Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-6

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Episode 5 Here

Swara hugs someone…sanlak stood shock..ragini smirks..
Laksh:ragini..who is he..
Ragini:he is nikhil..swara’s bestie since be fact more than bestie..3years before he went to foreign for his business..
Swara(brks d hug):where are u man..i tried to contact u but i didnt get any details..
Nikhil:i lost my mbl so i could not able to contact u..from past 1year im living here only..i thought to come baadi but ,becme busy in my work..
Swara:im very happy to see u..
Nikhil:me too

Ragini:im also here guys
Nikhil:hai raagu darling..
Sanskar raised his eyebrow..
Nikhik about to hug her..sanskar comes infront of her..
Sanskar:hai im sanskar ragini’s husband..
Ragini looks at sanskar..

Swara introduced laksh also…
Sanskar:ok nikhil..we should leave now..
Nikhil:if u dont mine i will show u whole shimla to all..
Sanskar:no need..we can manage..thank u
Ragini:let him naa sanskar..we dont knw anyplaces here naa..he will show..
Swara:haan ,ragini said right..
Sanskar:but swara,he must have wrk..i dont want trouble him.. way..i will feel happy if u said ok..
Laksh:chalo bhai..we will go with him..
Sanskar nodded but he is very suspicious about ragini nd nikhil..
Ragini comes beside nikhil..

Ragini(slowly):i told u to flirt with swara not with me..stop calling me dalng..
Nikhil:but u knw naa i was calling u like that only since childhood..
Sanskar turns back hearing their kusur pusur talk..
Sanskar held her hand nd pulls towards him nd walks..
Ragini:leave me sanskar im not a Kid to make me walk holding my hand..
Sanskar:chup chap chalo.
Ragini frowns…
Nikhil takes them to different places..whole day nikhil behaves very friendly to swara..which is irked by laksh..ragini was happy as her plan going successful..
Ragsan swalak reached hotel at night..

Swara:y cant we walk for sometime..
Laksh:i dont have mood..
Saying he goes seriously,swara looks at him puzzled nd goes behind him..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar held ragini hand nd drags her into thier room..
Sanskar:are u happy now
Ragini ignores him
Sanskar:its ur plan right..
Ragini:sanskar im tired of this argument daily..
Sanskar( held her hand nd pulls her close angrily):im asking u something..tell me
Ragini:leave me sanskar

Sanskar:tell me dammit..thats y u said shimla right..
Ragini:haan..its my what..
Sanskar:do u knw what u are u want to proove ur sister have affair with could u..dont forget she is ur sister..
Ragini:haan..i knw she is my sister who snatched my love from me..she is my sister who loves laksh ,after knowing that he was engaged with me..when she did ,it was correct..when im doing it is wrong..right????
Sanskar:haan..u r wrong..that was different..its different..y dont u understand(he shouts at her)
Ragini: i dont need to understand..i knw what im doing..
Sanskar:ragini im telling u again nd again ,all will hurt by this..
Ragini:i dont care i dont care i dont care..

Sanskar:i just hate u
Ragini:me too
Sanskar pushed her angrily nd comes out nd sees laksh there..
Laksh:kya hua bhai..y are u shouting at ragini..
(laksh was not clear about their conversation ,but he can sense they had a fight)
Sanskar:nothing laksh..its just small thing..leave about every thing ok between u nd swara..
Laksh:haan bhai..i just upset with her..but i understand ,she met her bestie after long na..
Sanskar:laksh,u no need to be upset..u knw about her right..she has friendly nature..
Laksh:bhai i knw..u dont wry..i have trust on swara..i love her alot..

Sanskar smiles..
Laksh:but bhai..ragini
Sanskar:i told naa..all wil be fine..its common in relationship naa..
Laksh nodded.
Sanskar:btw y did u cme
Laksh:i came to call u both for walk.
Sanskar:im very tired laksh.u nd swara go
Laksh:can i call ragini..
Sanskar:no..u both go..she needs rest
Laksh nodded..

Ragini was in washroom..her mbl rings ,sanskar who was in room sees the caller id its nikhil..
He says to himself..they are planning something..i have to stop it..i should not let ragini meet/call nikhil..He switched off her mbl nd hides it somewhere..
Sanskar comes to swalak room..
Laksh:kya hua bhai
Sanskar:vo..i have booked movie tickets for u nd swara..go nd enjoy full day with swara..
Laksh:y only we both..u both also come naa..
Sanskar:laksh we came for honeymoon not a family picnic..u both go..i have planned something for me nd ragini..
Laksh (smiles):teeke bhai..

Sanskar came to their room nd sees ragini who is searching her mbl..sanskar just sat like he doesn’t knw anything..
Ragini doesn’t find her mbl..she looks at sanskar who is playing with his mbl..
Ragini:vo..vo..have u seen my mbl..

Ragini looks at him suspicious..
Sanskar:y are u looking at me like this..i have my mbl.what is the need to stole ur mbl..
Ragini:who said u stolen my mbl..i just asked have u seen it..
Ragini in mind first i have to talk with nikhil but how…i will take swara mbl..
She about to go..
Sanskar:where are u going
Ragini:to meet swara
Sanskar:swalak went for movie.

