Muh Boli Shaadi 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil catching Sushant beating Nidhi and beats him. He scolds him and asks Nidhi to come with him. Nidhi folds her hand and asks him not to tell anyone about Sushant’s reality, else everyone’s happiness will vanish. Anmol looks for Nikhil and is jealous of Payal. Ashok talks to Payal and says he will be at peace when Anmol and Nikhil’s relation breaks. Payal says Anmol have seen lipsticks marks on his shirt and their relation will break soon. She leaves her phone intentionally. Anmol checks her phone messages and sees Nikhil’s message ” that no one can separate them”. She gets tensed. Bua ji asks Anmol to bring breakfast. She then asks for Pratap. Ratan Singh says he would be coming soon. Pratap comes. Seema blushes seeing him. Dadi Bua tries to do his aarti, but Pratap asks what are you doing? Dadi Bua says I am doing roka rituals. Pratap asks what? She says your marriage is fixed with Seema. Pratap says he didn’t know anything. Madan says Anmol talked to you and you agreed for this. Pratap says he said yes for gym land. Ashok asks Ratan Singh, what is this? Why you are playing with Seema’s emotions? Ratan Singh asks Pratap. Pratap says he didn’t know. Seema faints.

Nikhil blames Anmol for playing with Seema’s emotions, and tells that he married her because of her childishness. Ratan Singh gets angry and scolds Nikhil for insulting anmol. Ashok gets angry too and asks Ratan to take his daughter. Ratan Singh tells Anmol that you can’t stay here, as your husband is disrespecting you. Anmol looks on shocked.

Anmol holds Ratan Singh’s hand and is leaving the house. Nikhil asks her, will you break our relation for such a smallest thing. Did you forget our promises and all. Anmol says you knew it better, why I am leaving you. She comes to her house and thinks why did you do this Nikhil. She cries. She gets someone’s message.

Nidhi looks for Anmol and calls everyone. She tells Anmol is not at home. Seema tells Ashok and Dadi Bua that Nikhil is not at home. Ratan comes to Ashok’s house and asks about Anmol. Ashok tells that he don’t think that they can be together after a big fight. Mala says may be they……Bua ji says no and cries. Neelam asks Nidhi. Nidhi says he didn’t know. The Inspector comes and gives a letter to Ratan. Ratan gets shocked reading it. Ashok reads her letter, that she loves Nikhil very much and decided to end her life. Ashok asks about Nikhil. The Inspector says we got two dead bodies, of a girl and boy. Ashok says you are lying. My son can’t die. He tells Ratan that they have taken their life and are responsible. Ratan says you are saying right. It is father’s duty to give happiness to their children, but we didn’t understand their love and got the punishment. Ashok says he can’t live now after ending his son’s life.

Anmol and Nikhil comes back home. Bua ji says it is good that you both have come back. We won’t tell you anything. You can start your life again. Nidhi says where did you go? Anmol asks Ratan Singh, my one lie and you was shaken. Just think about us. We thought it is your plan to separate us. Nidhi asks who told you this? Nikhil says Sushant. Sushant says I told him. Nikhil made me realized that I was wrong and has become inhuman. He asks Nidhi for give him a chance to correct his mistake. Nidhi agrees and nods. Ashok hugs Nikhil, whereas Ratan hugs Anmol. Nikhil hugs Ratan and then Anmol takes Ashok’s blessings. Ashok tells that he wants to keep some water tanks in his lawn and asks will you break it. Ratan Singh says we will break, but the wall between our home. He says it is nothing like mine or yours, whatever is there is ours. He laughs. Anmol and Nikhil looks on happily.

The Show ended on a happy note with Nikhil and Anmol’s families accepting their marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. hallelujah!

  2. Superb ending but feeling sad that the show had come to an end so fast??

  3. oh no!why did they end it vry soon?Miss u vry much nikil ann anmol……..

  4. Thumbs DOWN to the writers and makers for the Nidhi Sushant story line. Very wrong message to send to girls to put up with torture and hide from parents and the guy will change someday. Should have shown her exposing him in front of parents and parents throwing him out of her life. Hope no one actually takes this seriously.

  5. adetayo adebisi

    Awww,dats so nice,happily ever after 4 d couples

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