My Mr. Stranger FS (Epilogue)

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Recap:- Their confession.(last shot)

I felt a drop on my face when I realised it was raining. It brought a smile on my lips. I just love the rains in Mumbai. So, again, I’m here in my balcony, looking at the sky but cherishing it’s beauty this time. 23:55, I checked the time and hurried into my bedroom. “Happy anniversary, love!”, I mumbled slowly near his temples and pecked him softly. In spite of being in a deep slumber, a smile adorned his lips.The smile for which I can do anything. He’s going a little bit busy in his work these days, after all his startup is getting recognition, which has stressed him out, and I really don’t like it when my Kabir has any kind of stress, but he is also Kabir, there’s no problem in the world that can make him weak. Anyways, everything has changed a lot. I’m not Ms. Antara Purohit anymore, I’m Mrs. Antara Kabir Raghuvanshi now and it’s our second wedding anniversary. I can’t believe that it’s been three years since I met Kabir. He came into my life as an angel, and not only improved my life but made it the best.

Whenever life imposes a question now, I just think, What would Kabir do in this situation? And guess what! Everything goes magically smooth, I get solutions for every problem. Kabir has not just supported me, he has made me capable of doing anything independently without any fear. I was engrossed in my thoughts when my handsome but crazy hubby turned and snuggled close to me. He’s so cute but whenever I call him that, he goes mad at me, but who cares, I continue to tease him calling that. As I stared him lovingly, suddenly he spoke up, “Staring is rude, Wifey!”. Haww! So bad, he was just acting to sleep. “So mean, Kabir!”, I said after getting caught. He let out a light chuckle. “By the way, you have full rights to stare. I’ll not complain, I understand, after all I’m so stunning, right?”, he winked. I smiled. “Yes, you are, but not more than me.”, I said giggling. Suddenly, he pulled me beneath him, “Happy anniversary baby! And you’re the most beautiful person on this earth.”, he said huskily. His words made me blush. His hot breaths fanned on my face, and that led to the ignition of desires in us, I needed him desperately, and the celebration of our anniversary started with making love.

“Antara!”, I got up horrified as I heard Kabir shouting my name. I know normal couples wake up in each other’s arms, do some lovey-dovey chats but Kabir is not normal. He’s totally crazy. But, isn’t it what that I love the most about him? My heart pondered. Yeah, it is! I can never forget our first anniversary, I was expecting him to take me to some romantic candle-light dinner or something like that, but I was dazed when we ended up in Tarkarli, the place for scuba diving. I once mentioned him, that I love oceans and always wanted to explore the world inside it, and he not only remembered that but made it true. The experience was beyond my imagination. It was heavenly. And, after that he took me to an old-age home where we celebrated the evening of our anniversary with all the uncle-aunties present there in the shade of their blessings. He made the day memorable with his unique way of celebrating it. “Antara!”, He called again. I rushed to the dining area to check what was wrong. He was there on the dining table with his eyes fixed at the laptop screen. “What happened? Are you alright?”, I asked worried. “Look! Your album hit the records again.”, He beamed like a five year old. I gave him a “Are you kidding me?” look. “What?”, He said sheepishly. “Why do you get such excited everytime on my album’s release?”, I asked giving him an unbelievable look. “Because, I’m a big fan.”, He said and hugged me tightly in excitement. I smiled at his antics. People say, there’s always a woman behind any man’s success, but for my each and every success, it’s only Kabir. The day when Kabir asked me to resume my music career, I was so scared, I had lost all my confidence, but his constant support and encouragement led me to reach again to those heights from where I once had fallen.

“It’s all because of you, Mr.Stranger.”, I replied to which he looked at me amused. I called him that after almost two and a half year. Of course, there’s a reason behind that. “Listen! Today we will celebrate our anniversary according to my wish. I’m going to plan for it and you will get to know about it only in the evening.”, I ordered keeping my hands on my waist. “As you say, Your Highness!”, he said dramatically, slightly bowing which made me giggle. “One more thing…”, I said tracing my fingers on his face sensuously. He nodded looking into my eyes. “Don’t dare to mess with my plan. Surprise means surprise. You will get to know about it in the evening.”, I shouted near his ear and bursted out laughing. What to do? He never lets me surprise him, most of the time it’s him planning something or if I get the chance, then also he gets to know about it before time, such a curious fellow he is!

