Muh Boli Shaadi 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anmol coming to Nikhil’s office to give tiffin and sees Nikhil making Payal eat with his hand. She gets shocked. Nikhil sees her and gets up from seat. He tells Anmol that Payal had injured her finger and had to take medicine, so he made her eat. Payal says I would have not come here, if I knew about Anmol coming here. Nikhil makes Anmol sit and says I love you. Anmol tells her I love you. Nikhil goes to wash his hands. Anmol looks for water and sends Payal to get the water. She thinks to check if Payal’s medicine is genuine or not.

Pratap comes home injured and tells Ratan Singh that some car rams towards him, but he managed to save himself. Nidhi asks about the car’s color. Pratap says red. Ratan Singh asks about its no. Pratap says he didn’t see. He says he will be fine and doctor asked him to take rest. Sushant smirks.

Bua ji is angry thinking about the burnt saree. Akhil provokes Bua ji against Anmol. Seema tries to pacify Bua ji. Bua ji tells that Anmol burnt the saree intentionally as she don’t want to see you married. Seema says she doesn’t think like this. Bua ji thinks where is Anmol? Anmol returns home. Bua ji thinks enemy daughter has come. Bua ji asks do you think that you are a queen. She tells I gave you clothes to iron and you burnt it. She reminds that it is her sasural and not rich home like her father. Anmol is tensed. Bua ji asks why you can’t see Seema married? Anmol looks on cluelessly and shocked.

Anmol tells you are mistaken. I want Seema to get married. She tells that she didn’t burn the saree intentionally. Bua ji says you changed the burnt saree with the other saree. Anmol apologizes to her. Seema asks Bua ji to forgive Anmol. Bua ji asks her to keep her english limited to herself and says until you take up all the responsibilities of the house, you can’t sleep in Nikhil’s room. She forbids her from talking to Nikhil. Nikhil comes. Bua ji asks Anmol to become good bahu first and then asks her to be Nikhil’s wife. Bua ji complains to Nikhil about Anmol and says she don’t know any work. Nikhil says everything is new to Anmol and she is trying to do work. He gives her example of Kanha ji’s idol. He says he just needs time for Anmol to learn the work.

Bua ji says we can’t be soft with her. She says you have to go through rigorous training and I will train you. She asks her to stay according to her rules. She asks her to wake up at 4’ am in the morning and make breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. She says you can’t sleep in day time. She tells Nikhil that she will see, if Anmol is gold or brass. She tells Anmol not to sleep with Nikhil in his room. Anmol and Nikhil looks on shocked.

Bua ji says you have to stay with me in my room. Seema signs Nikhil to take Ashok’s help. Nikhil signs her take Ashok’s help. Ashok refuses to help Nikhil and asks him not to interfere in women matters. He says Bua ji wants to make her a good house wife. Nikhil and Anmol get sad. Akhil enjoys the happenings with Sahil.

Nidhi cries. Sushant tells her that it was just a trailor and asks her to give him 1.5 lakhs till the evening else……Nidhi gets tensed. Anmol couldn’t sleep in Bua ji’s room and thinks to see Nikhil before sleeping. She goes to his room and sees him sleeping. She comes back to her room. Nikhil wakes up at 4’ am and thinks Bua ji will do drama if Anmol didn’t wake up.

Anmol writes something and gives it to Nikhil secretly. Payal keeps an eye on them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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