Muh Boli Shaadi 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anmol thinking to give any test for Nikhil’s love. She looks for the grains in the kitchen and thinks Bua ji didn’t make maggy, pasta etc chits. She paste the chits on the boxes and thinks it is difficult. She thinks she has to learn it anyhow else, Bua ji will not let her talk to Nikhil and wake her up early. She thinks she would have super power and thinks to find out alliance for Seema. She enquires about her height. Seema says 5’6’. Anmol asks about her age, qualification etc. She searches alliance on the matrimonial website, but doesn’t like any. She think from where to get a good alliance. She asks God to do something. Just then she gets Mala’s call and praises her. Mala says I am your mum and knows you well.

Pratap comes and asks Mala to give her socks. Mala says she kept it there. She tells Anmol that she is thinking to get Pratap married and get a bahu. Anmol says she will call later and disconnects the call. Nidhi comes to the charity organization and gives 50000 charity. The man asks if Ratan had any loss in business. Nidhi says yes and tells that Pratap told her. She asks him not to tell Ratan as he may feel bad to give less amount in charity. She leaves, but drops her bangle by mistake.

Anmol comes to Bua ji and says she needs to talk about something important. Bua ji is busy praying and asks her to stay silent. Anmol says I need a chance to set everything right. She says she brought a good alliance for Seema and tells about Pratap’s alliance for Seema. Bua ji breaks her maun vrat and asks are you mad? Anmol asks how did you maun vrat break? As Seema’s alliance have come. Bua ji gets thinking. Anmol says her family has accepted her. She says her mum is looking for a bride for Pratap. She praises Seema and counts her qualities. Bua ji says she have to think about it. Anmol says she will go to her mum’s house and tells her about the alliance. Anmol comes and meets Mala. Mala tells her that Nidhi went to old age home.

Anmol says I would have gone too. She says I was thinking about you. She tells you were talking about Pratap’s marriage and asks what she wants in her bahu. Mala tells about her qualities and says they need bahu of her status. Anmol looks on. Mala tells Pratap doesn’t like anybody other than Katrina Kaif. Anmol thinks working in the kitchen is easy than fixing the alliance. She asks about Payal. Mala tells that she didn’t come today. Anmol thinks she might have went to watch Nikhil’s football match and gets jealous.

Nidhi gives the money to Sushant and says you have crossed all the limits now. Sushant says you are understanding and loves your family very much. Nidhi tells that she can’t do much for him. Sushant says he will tell everything. He says your way to destination is not easy. He asks her to get ready for next moment. Nidhi tells Ratan Singh that she forgot her kada at the old age home. Ratan Singh asks her to go and get it. Shastri ji comes and gives the bangle to Nidhi. Ratan comes and meets him. Nidhi thinks what to do as she might get expose.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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