Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 20th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Arathi talking about Utkarsh trying to rape Dhwani etc, she keeps talking and Gehna is in tears. Komilla answers Arathi but still she doesn’t stop, she continues, Gehna gets up and runs away. Amassa replies to Arathi and she leaves.
Gehna is at the altar/temple she is crying, Riya, Nimmi and Komilla try comforting her when Karantiya is running after Anu but Anu runs and sits on gehna’s lap.
Gehna and little Anu have a convo and then Gehna gets up with him and she tells Karantiya something about not letting anger get in the way, and then she walks off with Anu.

lovely, Massa and Badi sa are in a room talking about Utkarsh and whats happening, when Lovely says what if someone is purposely doing these things, badi sa says they need to find out why they are doing these things ie the person’s motive and then they will find the culprit.

Its shown someone with gloves (this is the mystery man / Black sheep), is in Massa’s room (i think) and he opens her wardrobe and takes all the jewellery as well as money from there. Massa, Lovely and Badi Sa are still in another room talking about who doing this to their family.
Lovely is then shown walking to her room, when the mystery man is in her room and taking her jewellery as well as money from her wardrobe. Lovely reaches her room and senses someone, she gives up the idea and goes to her mirror taking off her jewellery when its shown they mystery man is behind her curtains and a set of money which he stole drops on the floor.
Lovely turns around but sees nothing as she is about to pull the curtain she hears massa’s scream.

Lovely reaches massa’s room and looks she sees the jewellery boxes are empty and the wardrobe had been ransacked, by then Radhe, Adi, Gehna, Riya and Badi sa as well as Bittu reaches there, everyone is shocked seeing this. Karantiya, Nimmi and Komilla soon reaches there and they say that their jewellery has been stolen fom their room. Massa realizes that someone stole them, Adi calls Shibu and tells him to come soon as there has been a theft.

The kaushik family are all sitting in the hall, when Shibu enters, he questions what happen and they tell him, shibu says he doesn’t think an outsider could have done this. Gehna tells Shibu that just because nothing was stolen from her nor Riya’s room he is saying its them, Gehna says they can search their rooms, Massa scolds her. Massa then send Radhe and Adi to search Both gehna and riya’s rooms, both of them search and then comes back saying they found nothing.

Lovely and Nimmi say something about searching the other rooms also and Massa sends Adi, Karthik and Radhe to search all the rooms but they find nothing. Radhe then says they searched all the rooms except Shibu’s room.

Shibu and karantiya agrees to search their rooms.
Everyone arrives in ShibYa’s room, karthik and Radhe are searching, they find nothing. Then they lift the bed mattress and sees a suitcase. Radhe takes the suitcase out and places it on the bed.
The suitcase has a padlock on it, karantiya goes to her wardrobe and brings the keys, radhe hesitates to take it but Gehna tells him to do it.

Radhe opens the bag and it has the jewellery as well as the money. Everyone is super shocked at this including Shibu and Karantiya.
Karantiya says she did nothing and shibu also says the same but Gehna tells him that he arrested her husband wthout hesitation and without proof.

Gehna says that for an arrest one needs proof, and that the jewellery is proof and that karantiya is the criminal. She calls on Shibu to do his duty with honesty and arrest Karantiya. scene ends on Massa’s face.

Update Credit to: Rozey

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