I was done with my preparations. I trudged towards our room to check whether he was ready or not, but as my gaze fell on him, I was spellbound, all my fatigue fled away. He looked dapper. I was busy admiring him when his phone rang, he quickly picked it up. “What did they say?”, He asked on the phone, he seemed panicked. I guess, he was unaware of my presence. But, I wondered, whom was he talking to in such nervousness! “Are you sure you went to the correct address?”, He continued. I was totally confused, what was going on? Why was he so tensed? I was going near him, when his words made me still. “How can they say, they don’t have any daughter? How ridiculous, they still live in 16th century! I thought I’ll unite Antara with her family but I couldn’t do it.” Tears brewed in my eyes. My family is not even ready to accept that they have a daughter. “Antara!”, Kabir said terrified as he turned to face me. Coming close he took me in his arms. He knows it that sometimes a gesture of love is more powerful than words. For the next fifteen minutes, I silently sobbed holding him tightly. He kept caressing my hairs. “May I?”, He asked. He wanted to explain, but I don’t need any explanation. It’s not his fault, it’s my destiny that doesn’t allow me to get the love of my parents. “You need not explain anything Kabir.”, I replied. “But, I’m really very sorry love, coz of me you’re hurt.

I couldn’t convince them. I should have personally gone there but how could I leave you here alone and that too on our anniversary. Abhay went there but they denied to come. But, you don’t worry, I’ll surely convince them.”, He uttered. “You don’t be sorry. At least, you tried and that’s what matters. And, I trust you, there’s nothing in the world that you can’t do. You’ll set everything to it’s place.”, I said. “So, you’re not angry on me?”, He asked to which I shook my head in a no. “But, how will I know this? I need a proof.”, He said. I looked at him questioningly. “The proof is your smile, my lady.”, He said. Keeping aside everything, I smiled, I smiled for him. I don’t want to spoil the day with my tears. “That’s my girl.”, He beamed pecking my forehead softly. “Now, come with me. Time to unfold the surprise.”, I said holding his hand. “But, there’s still time, it’s only 5, don’t you think it’s too early for the party?”, He asked oblivious of my plan. “Have patience, sweetheart! Just come with me, and watch it yourself. Wait! How do you know that I’ve planned a party? I mean, my surprise could have been anything.”, I asked suspiciously. “Err…ummm…I just guessed.”, He stammered. “Kabirrr!” He started ruffling his hair getting caught. He can’t even lie. “Actually, I asked Jessy and she told me you are planning a party.”, He replied. Thank God! She didn’t tell him everything. There’s more in the treasure, I smirked to it. “You can never change.”, I said faking an angry look. “I’m sorry.”, He said holding his ears, which made it difficult for me to act even. “Okay, this time I’m forgiving you but from the next time, stop poking your nose in my surprises.”, I said to which he nodded vigorously. I smiled at his childishness.

“Baby, how much time more?”, He asked impatiently as he sat beside me with his eyes blindfolded while I was driving. “Just 5 minutes.”, I said. “At least put this blindfold off my eyes.”, He pleaded. “We reached.”, I said excited and took the blindfold off his eyes. “Court?”, He mumbled as he found where I’ve brought him. Yes, it was a court, but it’s something which is very close to my heart. “Why are we here?”, He asked. “It’s not just a court Kabir, it’s the place which made you mine forever. The place where we gave our relation a sacred name. So, it was important to visit here, wasn’t it?”, I said to which he smilingly nodded. “Put on this blindfold again.”, I said to which he gave me a confused look. “Come on, do it.”, I ordered. He complied. “Where are we going now?”, he queried as we stepped out of the car for the next location. “Uff! How many questions you ask! Keep calm and come with me.”, I said pulling him with me. “My old apartment.”, He mumbled as he opened his eyes. “Do you remember our confession?”, I asked as we entered. I’d already asked Abhay for the keys of the apartment, he still lives here. “Of course, how can I forget it.”, He smiled recalling it. “So, it was the next surprise, hmm?”, He muttered. “Now, I’m getting your plan, we are recollecting all our memories. Right?”, He queried. “You are absolutely right Mr. Stranger.”, I replied. “Oho, that’s why I’m being called Mr. Stranger from the morning.”, He grinned. “Aha!”, I nodded. “Let’s relive those moments.”, I asserted. “That’s what I was going to say.”, He said and we both smiled. We moved to the balcony. “Wait!”, I said and lighted the balcony with some romantic lights. “So, Mr. Stranger, Would you mind sharing the rest of your life with this weirdo?”, I said kneeling holding a rose in my hand. “Thanks to God, that you didn’t beat me this time.”, He said laughing. “Idiot! Here, my knees are hurting and you’re cracking stupid jokes.”, I blurted. “Okay, Ms. Weirdo, I’m ready to bear you for the rest of my life.”, He said and chuckled again.

