Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 2nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 2nd February 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 2nd February 2013 Written Update

6 bahus are happily talking in kitchen. Aditya comes and drags ria out of the kitchen and lashes out at her. He gets angry as ria had spent 30000 from his bank balance. Ria also shouts at him that in London she was raised by her parents in so much comfort and luxuries. She tells him that she did not do shopping only for herself but for everyone in the family. Adi says that whatever it maybe 30000 is too much. On that ria taunts him that he should increase his income rather than yelling at her. Both get into heated argument but on seeing maasa they become quiet. Adi goes in his room and vows to himself that he will increase his income by hook or by crook and never give ria to mock him again.

Family members are doing preparations of the shanti puja. Karthik gets a call from office saying that his presence is absolutely needed in the meeting. Karthik takes leave of his bros and goes to office.
Shibu comes home angrily and directly walks into his room. Karantiya follows him and asks the reason for his restlessness. Shibu tells her that the eve teasers whom he had caught after great effort , he had to leave them easily due to the bail of their rich dads. Shibu says that law has tied his hands and he cant do anything. He wishes that somehow he could shoot all 5 of them in their head. Maasa hears all this and gives him a big lecture to keep calm and do his duties by remaining within the limits of his powers.

After the preparations for the puja bittu somehow makes an excuse and goes to sleep again. Utkarsh comes and tries to wake him but bittu lazily replies that sleeping on the days of winters is so comforting. Utkarsh gets pissed off and alone goes to the shop.

At the shop comes the new female entry. She gives utkarsh a list of groceries. She praises him that the shop is such a convenient comfort for the society people or else they would had to go to super market . they both even chit chat for some time. Utkarsh give her all the commodities which she wanted. However the shopping bag becomes too heavy and she cant lift it. So utkarsh lifts it himself and tells her that he will drop it at her house. He leaves the shop like that , lifts the bag and both start walking towards her home. Maasa comes and sees this from behind that the shop is wide open without anybody inside and utkarsh is carrying the bag and walking with the girl while laughing and giggling wit her.

Aarti rings the bell and asks for some tea powder from ria. She keeps on ringing again and again and asks for a different thing every time. The bahus get highly pissed off. Komila comes with a plan. She takes water and dissolves lot of turmeric in it. She tells everyone that next time when aarti rings the bell , they will throw this on her. Gehna tells her not to do this but other bahus support her. Bell rings. The bahus who hiding behind the door throw the water . but its not aarti this time. Its mmasa’s cousin standing in the door. !!! she gets highly pissed and scolds all 6 very badly. Hearing the commotion maasa come at the door and gets shocked to see her sis. The aunt even scolds maasa for the act of her bahus. Maasa sees her sis in exactly the same way as she had seen her in the dreams. The sis says all the dialogues which maasa had heard in her drwam. All ask for forgiveness and realizing that they did it unintentionally , the aunt forgives the bahus.

Bahus seek blessings from aunt. The aunt also seeks blessings from ammasa.

Maasa takes her sis to the guest room. On the way a little part of the ceiling of a corridor falls down. Maasa gets tensed. Her sis tells her that her house is breaking and she needs to do something asap. Maasa takes the literal meaning of “house is breaking” and tells her sis that they will soon do the renovation. She doesn’t understand the hidden meaning.

After sometime pandit comes and starts the shanty path. Aunt points out the faults in the pandit’s mantras and his short cuts. Pandit gets highly pissed and leaves from the house in a frustrated way. Ammasa gets worried that incomplete pooja is a “APASHAKUN” and ominous. Aunt tells her that if she allows her then she herself will do the pooja authentically. Ammasa agrees and the aunt does the shanti pooja on her own. During the pooja the scenes of utkarsh , adi , shibu and bittu flash in front of maasa’s eyes and she gets worried.
After the pooja everybody sits for lunch. Ammasa says that she wants to donate some cash to the poor. Babusa says that all the 6 brothers will contribute equally. All agree. Suddenly karthik comes from office and announces that he himself will give all money and his brothers don’t need to contribute. He boasts that he inspite of being the youngest has achieved much more success than his bros and his bros are still struggling. This hurts the bros and especially their wives. Finally karthik announces that he has got promotion and his salary has increased a lot , his boss depends on him so much and bla bla bla. So everyone becomes happy and forgive him for his boasting. All congratulate him. Aunt gets pissed that after getting promotion he didn’t touch the feet of everyone and even points it out to maasa. Maasa doesn’t has anything to say.

Lovely takes permission from maasa that they will have a small party in the house at night to celebrate the arrival of aunt. The HOLA RE lovely music plays in background (after ages they played that music). Maasa and aunt agree.
In night family members show the aunt all the albums. Kids have a small dance. Then everybody dances on the tunes of ” ek dusre se kart hai pyaar hum”

Its all windy and winds are blowing strongly. Its all darkness everywhere. Maasa stands in front of the lord shiva idol in the house. Then walks to her room and opens her drawer and removes a gun. She sees the shadows of her six sons running here and there. She walks out of the house with the gun. Wind and autumn leaves are blowing. Suddenly light falls on the face of each son one by one. Maasa raises the gun and says” tumhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha” and shoots . she stands still devastated and shattered. Gun falls from her hand

Maasa gets up from her sleep and tells babusa and the aunt that she saw a terrible dream in which she shot her son.

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