Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 6

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Ragini goes to her room by laughing..
Dev on call from London says why are laughing like idiot what happen…

Ragini :- bhai here Manu elder son is so much possessive about dad I he just hates if any one calls her dadi leave about outsiders he hates his own cousin if they try to take his position in dadi heart.

Dev:- if every thing of between mom and them means we too would have a big family right. Anyway leave did you plan anything how to remove hatred Ness from dadajii heart towards us and how to bring mom and them close to each other..

Ragini:- frankly speaking bhai I have no idea how to proceed and how to knew did he missing mom after these many years. If I knew he is missing and hesitating to meet mom then for me it would be easy to make everything fine just like but.. Bhai say idea na how I should start..

Dev:- no idea dear but first make a sweet place in their hearts and become a important part of them and are to controlling your Punjabi right.

Ragini:- Yaa I am trying alot…

Dev:- if it possible send some sweet moments photos of them mom will feel good..

Ragini:- OK bye bhai I think some one is coming.

After cutting call..

Door knock sound is listened she goes and opens door finds servant standing in front of her calling her down for lunch..

Ragini gets down and excited to eat first time in her dadis house that to Bengali foods..

She gulps looking at all dishes placed in her plate and food stucked in her throat as almost all food was sweet and she was being Punjabi fond of spicy food and personally she doesn’t like sweetness in curries…

She looks around and sees all were talking with each other and eating..
Dadi I observes her and asks what happened beta you didn’t like food..

Ragini:- Haa no problem dadi. It’s just I eat less and slowly that’s why..

Dadi:- eating slowly is good for health only..

Ragini eats with much difficulty and Laksh series seeing her uncomfortness in eating..

Laksh in mind:- you were not listening to me na and I said not to call my dadi as dadi but you were just making fun of me. Now see what I will do..

Ragini completes her food in plate with much difficulty and breaths out in relief..

Laksh:- are doctor ragini Jii.. You completed food so fast and you should have this sweet as it’s our traditional and home made one saying this he serves 5 rasagulla bowl in her plate.. Seeing it she started coughing while he smrikes.

Ragini:- I can’t eat these many I mean I eat less sweets..

Laksh:- Arey leave your all diet plans for few more days and you were our guest so you have to accept our hospitality and once served food in plates should not taken back. Am right dadi and if you want you can ask my dadi (stretches this
word) and says…

Ragini and all youngsters understands his prank and smiles.. While dadi supports him..

Ragini smiles and starts eating..

Dayal observes her uncomfortable gaze on sweets and says.

Dayal:- it’s OK ragini Jii. If you can’t no need to eat forcefully leave it..

Laksh:- but Dad.

Ragini:- no uncle it’s OK. Dad says we should not waste food and serves only that much how much you can eat and I am full but I can’t waste too as it was already served in my touched plate..

She smiles weakly and stuffs remaining sweet in her mouth.. All leaves from their while ragini eyes were filled tears because with heavy and unlike food in her stomach..

Laksh looks on at her face which turned into complete red… While arjun rushes inside kitchen and brings some spicy items and offers her to eat.. She immediately grabs and keeps in her mouth… Feels relaxed…

Ragini:- thank I so much arjun..

Arjun:- it’s OK. Now you were alright naa.

Ragini nodes and arjun goes from their while Laksh about to speak but ragini says your turn over now it’s my turn.. Saying this she goes to her room.

Next day
Ragini wears shoes and comes out she about yo open door but stops listening voice she turns and finds dadaji.. And back of him dayal Laksh and arjun who were literally in sleepy mood?

Her thoughts were disturbed by dadaji.

Harsh:- what were you doing this early morning.

Ragini:- going for a jog uncle..

Harish:- you will get up this early..

Ragini nodes head little confused..

While harsh turns around and says seeing sleepy faces of his son and grand sons.

Harish:- learn something from her and come out from your deep faces and join her in jogging and where is Shekhar..

Shekhar comes running down and hits dayal and composes him self but Pradee and Prudhvi both comes running and hits each other making mess..

All giggles but stops seeing dadaji.

Harish:- unbelievable..

Saying this he goes out..

While ragini looks at Laksh with fake sorry feeling and goes outside running..

