want to tell you the same but I am scared this people do something to her if I told you anything. First ill find her my kaira i want to see her I am excited to see her I am she went on you may be . Give me time ill set everything right)
Yash – ma…ooo….jhhjjhh
Twinkle kiss on yash cheeks he giggles
Twinkle- you know what yash . You have elder sister ill make you meet her soon then you can play with her. Now come lets go to room its your sleeping time right.

Twinj room
Kunj came out of washroom he is upset its clearly visible on his face.he comes near wall and suddenly remembered how he slapped twinkle he looks at his hand being angry and punch his hand on wall hurting him self
Twinkle who just entered room was shocked to see it she place baby on bed
Twinkle- kunj….. and runs to him takes his hand which has got cut and bleeding twinkle eyes filled with tear looking at him…uff..ufff….she blow air on it then looks at kunj angrily
Twinkle- have you gone mad see here its bleeding why you did it huh come ill apply ointment
Kunj- let it be twinkle its my punishment for slapping you i broke my promise right that day i promised you its first and last it will never happen again but today i slap you so I am punishing my self leave my hand he was above to punch again twinkle hold his hand and nodes in no she kiss on his hand and hugs him.
Kunj- I am sorry twinkle crying twinkle wipe his tears
Twinkle- no i am sorry kunj . I did mistake so you slap me right you are not wrong the situation is wrong
Kunj places his hand on her cheek where he slap her twinkle close her eyes and tear drop fall from her eyes
Kunj- twinkle i am really sorry please forgive me. Twinkle look at him and both share eyelock
Kunj- twinkle tell me are they blackmailing you? Why are you scared share it with me ill solve it
Twinkle- kunj oh … twinkle see a shaddow near room door so she stop in middle
Twinkle- please kunj dont ask me anything when time will come ill tell you. You trust me right?
Kunj- more than myself
Twinkle cup kunj face
Twinkle- promise me you will never leave me . And always you support me
Kunj- promise.
Yash clap for his parents both look at him and smiles kunj lift him up and kiss him twinkle too yash gives shy smile making his parents smile again.
Twinj lye on bed and yash in middle of them playing
Kunj- yash sleep now dont tease us let us sleep baby its not playing time while yash scream loudly Twinkle laugh on kunj
Kunj- you chota siyappa price please listen to your papa atleast once in day
Twinkle- now sleep baby please yash turn to twinkle abd hug her from hus tiny hands and in no time he slept peacefully. Twinkle to slept hugging baby kunj raised his one eye brow
Kunj- siyappa queen aur siyappa queen ki beta dono full of siyappa how nicely he listened to her huhu mumma’s boy and he to slept hugging them .

In midnight twinkle gets scary dream like some little girl running and some goons running behind her then the girl falls down and crying saying “maa papa save me”
Twinkle screams getting up from bed
Twinkle- kaira….. leave her …dont do anything please
Kunj gets up suddenly hearing twinkle scream
Kunj switch on light and lookes at twinkle worriedly
Kunj- twinkle..twinkle what happened he goes near her and hold her from shoulder waking her up Twinkle get up
Twinkle- haan haan and open eyes and look at surrounding and then hugs kunj tightly
Kunj- shh nerthing happened may be you have saw some dream
Twinkle- hmm sorry kunj
Kunj- shh why you asking sorry for it now drink water she drink water kunj is now tensed looking at her he decides to find it out he makes yash to sleep on his cradle and sits on bed
Twinkle- may i sleep on your lap?
Kunj- why you taking permission come here she sleep on his lap peacefully after dome time kunj makes twinkle to sleep on bed snd puts her head on his chest caresses her and he to sleeps .
Twinkle gets up soon in morning
Twinkle- ill go and search her today she gets ready quicky before father and son gets up she leaves home
Twinkle stop car in middle snd thinks how she will find her out she didnt saw her once also she dont know how she looks like. She gets sad thinking this about her daughter she cries asking help from baba ji she goes to gurdwara and sit there praying to baba ji to help her and give her daughter back.
Twinkle- please help me baba ji i want my daughter back she is part of me i cant loose her this time. I dont beleave those people they will do something to her. She forward her dupatta hodling it from either side
Twinkle- please baba ji mere bachi ko vapas dedo ma mera pass bejdo please show me some way to get her back and she cries a baba see her and call her
Baba- looks like you are so sad
Twinkle- haan vo
Baba – dont worry you will get your daughter back but it is not easy be careful
Twinkle- you know her
Baba – baba ji said me to say you this be careful you will get her one day
Twinkle- but how ill find her baba . I dont know how she looks i don’t know anything about her. I didnt saw her at once then how ill identify my daughter please tell me how is she
Baba – beta kya hogaya tumhe teri beti ko thu nahi pehchan sakthi kya
Twinkle- but
Baba – she is your doll puttar you should know how she will be she is just like you she is part of you dont forget it . And no need to worry no one can harm her she is fighter like her parents. I can only tell this much once she will come infront of you your heart will tell you that she is yours. Your mother feeling will help you to identify her go and find her. And he goes from thete
Twinkle- its not easy but ill definetly search her

