Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 8

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Ragini gets down from car and goes inside with miffed and angry face which was seen by Pravathi and Shailaja… Before they could speak she goes to her room angrily and threw her bag on bed sits on by holding her head with hands…
She dials to her brother and says what ever happen and says..

Bhai it’s very difficult to find information someone from family doesn’t want mom to meet her family again they don’t want to reach her to them. I had a doubt that whether these knew about our happy and sad moments whether these knew about moms health I should not late bhai and this will solve by this weak but I am feeling lonely and week bhai…

I wish you were here and call me once you get my message she cuts call and turns gets freezed by seeing Laksh standing their by keeping hands in his pocket and tighten jaw face.

Ragini somewhere gets afraid but doesn’t show and asks him to get out as already her mood is out and tired of work.

Laksh:- with whom you were talking about.

Why I should answer you I am staying at your home not freely I am treating your grandmother that’s is Mr. Pravathi harish Maheswari. And I think I don’t need your permission to call my family or should ask you what I should speak to my brother..

Laksh gets stunned by her angry answer and says that I just came to say sorry on my comments on your family and on you for yesterday..

Ragini turns and says saying something which hurts others is easy but without asking sorry just try to take back your words and that hurt feeling which I had because of you. Then with out asking I will be back to normal.

Before Laksh could speak a servant comes and asks them to come down as Mam is calling you both for evening coffee..

Ragini goes leaving Laksh their..
Laksh thinks whom she is talking and what she is talking about… Finding something mom and all I am able to understand about whom she talking about our family or any other family. But ahh I have to discuss with my cousins..

Saying this he goes down.

Are u kidding me bhai. Why are u doubting on her.
May be she is talking about her family problems why do you think that she was talking about our family.

Just stop arjun don’t talk like mad Ok what ever I listened I am saying I don’t knew why but her every talk makes me feel like she belongs to our family. Why are you silent Pradeep say something.

What I should say Laksh I don’t knew why but I feel like I had a close connection with her. Just like sister feeling and we don’t doubt on anyone just like that and mainly Laksh you knew na arjun.

Oh OK now you both were saying that we three should spy on her wow he goes and taps on Laksh shoulder and says you always have problem with her because she called your dadi as dadi and that’s it any way I never left you two and I don’t knew why but I am helping you both OK.

Saying this he goes while Laksh and Pradeep continues their talks..

What about Keith family are they still scaring you.

Ofcourse this time they were warning us by taking family name and don’t worry I am taking police help.. But what way ragini relates to us..

Just dadi comes and says they have to wake up as tomorrow they all are going to historical temple for doing puja..
Laksh says.

But dadi from my childhood every year every day we celebrate this day by doing puja and going to orphanage but no one said what special.

It’s none of your business Laksh what we said to you it will be better if you follow them. If your dadaji finds that you were questions about this day then you have to see his another angel. And tomorrow ragini is also going to join and don’t create any mess their I am warning you now only and goes from their.

Laksh and Pradeep looks at each other and goes towards ragini room and sees her talking something on phone seriously and walking here and there being tensed she threws phone on corner of floor and sits on bed catching her head..
They both notices tears were following from her eyes. Pradeep feels bad while for Laksh he feels like someone scrumbling his heart by seeing her tears. He feels weak on his knees he feels like just going towards her hugging and taking her pain away…

Next day all gets ready traditionally while ragini gets ready in salwar leaving dadi given sari..
While she comes Laksh gets mesmerized by seeing her but gets in senses dadi voice.

I gave you sari na Beta then why, didn’t you like it then I will arrange another one.

It’s OK Mrs. Pravathi Maheswari I am guest here and like to be like that only as we are going to temple I wore this I don’t disrespect any one feels or traditions..

This answers shocks everyone mainly guilty built up in his heart hearing her not calling dadi and confused to about his guilt when he himself always said her not to call but thinks that he never said her that she was guest..

His thoughts were disturbed by dayal who asks him to move as we are getting late.

Sumitra keeps on looking ragini while Shekhar asks her reason of her tension while she says that she was looking just like Ajay and janaki.

Shekar says that I accept she looks like janaki but how come she remember Ajay as we all saw him only once.

Sumitra stumbles and says nothing come we are getting late and takes him from their.. By listening to them Pradeep gets dought and says to himself now who is this janaki and Ajay. I have to talk with Laksh and arjun.

Precap:- ragini new avatar shocking family members… And she getting clue about past

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