Mr. Perfect (Swaragini) episode 12

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A bike racing contest is going on in a hilly area which was very sloppy. Its a girls race and a girl with full of enthusiasm leading the remaining…..

Her face seems determined to win this race at any cost!!!!!! At last she won the game!!!! Another girl seems waiting for her!!!

Girl: Isha!!!! Did you see ????? I won the game!!!!

Isha (another girl): Yeah Ragini!!!!

Just then, the girl removes the helmet and reveals herself!!!!

Isha:Its just awesome!!!

Ragini: I know!!! By the way, where is my phone????

Isha: Take it!!!

Isha handed over the phone to Ragini. Ragini checked her phone and found an in known number missed calls.

Ragini: Let me check out who’s this????

Ragini ringed the number and the man from other side lifted the phone.

Ragini: Hello!!! I’m Ragini!!

Man: Oh yeah Ragini!!!! The chocolate girl!!!

Ragini: Hello mister!!!! I’m not a small kid to be called as chocolate girl!!!

Man: Oh yeah !!!! Leave it !!!! By the way, I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari!!!!!

Ragini: Oh hi!!! So by the way why did you called me these many a times!!!

Sanskaar: Yeah!! Because I think you had done this questionnaire of this so called chocolate Made For Each Other!!!

Ragini: Yeah so what???

Sanskaar: You’re name and my name was selected for it!!!

Ragini(normally): Oh !!! So what????

Sanskaar: Actually………. Why can’t we meet????

Ragini: Where and when????

Sanskaar (OMG!! She’s more fast than me!!): At Disston, sharp 7!!!

Ragini(Seems more like me): Okay sure!!!!

7 p.m.

At Disston,

Sanskaar was waiting for Ragini . He was wearing a white shirt and Black jeans…. Lokking simple and Handsome!!!

Ragini arrived there wearing a short with a full length shirt that covered her belly!!! She’s looking hot and s*xy!!!!!

Ragini called Sanskaar.

Ragini: Hey !! I’m here !!! Where are you???

Sanskaar: Even I’m here!!

Ragini: Oh then which colour dress are you wearing????

Sanskaar(Dominating me!!): White shirt and black jeans!!!

Ragini was searching for him and found him. She was awestruck seeing him. She thought that he was just an ordinary candidate but by seeing him she got amazed!!!!

Ragini: Yeah front of the Calvin Klein!!!

Sanskaar: Yeah you found me!!! Where are you??

Ragini thinks of something and smirks: Okay I will keep you a test!!!! If you pass it then we can continue but if you fail, never again!!! Did you get me???

Sanskaar (Really!!! Underestimating me!!! I’ll show you the real me!!); Okay what’s the challenge????

Ragini: Find me!!! Only 15 minutes!!! Time starts now!!! Tick tock tick tock!!!!

Ragini cut the phone and giggled!!!. She went to a cafe in disston and sat on a table waiting for Sanskaar. Here Sanky was searching like a mad for her!!!! He passed by her table many a times but couldn’t recognise her!!! At last, 15 minutes were over!!! Ragini was about to leave, but Sanskaar stoppped her!!!

San: Hey Rags!!!

Ragini: Time up Mister!!!!

Then a waiter comes and serves Ragini’s favourite dish!!!

Ragini: I didn’t order it!!!!

San: But I did!! And this 15 minutes is to find your taste!!

Ragini: Impressive!!!

San: Have it!!!

Both are having a good conversation!!! Soon they become friends!!!! They started to spend time with each other or for each other!!! Sanskaar introduced Ragini to his friends . Their friends always used to tease their both relation!!! They both started to develop feelings for each other!!!! Days passed, months passed!!! It’s New year eve,

Sanskaar messages Ragini to meet him at a hotel and sends her the address and asks her to wear something nice!!!

Ragini attire:

She’s looking s*xy and hot smoking!!!!

Ragini: Don’t know what Sanky is gonna do tonight???? Let’s see!!!

Ragini reached the destination. She was awestruck to see such a beautiful decoration.

Ragini: Wow!!!

Sanskaar: I know right!!!!??

Ragini turned back and got awestruck seeing him in a blue tuxedo !!!! Sanskaar got mesmerised seeing her in that attire!!!!

Sanskaar: You look beautiful!!!

Ragini: Thanks you too!!

Sanskaar goes close to Ragini and kneels down on his legs.

San: Ragini, I don’t know when but since the time I saw you I was attracted to you!!! I don’t know why??? But the time we become friends everyone used to tease us!!! I used to feel happy when they used to tease us having a feeling like I would get you some or the other day!!!! Yes Ragini!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! More than myself!!!!

Ragini became a lil emotional but balanced it and reciprocated: I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

Both repeat it and hugged each other in happiness!!!!!

At that time, Sanskaar reminded Swara in the baby pink saree!!! Then he again remembered he was with Ragini and forget that scene!!!

Their friends came there and shouted “HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVE BIRDS”

Rag____San became shocked seeing them and Ragini was blushing like a red tomato!!!! Sanskaar was glaring them as they ruined his moment!!!!

After some days,

Sanskaar was going to meet Ragini’s father to talk about Ragini’s hand for marriage. Ragini was continuously warning Sanskaar that behave well with his dad!!!! Or else forget her!!! Of course our Sanky took it lightly but his Ragini is strict in dressing so he bought him a tuxedo and told him to wear it!!!! At last he had no other option!!! So he had to follow her!!

At the hotel,

Mr. Ram Malhotra along with some of his family friends consisting of hie best friend, Kunal Sengupta!!!! Ragini was wearing a light blue colour traditional saree. Everyone are waiting for Sanskaar!!!!

He came to the place and dial Ragini. She was searching for him but he pulled her to a corner.

San: Hello, future Mrs. Sanskaar Maheshwari!!!

Ragini: Oh really !!! If you want me to become Mrs. Sanskaar Maheswari then you should leave me now and come to meet my dad!!!


Ragini: Chalo!!!( dragged him)

Ragini and Sanskaar reached the table.

Ragini: Dad this is Sanskaar and Sanskaar this is dad, Mr. Ram Malhotra!!!

Sanskaar was about to say hi or namaste whatever it is!! But was shocked seeing his father!!! Even his father become shocked seeing him!!!

Kunal stood up and said: This is not going to happen!!!!!

PRECAP: A Challenge????

Is it upto mark??

1. If Sanskaar loves Ragini, why did he remember Swara????

2. How is he related to Ram???

To know that stay tuned!!!!

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