Muh Boli Shaadi 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nidhi misguiding Ratan Singh about the charity money. She feels bad for supporting Sushant. Sushant tells Ratan Singh that land is cheaper in bareli. Pratap says it is bareli. Sushant explains to Ratan. He asks him to buy on his and Pratap’s name and praises his intelligence. Sushant says he wants to learn from Pratap.

Seema tells Nikhil that Anmol wants to know about his match. Anmol says he might not have played, as he was busy with cheer girls. Nikhil tells that there was no cheer girl or lady there, but his lady luck was with him and the match was good. Anmol thinks who is his lady luck? Anmol is combing her hairs about Nikhil’s lady luck. Bua ji explains to her about oiling the hairs, to make it stronger. Anmol gets Payal’s call, asking her about Nikhil. Anmol asks Payal to talk in the morning.

Payal says she can’t wait till morning else there will be a problem for him. She comes and gives call to Sahil, Nikhil takes the call and talks to Payal. Payal gives him some mobile number. Nikhil thanks her and disconnects the call. Anmol tries to hear him. Nidhi comes to room and thinks she will not agree to Sushant’s demands. Sushant shows her painting. Nidhi says you wants to kill them, one day they will know your truth. Sushant shows her painting again. Nidhi says you wants to kill me, kill me then. Sushant says it is Anmol’s photo. Nidhi gets shocked seeing the painting and keeps hand on her mouth.

Anmol gives her message to Nikhil indirectly and leaves from there. Nikhil thinks Anmol is right to get angry, as he brought office work at home. She has the right to get angry and says Mrs. Nikhil Anmol Tiwari, I miss you. Anmol hears him and thinks my Nikhil is same as before. She writes a letter to Payal, asking her to leave her husband, else consequences will be bad. She thinks to pluck her hairs for calling Nikhil late at night. Seema asks what happened?

Anmol says she is thinking to call Nidhi. Seema congratulates Anmol for making food early in the morning and jokes will you give heart attack to Nani. Anmol smiles and says she wake up early today. She asks if you were with Nikhil, at night. Bua ji comes and asks who? Seema says she was with Anmol in the night. Bua ji gets angry with her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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