It made me more angry resulting in a red nose. “This is what I was waiting for.”, He said and kneeled down too. “How can our re-confession get completed without your cute red nose?”, He said. “So, My Mrs. Stranger, I’d love to spend my whole life with you, to grow old with you, and to breathe my last in your arms.”, He mumbled softly. “Don’t even dare to say that, I’ll not let you leave me ever.”, I said hitting him lightly. “Ouch, you hit me even today.”, He said holding his stomach. He’s so good in overacting. “I love you.”, He said suddenly. “I love you too.”, I replied calming down. “Let’s get up, otherwise we’d be walking with supports because of our aching knees.”, He said and we got up laughing. Next, we were standing near Jessy’s apartment. “Our first kiss!”, I said reminiscing it. “Let’s relive it too.”, He said mischievously. “Not here.”, I said blushing. “Don’t be a spoilsport.”, He muttered. I simply blinked giving him a green signal. As he was nearing, my breaths were getting heavier, and gaze getting lowered. “My effect on you hasn’t reduced even a bit.”, He whispered softly. Before I could respond, he quickly pecked my lips and stepped back. I gave him a dazed look. “I know it was too short, but trust me baby I won’t be able to control myself after that.

And, I don’t want to end up in our bedroom, spoiling your surprise.”, He mumbled which made me cover my face in shyness. “You are getting naughtier day by day.”, I said. “It’s all your fault, you are getting hotter day by day. Anyways, you taste awesome, I guess I’ll not need dessert tonight.”, He uttered and I buried my head in his chest. Finally I took him to the club where we first met, after visiting my old office where we became friends. As soon as I took him inside, “Happy anniversary love birds!”, all our friends shouted in unison. I had invited Kabir’s each and every friend, he had, since his childhood. Some of our friends we made in Mumbai were also there. “How did you manage to do it?”, He asked astonished. I just smiled and shrugged. Anything for his happiness. He hugged me tightly. “Hang on, lovebirds! You people have already made us wait a lot. Give some time to us too.”, Jessy said coming closer. “Happy wedding anniversary, darling!”, She wished me as Kabir got involved in his friends. “So? Did he like it?”, She asked. “Yeah!”, I replied. Kabir introduced me to his friends. “You are so lucky man! She’s so gorgeous. Well! I’m Nishant, Kabir’s school buddy.”, He said and forwarded his hand towards me. We shook hands. “I’m so glad that you accepted the invitation. I’m Antara.”, I said. “Come on, who doesn’t know you!”, He said cheesily. He was trying to be too clingy. But, the funny part was Kabir’s expressions.

He quickly wrapped his arm around my waist, showing his possessiveness. Aww! So he’s getting jealous. “Kabir, if you don’t mind then can I take Antara for a dance?”, He asked. “I’m really sorry buddy but I’ve promised her that we’ll do the first dance.”, He lied, I suppressed my smile. “Why did you lie?”, I asked him intentionally while we grooved. “Why did you call him?”, He asked ignoring my question. “Because he’s your friend.”, I replied. “No, he’s not. We were just classmates. You don’t have any idea, he’s a big flirt. Try to maintain a distance from him.”, He cautioned me. I bursted out laughing unable to control it anymore. “What? I’m serious.” “Tell me honestly, you are jealous, right?”, I queried. He started looking here and there. “Answer Kabir!” “Okay, yes, I’m jealous. So, what? You’re only mine. No one can see you like the way he was looking at you, obviously except me.” I smiled at his answer and kissed him on his cheek there itself. The crowd cheered for us. The song turned into a romantic one. I didn’t even realize when the distance between us reduced. Kabir held me protectively and I rested my head on his chest, and we swayed to the music.

“Thank you so much for the best surprise of my life. You made this day completely special.”, He spoke as we got back home. He seemed really happy and I was happy seeing him like that. I smiled back. “But, there’s something left.”, He asserted. I turned back while making the bed. Did he get to know it? I wondered. “What?”, I said nervously. He came closer and back-hugged me. And, then I felt something sliding over my neck. It was a beautiful pendant. “Your present.”, He said. “Wow! It’s so pretty.”, I beamed. “Where’s my gift?”, He asked. Hmm! So the time has come. “I forgot amid the preparations.”, I said. “No worries, wifey, I’ll take my present myself.”, He uttered with a naughty smirk. No no no! I’ve to stop him. “Wait! There’s something left.”, I quickly blurted out. “What?”, He asked baffled. “Someone sent us a greeting card.” I said. “So, what’s so grand in that? Everyone today greeted us.”, He replied. “But, it’s someone special. Look!”, I said forwarding him the card. “Who has sent this? There’s no name.”, He asked holding it. “Open the envelope dumbo !” “O! Okay!”, He said smiling sheepishly. It read “Happy anniversary Mommy Daddy”. He looked at me confused. “Who sent this? May be someone sent this by mistake.”, He asked dumbly. I mentally slapped myself. He’s so silly. “Wait! Does it mean…”, he finally got it, his eyes gleaming.

