Muh Boli Shaadi 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil throwing paper rockets on Anmol to wake her up. Bua ji wakes up and gets the chit. She thinks something is written on it, but couldn’t read as it is in english. Ratan Singh tells Pratap that they will give charity in Anmol’s name like always. Pratap says Anmol is married now. Ratan Singh says but we will give the charity in her name. Sushant asks Ratan Singh, do you know any photographer. Neelam asks why? Sushant tells that his friend needs a photographer, as he wants to get his honeymoon pics photographed. Nidhi comes. Sushant hurts her and asks her to take the money, to be given to charity. Nidhi tells Pratap that she will give charity money. Pratap says okay and gives the money. Nidhi is tensed. Sushant smiles.

Bua ji asks Anmol to make food and reminds her that she can’t talk to Nikhil. Anmol tells that she will prepare breakfast. Bua ji asks her to go to kitchen. Seema asks Bua ji who is making breakfast today. Bua ji says don’t you know? Anmol is making food. Nikhil tells that he is going to office and shouts that he is going. He tells that he needs wishes of everyone. He leaves from there. Anmol is in kitchen. Seema offers her help and opens the bottle. Anmol promises to learn everything slowly. She says first I will become a good housewife and then will become Nikhil’s wife.

Nikhil throws football in the kitchen. Seema tells Anmol to read his message. Nikhil writes about his football match and asks for her wishes. Anmol thinks how to wish him. Bua ji asks Anmol to fold the clothes, but Anmol couldn’t fold it right. Bua ji explains to her, but Anmol is lost in thoughts and wonders how to meet Nikhil. She asks Bua ji, are you going to see the football match. Bua ji says she is not going. Nikhil comes and tells about the match sponsored by his office. He gets someone message. Anmol thinks who is messaging him.

Anmol prays to God and requests him to keep only one wife in Nikhil’s life. Ratan Singh tells Payal that he came to know that Nikhil and Anmol are not talking to each other and asks her to take advantage of that. He informs her about Nikhil’s football match and asks him to do something fast.

A saree seller comes and Bua ji buys saree from him. She goes to show saree to Seema. Anmol buys a cap from a different seller and writes message for Nikhil. She throws it towards him. Nikhil gets happy. Payal looks at them and is angry.

Precap: Bua ji tells Bua ji that she brought an alliance for Seema and tells about Pratap. Bua ji asks are you mad? And thinks about her words.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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