Muh Boli Shaadi 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratap telling that Nikhil will embrace bachelorhood and go to Haridwar. Ratan Singh says he will insult him more. Neelam comes and says you can’t do anything now. Everyone is boggled. Chacha comes. Neelam says she doesn’t want to say, but you can’t do anything. Ratan singh asks what do you mean? Chacha tries to stop her. Neelam tells that Ashok is kicking his son out of the house. Ratan Singh says he can’t miss the scene and asks Pratap to come. Chacha tries to speak, but Neelam gives him angry look. Anmol and Nidhi hear Ashok and come out. Ashok tells Nikhil that he splashed water on his dreams. Nikhil tries to speak, but Ashok asks him to leave. Ratan Singh and his family enjoy the scene. Akhil tells Ashok to leave it. Bua ji tries to stop Ashok. He says my house has no place for characterless people. Everyone try to stop Ashok, but he asks everyone to agree with his decision else can go with Nikhil. Ratan Singh and Pratap get happy.

Ashok asks Nikhil to go wherever he wants to. Nikhil looks at Anmol. Neelam looks at them. Ashok asks him not to take his name anywhere. Everyone is shocked. He tells that he is dead for him from now on. Akhil tries to stop Ashok. Anmol cries. Akhil and Sahil go inside the house. Bua ji and Seema also go inside. Ashok look at Nikhil and closes the door. Nikhil is teary eyed. Ratan Singh and his family get happy except Anmol and Nidhi. Anmol cries while he leaves.

Ratan Singh says it is real revenge, and laughs. Chacha says thanks to Neelam. She says I also cares for Anmol. He gets worried for Anmol. Neelam says she will take care of her. Chacha tells his brother that you didn’t do right. Ratan Singh says fight is won by the brain. Madam says it is matter about the girl’s respect too. Ratan singh says she is not his daughter. I wants to know about the girl. That Nikhil shall marry christian girl. Madam gets worried. Anmol tells Nidhi that she will tell the truth to Ratan Singh. Just then Neelam comes and closes the door.

Nidhi asks why you are crying. Neelam says I loves Anmol very much, but she didn’t trust me. Anmol says it is not like that. She asks why you are crying then. Nidhi tries to speak. Neelam asks Anmol to say. Anmol stays silent. Neelam says I will tell you and shows the bracelet which she had hidden before. Anmol and Nidhi are shocked.

She asks her to tell the truth and asks do you love him. What is his name? Anmol starts crying. Neelam pretends to worry for Nikhil and asks Anmol to be with Nikhil at this moment. Nidhi says I am shocked. Neelam says I am also a mother. Anmol taught me that love is everything in life and if it is true then everything gets well. She asks her to go and bring Nikhil to his home. She says she will handle everything at home. Anmol gets happy and hugs her. She thanks her. Neelam asks her to remember that she is always there for her. Anmol leaves. Nidhi hugs her mum and says I love you. Neelam looks at the bracelet and smirks.

Anmol brings Nikhil to Ashok’s house and tells them that she is the one who was pictured with Nikhil in the church. Ashok and Bua ji are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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