Muh Boli Shaadi 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neelam shouting at Ratan Singh. She says I just took your daughter’s name with Nikhil, but your daughter made relation with him. Ratan Singh asks what relation? Neelam says within two hours, she will expose his daughter Anmol. She asks him to keep his anger with himself and says you can’t stand on your legs after seeing her true side. Ratan Singh is shocked. Bua ji asks Kathori to keep the pots on the terrace, but Kathori is busy cleaning the ground. She says she won’t take it. Nikhil says he will put the pot on the terrace. Bua ji scolds Nikhil and says let Kathori do it. Nikhil asks Akhil to come as he has to wash Balram Tiwari. Bua ji asks Kathori to keep the pots. Kathori refuses. Bua ji gets angry. Kathori shows her attitude and promises not to keep the pots today. She gets Neelam’s call and talks to her. Bua ji asks her to get back to work. Kathori agrees for do her work.

Neelam and Mala are making rangoli. Ratan Singh collides with Anmol and looks at her surprisingly. He says he is looking at colors. Anmol says she has many colors. Ratan Singh explains to her about seeing the truth. Anmol thinks her papa is noticing the change in her behavior and promises to tell the truth once Nikhil clears his exams. Nikhil comes out and washes his scooter. Akhil says why we are washing it together. Nikhil asks Akhil to go and solve ladies’ fight. Akhil says we will clean Balram Tiwari. Ratan Singh looks at Anmol and Nikhil. Akhil throws water on the scooter and it falls on the rangoli made by Anmol. Anmol pretends to get angry. Nikhil says people should understand that water is sprinkle. Anmol says she will say whatever she likes. Nikhil says we will do whatever we like. Anmol says if anyone spoils my rangoli, then……Mala asks her to sit down.

Neelam signs Kathori to throw the pot on Nikhil. Ratan Singh looks on. Neelam asks Anmol to fill rangoli near gate side. Anmol and Nidhi agree. Neelam signs Kathori and sit with Mala. Anmol sees Kathori and understands that she is throwing pot on Nikhil intentionally. She rushes towards Nikhil immediately and saves him. Everyone is shocked. Ratan Singh is shocked. Anmol asks Nikhil, are you fine? Anmol scolds Kathori for throwing the pot. Nikhil says it is okay, and thanks Anmol. Ratan Singh looks on shockingly. Nikhil asks her to go. Anmol gets tensed. Nidhi says you did good that you have saved him from his servant. Anmol says sorry to Mala and Neelam for ruining their rangoli. Ratan Singh looks down. Neelam comes to him and asks shall I bring chair for you. She says I have proved my sayings. You might want to shout at Anmol, but she will agree you with her sayings. She says we shall solve this problem together. Ratan Singh asks what? Neelam says Sushant.

Anmol and Nikhil talk on phone. Anmol says you are smart and intelligent, but you didn’t know that the pot is about to fall on your head. He asks from where you are seeing me. Anmol says this is wife’s secret, they keep track on husband’s every move. She says all the govt secret spys’ at one side and woman’s sixth sense is at other. She asks what I am doing? Nikhil says you might be watching TV and eating my brain. Anmol says you are smart, but a fool. Nikhil asks then why did you marry? Anmol says you are my buddu and kisses him. She asks him to sleep now. Nikhil says okay and love you. Anmol says love you too and disconnects the call.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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