Sanskar:dont be shock..let them spend sometime..
Ragini:u sent them right..
Ragini:u only hideed my mbl right..
Sanskar:haan..if u have ur plans then i have also my plans..
Ragini (fumes):give me my mbl..
Sanskar:nahi tho
Ragini stood helpless yet angry..
Whole day passed..sanskar not letting her find her mbl nd not letti het take his mbl..ragini totally irritated by his behaviour..


Swalak reurned hotel by evening..
Ragsan swalak came for candle light dinner…
Sanskar got a call,he goes aside to talk..
Laksh looks at dance floor where all couples are dancing..
Swara:ragini bolo..where u went today..

Ragini:we??we didnt go anywhere..we are in room itself..
Swara gets puzzled..
Laksh:swara see all couples are dancing..come we will dance..
Swara:no leg is not well..

Laksh:plzz na..i want to dance..
Swara:do with ragini..
Ragini looked at her surprise yet shock..
Laksh:fine..come ragini
He forwarded his hand ,ragini looks at him unbelievable..
He takes her to the stage nd dancing with her..ragini is happy but something bothering her ,she is not sure what was that..she is nervous but kyun he is her love only naa but something she doesn’t understand..
Sanskar came after disconnecting the call nd sees raglak dance..he got angry..he thought ragini did something which makes laksh to do dance with ragini..he clenched his fist nd moves to raglak..
Sanskar:can i dance with my wife laksh..
Laksh:sure bhai..
He left ragini nd leaves..

Sanskar came after disconnecting the call nd sees raglak dance..he got angry..he moves to raglak..
Sanskar:can i dance with my wife laksh..
Laksh:sure bhai..
He left ragini nd leaves..
Sanskar held her hand tight..
Ragini:i dont want to dance with u..leave me..
Sanskar pulls her tightening his grip on her wrist..
Ragini winced in pain..
Sanskar doesn’t botherd about it..

He dances with her rudely..
Ragini:sanskar u r hurting me..
Sanskar doesn’t heed any attention,he just making her hurt with his dancing moves..
Ragini eyes got teary…
Music stops..
Sanakar left ragini..ragini looks at sanskar with teary eyes nd runs frim there..
Swara:laksh..what happened to them..sanskar told naa they are going to somewhere..but no ..they didnt go anywhere..nd now
Laksh:last night they had some argument but i thought they had paych up..
Swara:talk with sanskar..
Laksh nodded..

Laksh:bhai..what happened to u both..
Sanskar:laksh leave me alone..
Laksh:no bhai..u saw naa ragini got hurt..nd u knw how sensitive she is..what happened to u ,y are u behaving with her like this..ragini achhi ladaki hain..i never thought u hurt her..
Sanskar(doesnt like that, laksh talk about ragini):laksh she is my wife..u no need to care about her..
Laksh looks at sanskar shock…
Sanskar(realized):vo..vo..sorry not well..i will talk to u later..
Saying he leaves…

Sanskar comes to room where ragini sat lost in thoughts..
Sanskar:vo..i shout not have behave with u like sorry..
Ragini doesnt say anything she sleeps on bed ignoring him..
Sanskar feels bad..

Sanskar was in swimming pool..ragini walks in that way to meet swara..sanskar looks at swalak then ragini..he recalls laksh words he thinks if laksh sees us as happy couple..then he will not think about ragini nd his mind wont distract towards ragini..
Ragini looks at him but doesn’t say anything..

Sanskar:ragini i kept my bathrobe there..will u give..
Ragini ignored..
Sanskar:plzzzz..if u would not give..i have to come without it..
Ragini glares at him..
Ragini took his bathrobe nd forwarded it..sanskar smiles nd pulls ragini..she widened her eyes..
Ragini:what are u doing sanskar
Sanskar pulls her close holding her waist..
Ragini struggles to come out forom his hold..

Sanskar:swara laksh are there..dont make that face..they are worrying about us..i dont let them to knw about our relation..
Ragini:let them know..i dont care..leave me..
Saying she pushed him..sanskar held her hand nd pulls her..her back touched his front..he hugs her from back..
Stopped her words feeling sanskar lips on her shoulder..
Sanskar makes her turn hd pulls her even more close..ragini looks at him breathing heavily..sanskar caressed her face..ragini closed her eyes..
Swalak looks at them smiles..
Swara:laksh lagatha hai they are back as usual romantic..

Laksh:haan..we unnecessary worried about them..
Swara:haan..but laksh see all are watching will be good to sent them to their room..
Laksh smiles..
Sanskar stares at ragini who closed her eyes still..he lost nd moved towards her lips to kiss her..

Ragsan came to sense..sanskar took the bathrobe nd wore it..ragini looks here nd there embarrassed..
Swalak smiles..
Laksh:bhai u both should go to ur room..
Sanskar smiles brushing his hair..
Ragini turns to go but sanskar stopped her nd picked her into his arms..ragini looks at him not understanding anything..
Swalak giggles…

Both looks at eo..they have eyelock..he takes her into room nd got her down..he goes to washroom nd lost in ragini stood thinking about what just happened..

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