@sarna mansion
Kunj gets up from bed and call twinkle name
Kunj- twinkle coffe..he gets freshen up and still twinkle didnt came he takes news paper and sits on couch reading it and holding yash from one hand
Usha- kunj coffe
Kunj- twinkle
Usha- she is not there
Kunj- where she went?
Usha- she don’t think its important to tell anyone anything just left home without informing anything. She has attitude kunj you did right by slapping her yesterday today also you punish her ok
Kunj- wow clapping see yash this is difference between your mom and my mom clap for my mom and your so called dadi yash clap like kunj smiling
Usha- what do you mean?
Kunj – I mean you are heartless person here I am dying in guilt thinking i did wrong by raising hand on my wife and you came here to fill my ears against my wife and supporting me to torture her right this is what difference between you and twinkle when you did mistake no its not mistake a crime of trying to kill her and baby giving her poision instead of knowing you poisoned her she tell me daily to forgive you and talk with you like before forgetting everything because she cant see you being sad but you are opposite you came here to tell me punish her huh why you are like this haan
Usha- kunj..
Kunj- please get out I dont want to listen your voice too whenever I look at your face I remember that day when my twinkle and baby fighting between life and requesting you to be away from me. And don’t you dare to say anything to twinkle you lost every right. Usha goes from there fuming .
Pallavi and anitha get ready and goes somewhere

@some home
A cute little girl sitting on couch holding teddy and watching serial and enjoying
A women comes there she looks at little girl angrily and looks at other side where all toys are thrown here and there she takes it and put it in toy box and goes close to girl and snatch remote from her hand and switch off the TV. Girl gives her look
Girl – oye how dare you give it to me
Lets give name to women malli
Malli – why you throw all toys like that haan little girl ignores her question and switch on tv snatching remote from her
Malli – hey you
Girl- my name is doll not hey let me watch TV now
Malli – always tv or eating and only I am working here for this idiot she will not understand like this wait she switch off tv again doll look at her making puppy face
Doll – please aunty cutely she ignore her doll goes near toy box and make it fall again
Malli – wait today ill not leave you. You are here to only increase my work today ill hit you ill see who will stop me today and she comes to hit that doll girl
Doll – you hit me huh? hahaha???? very lame moti aunty first catch me if you can and she runs and that moti behind her malli becomes tired she sits there like she got hurt doll comes to her to check its her drama so that she catch little girl but doll is intelligent she looks at her expression and got it its fake she shows her tongue and throw pillow on her jumps clapping and saying moti gir gayi
Malli – you???? she stands up and above to run
Doll raises her one eyebrow and throws some marbles (goli) on floor malli keeps her leg on it and and falls down in thud
Doll – hahaha???? yes yes hahaha??? you hide my book right so punishment
One man comes there
Malli – sir look at this little devil i cant handle her
Man – how dare you huh and goes close to her doll steps back in fear he raise his hand to slap her but cant as someone held his hand its anitha luthra
Anita- how dare you cherry??? ill kill you if you do anything to her
Malli- but ma’am really that devil is so tough to handle she made me fall today wait ill tell her and she to try to hit her anitha slap that maid
Anita- dont you dare
Doll – hahaha good aisha hey hona chahiye tumhe
Anita- doll you go in room and pallavi give that bag pallavi comes near doll and she look at her face Twinkle face flash in her mind looking at her face she look at her angrily
Doll is only kaira she is like beautiful barbie doll mixture of twinkle and kunj
Anitha sit with her matching her height and gives kiss on her cheeks kaira makes faces and wipe it and shows tongue to her
Anita- you tease me good take this chocolates and toys for you go in your room and play with it ok kaira gets happy she takes bag and runs to room
Pallavi- cherry here and i didn’t saw him at sarna mansion and he is helping you
Anita- yes he was one who took baby from twinkle ward and once i got her i kept her away from him too kahi ye bhi acha hokey usse dey diya tho
Cherry- ha mummy ji that time felt like its wrong and thought to help but later left that idea and i wasn’t knowing where she was also its good you gave me job and money again when kunj kicked me out of home i wasn’t having anything its good i meet you . But why you stop me from hitting her i just want to slap her whenever i see her face i remember that good for nerthing kunj face and he was also doing this all in his childhood
Anita- if you hate kunj it doesn’t mean you take out your anger on that innocent dont forget i give you money because of her only warning you guys dont do anything to her.
Pallavi- why cherry help you and why kunj kick him out of home
Anita- hein? Because he is also mad like you he tried to rape twinkle

