Muhabat asi bhi (yvr) ff -intro

Introduction of muhabat asi bhi :

Introduction to characters:
Survi : 25 years old girl n wife of karan loves karan alot never live without him
Karan : 30 years old man husband of survi n loves her alot from college days and her beat friend
Tai : mother of karan .. Loves him alot wanted karan’s happinesses . and wants survi bwcomes her daughter in law

Shrikant : great business man of the town n father of survi always bizy with his work dont have time for survi n lata always ignore them
Lata : wife of shrikant mother of survi supports survi always wanted karan and aurvi marrige ..
Khushi : sweet innocent and smart daughter of survi and karan loves her parents alot

Story sketch :

Story revolves arround the survi . karan and survi who loves each other madly every one is leaving happily then some thing happens that turn over the life of survi if want to know about it wait for thr episode …… ???

  1. Fenil

    someone start.
    But Karthik not Karan.
    Karvi =Karthik + Survi.
    Pls post next asap

  2. Aimmy

    Hehhehe yes karvi is kartik + survi karvi… Bt here is karan doesn’t means its karvi ?????

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