While all looks at each other pouting while Laksh plans something seeing ragini running..

Laksh:- do you guys want some fun.

All:- what you were going to do and remember one thing Hitler is with us..

Laksh runs beside ragini and says..

Hmm running and you were walking faster in name of jogging.. She looks at him but ignores and continues..

Dayal:- what he is doing and why he is always back of her. Look how cute she is so patient and calm . perfect shadow of innocent soul.

Arjun:- dadi said her to call dadi instead of aunt or Mrs. Harshi maheswari you knew na Dad bhai how much he possessive about her..

Dayal:- hmm.

Shekar:- don’t you think dayal your don is so possessive instead of dad Jii.

All laughs while they look at raglan at weird expression when they both sits in ready to run.

They goes near them.

Arjun:- what’s happening why you both were in ready to run position.

Ragini:- because your brother challenged me in running where I was champ in running.

Laksh:- of course but here champ was me.. I was a runner.

Ragini:- let’s see who will reach here first..

Saying this both runs..

Both were running giving tough competition to each other and they both were equal level when about to reach ragini collides with a men and about to fall but Pradeep holds her..

Pradeep:- are u ok.

Ragini stands properly and says yes I am fine and says sorry to those people..

Men:- kya Mam sorry and all if we dashed with you will you listen to us no naa in short app bolenji mandi janbujikai app Sai taka Raya..
Saying this he comes forward to her..

While ragini moves back and says..

See I knew it’s my fault and I didn’t see you and if I would seen u I will definitely not allow to happen that..

Men:- lagtha hai angrez.. Kaha Sai aya hai app.

Pradeep:- you were getting over leave it here only when she said sorry to you.

Men:- Arey sir esai kisai… Hum jo letha hai hum o wapas detha hai.

Ragini:- what do you mean.

Seeing this Laksh arjun all comes to them.

Laksh:- leave right now warna acha nahi hoga.

Men:- acha tho ab it’s angrez sai nahi hoga. Hum tho e socha iss ko thoda hindi sikakai chodnaiko but lagtha hai ab auto kuch sikana padai gaa iss angrez ko..

Ragini:- oye..shanai teraiko kya laga hum ko hindi nahi atti. hum tho sab Jantai hai. Hindi bi atai hai appanai appko tum taisi logo sai.

Men laughs while others looks on ragini language but done where they too controls their laughs for her language.

Men:- teraiko nahi madam Tariko and taisi nahi jaisai, logo nahi logon..

Saying this he laughs more about to her touch her before other could realize he falls on floor holding his sensitive part and screams in pain.

All sees at him and then at right who took position as defenses.

Ragini:- who else wants to teach hindi to me.

A goon about to hit her but she holds his that hand and cluster her fist punches on his stomach..

He too feels pain and falls down. Seeing them like that third person runs away..
She leans down and makes them sit and says too goon too..

Ragini:- don’t shout too loudly ok I hitted you I mean I punched you on soft side only and thank to God if I had punched on like this on ribs God knew what will happen with u and you mujai hindi sekanaiwala be aware of your self you will be fine in 2 days.. And sorry for colliding with you with outseeing.and don’t make fun of any outsider when we people staying away from India still tries to speak our language and you people can’t respect your own people blo*dy idiots..
Saying this she turns and finds all family members stood with open mouth while she about yo move gets shocked seeing dadaji standing in front of her. She gulps looking at him. While he goes without talking shocking everyone their..

Arjun:- I think your are gone.

Laksh:- you think. Come on arjun it’s conformed she is gone in dadaji hands.

Ragini:- I didn’t done any mistake Ok. I just protected my self while all were watching like film.
Saying this she goes but cones back and says to Laksh.

This all was because of you only.

Laksh:- what I did. I didn’t payed them to tease you.

Ragini:- you started race champ and all. Uff I hate you alot..

She storms from their leaving Laksh shocked.

Precap:- ragini plan against laksh

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    1. Sindhura

      Sure I will try to post soon

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  13. Hi di. your story is as usual awesome. i read all the parts today only. i am busy with exams, so unable to follow all the stories regularly. the story is out standing and I loved it a lot.

    1. Sindhura

      Thank you so 2

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