Before 2 months yash was four months old in his naming ceremony kunj have gift him a gold chain that have diamond locket to twinkle taking it out but yash holding it
Kunj- let it be twinkle it looks good on him
Twinkle- but what if it get lost kahi gir gaya tho .
Kunj- yar he will not go outside to play then how it will get lost leave him cherry see locket and smirked from far
Kunj throw some file in anger twinkle asks what happened
Kunj- cheating every month fifty thousand goes
Twinkle- what who did it?
Kunj- today i got it its cherry bhayya bebe said me to give him job in office so i took him but see what he doing ill not leave him twinkle stops and tells him to leave him and one day Twinkle searching everywhere for gold chain
Kunj- what happened siyappa queen?
Twinkle- kunj yash gold chain missing i told you ill take ot out
Kunj- what?? but how it can go ? We didn’t took him outside morning ony i saw chain
Twinkle – that only
Kunj-may be cherry took it twinkle says they don’t have proof so let it be
One day Twinkle working in kitchen cherry comes thereabd looks at her with lust filled eyes and that time only kunj too come there so he hides there
Kunj – twinkle haven’t you got ready yet
Twinkle- kunj you all go me and yash will be here only I am not feeling good
Kunj – then ill also not go waishe sab log tho jahi rahe hena shadi mey ill be with you here
Twinkle – no kunj you should go otherwise they feel bad ok ill take care of myself and baby you people enjoy
Kunj- sure twinkle node in yes all family member goes
Twinj room
Twinkle comes out from washroom and shocked to see cherry on her bed
Twinkle- cherry bhayya you?
Cherry- haan ji
Twinkle- want something?
Cherry- yes you s*xy
Twinkle- chi shut up sharam nahi aath aishe bolne mey mey aap ki chotey bhayi ki biwi hun aap ki bhabhi
Cherry- oh s*xy dont waste time now come and join me on bed today ill have you for sure i was waiting for this time me and you alone . I have to tell this darling after delivering baby too you look so s*xy and hot i couldn’t control my self so came to you he goes close to her and above to touch her twinkle push him and slap him har he touch his cheek and look at her angrily
Cherry- do you wont listen like this haan andhe slap her twinkle falls down crying he looks at her and comes above her he throwed her dupatta and look at ger lustfully twinkle push him and tries to run but he pulls her and throw her on bed and tore her dress piece slightly exposing her milky skin twinkle cries for help he again slap her twinkle take something and hit on his head Cherry wince in pain and leave her twinkle run from there to downstairs cherry run behind her he cath her and throw her on floor snd come above her twinkle try to escape but cant he look at her with lust filled eyes and above to kiss her but can’t next cherry falls on other side as some one kicked him its kunj his eyes became red in anger
Twinkle- k…k..kunj in breaking voice crying she try to get up kunj help her abd hugs ger tightly
Kunj- shh your kunj is here dont cry he gives her his jacket
Kunj- angrily how dare you huh you??? bustard and hit cherry he punch on his face and they fight kunj takes out his belt and start to hit him like anything everyone comes home and shocked to see this
Twinkle- bebe crying she tells everything to ber bebe slap cherry
And that gold chain also falls there
Kunj- i was knowing it you took it but also kept silent but today you crossed limit how dare you haab he again started to hit him…biwi hey wo meri..meri twinkle ko chuhega.. ladki yo ka rape karega haan people like you should die . They gave him to police
Twinkle- only giving to police is not punishment isko road per leke javo muh kaala karo aur hit him from chappal who all try to rape girl or tease them should be punished so no one again do it . It has to be lessons to other they should fear before doing it.
Twinkle takes her Sandles and slap him from it then till police station police took him by walk all put black color on his face and and girls there takes out her Sandles and hit him
Cherry in jail but comes out twinj dont know about it.
Flashback ends

