Muh Boli Shaadi 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua ji permitting Anmol to talk to Nikhil and says you have proved to be a good bahu by getting Seema’s alliance fixed. She says you can talk to Nikhil as much as you want. Nikhil and Anmol are happy. Mala tells that they shall do the roka tomorrow. Bua ji agrees. Mala says she has to make her bahu wear the ancestral necklace. Payal comes there and tells Ratan that she came to take his sign. Ratan takes the papers to sign. Nikhil tells they are talking about Pratap and Seema’s marriage. Anmol gives tea to Nikhil and Payal, and asks what you were talking to her. Nikhil asks her not to doubt on him and says she was talking casually. Anmol is irked with her. Nikhil praises her tea.

Payal thinks Anmol might not have saw lipstick marks on his shirt and thinks she will show Anmol. She spills tea on her dress and says she needs to go to washroom. Anmol takes moher to room and leaves. Payal thinks Anmol might not see his shirt and opens the shirt so that Anmol sees it. She then calls Anmol. Anmol sees lipstick marks and gets suspicious. Payal thinks work is done and Anmol will go away from Nikhil soon. Anmol gets teary eyed and thinks seeing Nikhil and Payal in the office.

Sushant comes and hugs Nidhi tightly, ordering her to get the ancestral necklace for him, which Mala want to give to Seema. Nidhi thinks if I didn’t give that necklace to Sushant then he might do something to anmol. She thinks to steal the necklace, before they give to Seema. She asks God to help her steal the necklace. She thinks about Sushant’s threats and comes to steal the necklace. Mala enters just then and she couldn’t steal. Mala asks her to make Seema wear the necklace and gives it to her. Bua ji scolds everyone and asks to hurry up with the roka arrangements. Akhil and Sahil tell that they will do. Bua ji asks them to sweep the lawn. Nikhil tells Anmol to let Seema get ready. Anmol says she know and taunts him telling about lipstick marks. Nikhil looks on surprisingly.

Sushant and Nidhi come to give the engagement stuff to Seema. Neelam asks Seema, why you didn’t get ready yet. Anmol says she was helping me to get ready. I will make her ready. Mala asks Anmol to make Seema wear it. Anmol opens the necklace box. Sushant gets angry seeing the necklace and eyes Nidhi angrily as she didn’t steal. He hurts Nidhi for not stealing the necklace. Nidhi asks him to stop it and rather kill her. Sushant threatens her and tries to strangulate her. Nikhil sees Sushant pressing her neck and beats him. He tells him that Nidhi married you for protecting your family’s respect and you are hurting her. Nidhi looks on.

Ratan Singh scolds Nikhil for blaming Anmol and asks her to come back to his house. Anmol looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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