Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 8th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi apologizing to Maasa. Babusa & Badi sa supports him. Maasa agrees to forgive Adi with a promise of not repeating same mistake again otherwise she”ll forget that Adi is her son.

Adi apologizes and everyone becomes happy. Adi tells Babusa that he wants to take whole family to a family picnic. All becomes happy. Radhe says its a great idea as he and Komila have not gone for any honeymoon after their marriage. Shibhu says that its a good idea. Karantiya says yes because tomorrow is all children’s holiday

. Babusa says that Bittu’s condition is not well so going to a picninc at this point of time is not good unless a doctor comes with us. Utkarsh says that he knows a good doctor very well and he’ll convince her to come for the picnic to take care of Bittu. Radhe asks is the doctor is female?. Komila says it doesn’t matters. Now everyone goes and starts preparing for the picnic tomorrow.

Next day Utkarsh surprises everyone with a different modern look by wearing Jeans. Karthik & Radhe praises his new look.

Utkarsh asks to Maasa that where are all bahus?. Maasa says that they all are trying something different today for the picnic. Suddenly six bahus come out of the room and everyone starts looking at them as they all are wearing salwar suits while Nimmi in her as usual look.

Maasa aska Nimmi whether she has taken all Bittu medicnes or not? She says yes. Karantiya aska Shibhu whether they have taken all Cricket stuff like ball, bat e.t.c with them. Shibhu says yes. Ria says she is very excited. Karthik says to Komila that they’ll play Antakshari in the bus. Komila says off course. The game will be all the boys vs all the girls. Ammasa says that boys will loose as she can sing a lot of songs. Karthik teases Ammasa by saying that she always supports her bahus. Maasa says thatboys can also win because they are also pretty good at songs.

Then Maasa asks where’s is Babusa? suddenly babusa comes down from the stairs in a cool-guy look of him. He gives hats Ammasa, Maasa, Badi sa and then to everyone. Then Utkarsh says that he is going to bring the doctor and he’ll meet all of them at the chowkand then he leaves.

When they’re about to leave, suddenly Karthik, Shibhu & Adi’s mobiles rings. Ammasa says to Kaushalya that our time was better as they didn’t need to worry about mobile.
Kaushalya says that science has become more advanced today so we have to pay something for this.

Karthik, Shibhu & Adi informs everyone that they cannot come with them due to some urgency. Everyone seems upset with this expecially Bittu. Then Karthik says that they’ll all complete their urgent works as soon as possible and will join them at the picnic within 1-2 hours.

In next scene… Karthik is in his room. He calls Lovely inside and shows her an invitation for a Valentine night party (DIL DHAMAAL AUR…DHOKHA)
Lovely becomes excited and kisses Karthik on his cheeks. Lovely reads all the details on the card. Then Maasa calls Lovely and Lovely leaves and tells Karthik to come as soon as possible. Everyone then leaves the house for the picnic.

At the bus stand, they wait for Utkarsh and the doctor. Soon, Utkarsh comes with a lady doctor and the family looks at them strangely. Bittu says that she is looking more like a model. Utkarsh introduces the doctor to everyone properly except Gehna. He doesn’t says that Gehna is his wife. Doctor’s name is Dhwani.

Utkarsh asks where are Karthik, Adi & Shibhu. Gudia says that they’ll come later. Then they all starts boarding into the bus. Suddenly, Radhe says that he has forgetten to bring fruits for the kids and then goes back to the house in hurry. Kaushalya says to Maasa that she (Maasa) isn’t wearing the ring which she (Kaushalya) gave to her.

Maasa says that I’ll go back to house and bring it. She takes Lovely along with her.

Meanwhile someone spreads kerosene inside the whole house. When Maasa & Lovely reaches home… they smell it & become worried. They notice that kerosene has been spread inside the whole house. Maasa panics and suddenly she hears some noise. She goes upstairs and then goes to her room which seems to be open.

Inside the room, she finds Adi standing & searching something in a file. Maasa gets shocked.
When Adi sees her… he too gets shocked, Maasa snatched the file from his hands and gets surprised as they’re important documents of their house.


Update Credit to: diasingh

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