I nodded smiling. “Woohooo! Antara, this is the best present I’ve ever got.”, He said and twirled me lifting up. “Easy easy.”, I said cautioning him. “Oh sorry! But, when did you find it?”, He said and made me sit on the bed. “Only today. We’ve got the best gift on our anniversary.”, I replied. “I can’t believe we are going to be parents. I love you. I love you.”, He was shouting in excitement. He kneeled down and held my hands. I noticed tears in his eyes. “Kabir! I thought you are happy with the news.”, I said. “Of course I’m super happy Antara. And, it’s all because of you.” “Then these tears?”, I asked. He quickly wiped them off. “Nothing I just got emotional. Would I be a good dad?”, He asked worried. So, he’s missing his dad. “Kabir, you will be the best dad. I’m pretty sure that my boy is going to love you more than me.”, I replied. “No, it’s going to be a girl.”, He uttered. “No, it’s going to be a junior Kabir.”, I retorted. “Nope! It’s a mini Antara.” “Boy or girl, whoever but the baby will be ours. I’ll give my baby every happiness in this world.”, He added. I smiled and he engulfed me in his arms.

“Wake up sleepy heads!”, I shouted but the trio ignored me. “Haww! Arth, you are also ignoring your mumma.”, I said to my five year old son who was cuddling with his daddy. “No mumma.”, He said in his squeaky voice and quickly ran up to me. “He’s totally a momma’s boy.”, Kabir and Khwaish, the daddy’s princess, spoke in unison getting up. “So, you all were enacting. Always troubling me. No One loves me.”, I said cryingly. I’m also a good actor. “We all love mumma, right kids?”, Kabir said. “Yes!”, the twins beamed together. “Come on let’s give kissy to mommy.”, Kabir said to the Kids. He always knows how to take advantage. My boy jumped to kiss me but failed. The father-daughter duo giggled. Arth made a crying face. Kabir quickly picked him up and brought him closer to me. “Me too, daddy!”, Khwaish shouted. “Okay, my princess. Come!”, He picked her up as well.

Both my dearies kissed me and ran to play. “Hmm! Now, my turn.”, Kabir said huskily. “Have some shame daddy.”, I teased him. “Is that so?”, He said and pulled me towards him causing us, falling on the bed, me over him. He rolled and started kissing the crook of my neck. “Kabir!”, I gasped, entwining my fingers with his’. Slowly, he reached up to my face, softly kissing my eyes, then cheeks, our lips were about to meet, when, “Mommy, look! Khwaish is not giving me her chocolates.”, Arth complained as he barged into the room. We quickly got up and I passed Kabir a glare. It was so embarrassing to be caught by my boy. He shrugged. “Daddy, why were you on top of mommy? She will get hurt.”, He complained. I looked at Kabir, he was totally embarrassed, which made me giggle. “Come mumma’s bodyguard, I’ll give you chocolates.”, He said avoiding eye contact with me, on which my giggle turned louder.
My family is complete now, with me, Kabir and my twin kids, Arth and Khwaish. I think God took our argument over our baby too seriously, and gifted us with both. I’m so lucky to have such a sweet family. I don’t have any complaints with my destiny now. Kabir has always stood by me in every ups and downs, and he has proved to be the best husband and the best and super cool father.

“Daddy, catch me.”, I heard my girl shouting downstairs. Kabir completely becomes a kid with the kids. They would be coming any time and here my kids are busy playing. “Kids enough playing now, go get freshened up fast.”, I said to the kids descending the stairs. “But, today’s Sunday mommy.”, Khwaish complained. “Baby, did you forget Grandpa and Grandma’s coming.”, I said reminding them. “Oops!”, She said sticking her tongue out. “Yeah! Granny and Grandpa is coming.”, Arth shouted in excitement. “Go get fresh quickly, sweethearts.”, Kabir spoke to them.
As I said, Kabir can sort out any problem, and he finally convinced my mom dad. It took him almost a year but he united me with my family. Not only this, his relation with his dad has also been improved since our cuties took birth. Kabir’s father, I mean, dad couldn’t resist himself to meet his grandchildren, and slowly the misunderstanding between him and Kabir faded. My angels totally resemble to their father in this matter, they know how to join hearts, and they united their daddy with his father.

