Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 14th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kaushik famiy leaving the picnic site and walking towards their bus, everyone looks worried and sad. Massa remembers the Doctor’s accusation against Utkarsh, Gehna also has flashback of this and she starts crying, Karantiya and Riya comforts her. Shibu gets a call from the Police station and he leaves.
Back at KN, everyone is back home, the bahus try comforting Gehna but she runs away to her room, Utkarsh follows her. Gehna is in her room, she takes off her bangles and sit on the bed crying remembering Dr. Dhwani’s accusation against Utkarsh.
Utkarsh enters the room seeing gehna crying, he touches her shoulder when gehna stands up and ask him if he would break her trust, they both talk and utkarsh assures her he did nothing and he also swear on her head, they both hug.

The rest of the family are in the hall, lovely notices how worried Massa is, just then Shibu along with Dr. Dhwani and two other police officers enter, Babusa asks Shibu why he brought her with him, Shibu says she has filed a complaint against Utkarsh and that he has come to arrest him. Everyone is shocked at this, karthik tries reasoning with Shibu, Amassa also tries too, but Shibu says he is just doing his duty.
Gehna and Utkarsh comes and sees this, Shibu takes the handcuff and is walking towards Utkarsh when Bittu comes in between, Shibu tries walking again when Adi comes and block him, they say they won’t let him arrest their Bade Bhaiya for something he didn’t do, karthik also says the same questioning shibu why he is distrusting his own brother because of Dr. Dhwani.

Shibu walks to utkarsh and they talk, Massa is watching this, Shibu tells Utkarsh he has to arrest him, Gehna comes in between and begs Shibu to not arrest Utkarsh but shibu remains firm, Utkarsh gives his hand and shibu places the handcuffs on, massa is watching all this.
Shibu turns away but looks sad at doing this, he and the other two officers take Utkarsh, the family members follow them. Outside KN, people are talking about what they are seeing, Utkarsh is placed in the jeep, karthik, Bittu, Adi and gehna tries convincing shibu not to do this, but shibu goes in the jeep and they drive off.
Gehna breaks down and starts crying, the other Bahus try comforting her, Karthik also tells gehna to be brave.
They famaily are in the hall, when lovely notices Massa not reacting or saying anything, Karantiya tries comforting Gehna saying nothing will happen to utkarsh but Gehna tells Karantiya she does not want to hear anything from her and walks off, the other bahus follow her except Karantiya.

Massa walk off seeing this and Lovely follows her. Massa goes to the terance and walks to the altar/temple, she sits near the altar and starts crying, lovely comes there and puts her hand on Massa’s shoulder, she goes and sits near massa.
Massa is crying and she hugs Lovely they both start crying, Lovely tries comforting Massa by telling her not to worry as Utkarsh is innocent, they both talk when Badi sa comes there.
Badi sa says something to Lovely (sorry guys didn’t understand this part, will watch the re-runs on zee and update ), screen freezes on a crying Massa.

Precap : Shibu and Karantiya are in their room, lovely comes there and tells Shibu they have to find a way to catch the real culprit, shibu seems to agree.

Update Credit to: rozey

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