Pallavi- oh!!!
Anita- but dont you dare to do anything to her she is very important for me get it
Pallavi- but really she is so active and she looks like innocent kid
Anita- dont take her lightly dont you know who’s daughter she is haan she is like her mom and dad vo kiski ansh hey haan Twinkle ek sherni hey aur kunj ka tho patha hey hena vo bhi ek sher hey sher she is clever like him know what to at what time its easy for her to escape in minutes she is very intelligent. Like her parents she is also a fire ball if they get her then we are gone huh so telling dont do anything to her fet it and malli take care if her and what is this nuts cake dont give it to her she is allergic to it .
Kaira from window look at outside and see a girl of her age playing with men and women calling them mom dad she thinks no one pamper her like that and thinks what is this mom and dad why everyone have them and sge don’t have them
Kaira- sab key maa papa hey per mere kidhar hey muje bhi kelna hey uske sath
@sarna mansion
Twinkle comes after some time and its night all have dinner and slept
At mid night 12
Twinkle- happy birthday to you happy birthday Kunj (actually happy birthday sidhant happy birthday bae????)
Kunj gets up rubbing his eyes and look at whole room decorated beautifully
Kunj looks on bed there are flower petals every where and lot of gifts kept and another beautiful thing yash hokding greeting and ge wearing cute birthday cap and clapping looking at him .
Kunj- arey aaj tho mera birthday hey!! Waw siyappa queen nice arrangements and pulls her close to him and looks at yash take out greetings he holding
Kunj- happy birthday my hottie. Stay happy always and be with me always love you so much your siyappa queen. He smiles reading it
Yash give him other small greetings
Kunj reads it
Kunj – happy birthday my super hero happy birthday papa ill become like you one day and make you proud
Yash – papa papa cutely (he was only telling pa today he told papa kunj gets happy )
Kunj lift him up and kiss him many times twinkle smiles looking at them she thinks soon she will bring there daughter too then there family complete
Kunj- oye where you lost !!
Twinkle – nerthing cut the cake kunj cuts cake and feed to twinkle then small amount to yash twinj dance romantically on dil diya galla and yash clapping for them
To be continued…

Precap- twinkle got high fever thinking about kaira she is not in her senses
In sleep she says .
Twinkle- k….kunj i..i wa..want to tell something
Kunj- haan .holding glass jug .
Twinkle- vo vo k..kunj humari humari beti kaira zindha hey she is not dead kunj
Kunj drops jug in shock

(Happy birthday sid??????? stay blessed always. May your all wish come snd our wish to see you on onscreen again . Happy birthday to the one who won many girls heart. Hope jasmin and you do another serial soon ???. )

Thank you for reading share me your views and suggestions kunj gets to know about kaira???
And is that punishment enough for cherry(in ff just took it and made him release you know this kind of people having so many influence they were also like them so save them ) or other mens who do it . No they should die but not easily thadap thadap kar hena .

Thank you for liking commenting and also thank you dislikers . Is this track ok share me your views. If any errors ignore it.

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  3. Superb episode post other ffs too
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  9. Sooooolly anusha I am late again par kya karun my sister always snatches the phone and does not let’s me read or comment par time and phone dono mil gaye is liya comment kar paa rahi hoon episode was really amazing kunj ka guilty side was so well portrayed that even I started to feel that guilt and kiara os damn cut par kiara kaise dikh ti hai koi link ya name suggest karna na anusha and yash wala scene was the cutest ever scene loved it plsss post soon love u but love ur ff more plsssss jaldi post karna take care bye?????☺☺???☺

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