“Grandma, where are my candies?”, Arth asked to mom, as soon as she entered. “Honey, don’t trouble them, they are exhausted due to the journey, let them take some rest. You can ask for your chocolates later.”, I made him understand. “It’s okay, Antara! Let them be. Come on kids, look what have I got for you.”, Dad said and the kids hurried to him. He’s a changed man now, I can see an equal love for me in his eyes that he has for Shekhar Bhaiya. He says, that he’s proud of me and my singing, and believe me that is what which gives me the feeling of success. I was nothing but after my dad praised me, I felt I’ve achieved everything. “Where’s Kabir?”, They asked as they settled down. “He got an important work so he had to go to the office. He said he’ll try to come early.”, I replied. They nodded. Whole day, the kids were involved with their grandparents and I was busy admiring my happy family.

“I guess, I’ve got late.”, Kabir said as he stepped in. The hour hand struck eleven. “Anything serious, you look stressed out.”, I queried while taking his bag. “Not much! An important assignment dropped in so it took time. Kids slept?”, He continued. “Yeah! But, after lot of mischieves. Your princess wasn’t ready to sleep, she kept on searching for you.”, I replied. “I know.”, He said smiling. “How’s Mom Dad?”, He asked while I served him food. “Nothing new, turned into kids with the kids. Just like you.”, I answered to which he chuckled.

“Look! They are sleeping so peacefully.”, Kabir said as we stood near the door watching the kids, sleeping with their grandparents. “They should be, after all they were banging around the house, whole day, along with Mom and Dad.”, I said, he smiled. “Thank you.”, He said suddenly. “For what?”, I asked. “For coming in my life, for giving me such lovely kids and for completing my family and most important for completing me.”, He whispered softly. “The credit goes to you Kabir, not me. It’s you who has completed me. I wish every Antara gets a Kabir.”, I replied but I didn’t realise the volume was a bit high. “Shhh!”, Mom dad shushed us together and chuckled lightly. “Sorry! Actually we came to see you, no, I mean, the kids. Umm… Good morning, no! Good night.”, I was blurting stupidly getting embarrassed. “Good night dear. Now, go and take rest.”, They replied still smiling. We nodded and quickly headed outside. As soon as we got out, Kabir bursted out laughing like a maniac. I turned totally red in embarrassment. “Stop it Kabir! It was all your fault.”, I said. “What did I do? It was you, “good morning, no good night, we were here to see you.”, right?”, He said mocking me still laughing. “What was the need to say all those things there? And, see, you are also making fun of me. Go, I’ll not talk to you.”, I moved to our room stomping.

I stood in the balcony pouting, when I heard Kabir playing the guitar. A smile appeared on my face, I can’t keep myself from melting whenever he sings, and he very well knows it. I stepped inside the room quietly bringing out the same pout and posed to be busy in my lappy, while my senses were completely engrossed in his voice. Keeping the guitar aside, he came close to me, but he was still singing, the melody that I love the most. He took my hand in his and stared me lovingly. “It’s an old trick, not going to work now.”, I teased him. But, what he did next dazed me. He kissed me, my eyes got wide open. I looked at him questioningly. Here I was angry, okay at least imitating to be but what did he do! “You said it’s not going to work so I came up with another.”, He said grinning, my jaw dropped. “Plus, your pout was so tempting. So, now, should I continue trying or my lady is convinced?”, He added. How can someone say no to him? “Yes.” “Yes for what? For continuing convincing or for continuing the work we left in the morning.”, He said with a naughty smile. “Kabir! You can never change.”, I said hitting him slightly. “You want me to change?”, He questioned. “Never.”, I answered sighing, he gave a victorious smile. “But, did you get tired of convincing me so early?”, I asked. “I can do it all my life, love.” “That was so cheesy.”, I said and we both chuckled. “But, I meant it. Come now, time to sleep.”, He said switching off the laptop. “Sleep! but I thought…”, I mumbled to myself and got up to change when he held my arm and pulled me to him. “You thought…?”, He uttered softly. “I thought…you know what I meant.”, I stumbled for words and blushed. Rest you all know….
So, that’s how my story is, a completely lost girl bumped into a stranger who changed her life magically, and turned out to be her Mr. Stranger. And, this is not the happy ending rather I can say the happy starting of my journey with my family and my Kabir!

Finally, the story is completed. I hope you liked the part and it didn’t cross the decency limit. Sorry, if it was boring.
Thank you so much Areesha and Parul for being the sweetest readers. I hope i’ve not disappointed you.
Hoping to see you in my further journey on TU and in the comment section too.
Till then, Bye!

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