Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 27th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Babusa asking Radhe where he got the money to pay Utkarsh’s bail, Radhe says he sold Komilla’s jewellery. Everyone is shocked at this. Massa goes to Komilla and questions her, komilla said she did it for her family’s happiness, everyone is happy and smiling.
Utkarsh thanks Radhe, and he also throws taunts at Shibu for arresting him, Shibu is hurt and he leaves. Karantiya is about to follow, but Badi sa stops her and she goes instead.
Everyone is a bit worried about this, but Radhe smiles cunningly.
Badi sa has a convo with shibu, she comforts him assuring him he was right on his part doing his duty, shibu is a bit worried as to how it will affect his relationship with Utkarsh.

Utkarsh is in his room, with Bittu, they are both chatting, Lovely comes in and serves both of them tea. Lovely hesitantly ask Utkarsh about the chain Massa had given him but Utkarsh said he had given it to Bittu, to which Bittu replies he has given it to Adi.
Lovely is aking Adi about the chain, when karthik comes in he says he is the one who has the chain, this leaves a puzzled Lovely. (Sorry guys didn’t get this part clearly .)

In the hall, the entire family is gathered there, happily talking, Massa expresses her happiness at seeing her family together again, Shibu feels a bit sad and he leaves. Utkarsh notices and has a sad look on his face, but Radhe smiles at seeing this and he says they should celebrate by having sweet to which he gets up to bring. whilst walking he wipes his mouth and accidentally his Mustache falls on the ground.

Anu and Lucky are playing ball right there and their ball picks up the mustache, and as Radhe sees in a plate his reflection he realises he has no mustache on, he is now scared. Massa calls on him to come and he does but he takes his shawl and covers his mouth and pretend as if he is sneezing. No one else notices this, Radhe sees that his mustache is on the ball and he goes and join the kids in playing their ball.

Part 2

Radhe is trying to get the ball from Lucky but lucky runs from him playfully, everyone is busy talking.
Lucky throws the ball and it passes over Bittu’s head, the mustache lands in Bittu’s plate, Radhe sees this. Massa sends the kids to play outside.
Radhe goes and sits next to Bittu, he continues covering his face with his shawl, and he tells Bittu why he doesn’t put his plate down and drink water, Bittu says he is already full, but radhe ends up saying he wants water.
Bittu hands Radhe his plate, whilst he throws the water out, Radhe tries taking the mustache out of the plate when badi sa takes the plate away from him saying fry food is not good, she also tells Bittu the same.

Badi sa gets up and is taking the plate to the kitchen, Radhe stops her and tells her he will, as Badi sa walks off Radhe realsies the mustache is on Badi sa’s saree. He calls back to badi sa and tells her her saree is a bit dirty and let him dust it off, Radhe takes his mustache off of badi sa and Badi sa leaves.

Radhe puts his mustache back on when badi sa calls on him as he turns, badi sa notice half of his mustache is falling off, she realises the mustache is fake but she says nothing. Radhe leaves and Badi sa sits down again.
Eventually Badi sa gets up and leaves, Radhe is in his room, Badi sa is at the door spying but hides as Radhe locks his door.

Radhe goes to the wardrobe and take out a bag, he takes out a necklace and rubs it and then placed it back in the bag. (Guys in yesteryday’s epi, it was shown that the call which Radhe had answered pretending to be Shibu, the police officer had said they seized a truck with black market goods, i think Radhe in Shibu’s uniform took those jewellery, this way he can give a bad name to Shibu ).
Badi watches Radhe from a window, Radhe leaves the room with the bag.
Radhe is on the road walking, Badi sa is shown following him.
Radhe comes to an abandon buliding, he opens up a room and goes, he places the bag in the wardrobe and there he takes out shibu’s police uniform, Badi sa is at a window watching all this, she is super shocked to hear Radhe say he will defame Shibu, she leaves.

Whilst walking away, radhe watches himself in a mirror and realises that half of his mustache is falling off, he had flashbacks of when Badi sa had called on him but she didn’t say anything and how she had looked at him.

Scene ends where Radhe says Badi sa knows.

Precap : Badi sa is on her phone telling lovely she knows who is doing all this to the family, Lovely is at prakash Auto sales she asks Badi sa who it it, but before Badi sa can say, the phone is taken out of her hand.
Radhe is standing in front of Badi sa with her phone.

Update Credit to: Rozey17

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