“Chandni…”- Advay Singh Raizada took the name with all the hate in the universe,” My ultimate target to hurt her to fulfill my revenge”.
Chandni stood still unmoved, closed eyes, folded hands in front of the large Shiv idol praying, chanting some things, her trembling soft lips like rose petals moving in breeze.
“I hate her..I will make sure she suffers in the hell,I will throw her in”- Advay reminded himself of her betrayal,” I trusted you but it was my mistake”.
” Friends dude!!”- Miku tapped his shoulder bringing him out from chain of past thoughts to present,” we both saved the Shiv Idol”.
“Excuse me!!”- Advay ran away from Miku, afraid of emotions and closeness with people to show public display of relationships.
“Bachchanji back in Allahabad in young form”- Miku commented not getting any reasonably verbal reply from the strange- strong- smart stranger but his chocolate brown eyes show him some deep emotions.
“I am accusedof falling in love with you, I will erase that story of our love with your tears Chandni”- Advay saw his own hand writing from few years back , ink messed with his own tears at the expense of losing his parents.
“Some where deep down I am happy at this accusation of loving you all these 16 years despite of having an aim to hate you endless, unable to end our incomplete saga of Love”- His heart screamed at his face,” Why the hell I am unable to hurt you just in return of the wound you gave me”.
” This is the best illzam of my life”…..

” Time is passing very fast and I am here just for revenge of their death, the wait is intezaar for torturing you ended today”- Advay wrote on his dairy, in one blank page, his only companion in last 16 years to share, hide all his sorrow , his faithful friend dairy,” I was waiting for this moment only from that fateful day of brutal murder”.
“Waiting Advay!!”- Again his heart knocked at the closed door of his brain,” to see her sweet innocent beautiful face as its one of your secret craving!!”.
” Be in hell!!”- He tried to control his mischievous heart from pulling stunt,” I hate her..I hate that Chandni”.
“Chand ka tukda”- heart is more stubborn, sang to tease him,” When love happens hell gives a feeling of heaven. I can go to hell Advay with my Chandni. Weren’t we both in hell all these long years..away from Allahabad, Chandni and Miku”.
“Yeah because I was preparing myself for revenge”- Advay said,” practice is needed for big projects”.
“Love is always unplanned”- his heart jumped to challenge him,” with out any reality check of age, caste, colour, size…”.
“Test…I will take her strong imtehaan to break her trust in life”- Advay wrote on another page,” very strong to break that slim stubborn drumstick girl to break her in to million pieces”.
“Excuse me!!”- heart came to beat his mind again,” slim stubborn!! you observed her so keenly in childhood even. I am closing ear you can tell beautiful, radiant, charming s*xy…”.
“Shut up”- Advay shouted this time to gain attention from by passers.

Chandni flinched at the sounds of a dangerously husky voice that seems familiar. The voice that sent unlimited pang of vibration , a man sitting on the temple stair scribbling on his dairy all lost,” perhaps some journalist”.
“Thank you for saving the Shiv idol”- Jiji came with her two chamchi to thank him,” you saved our family pride by controlling idol from falling”.
“I did nothing for any one”- Advay replied harshly,” I just stopped it from falling for now.. its breaking process is delayed not stopped”. He left after answering the three vampires in his way full of attitude.
“I hate to love her… I love to hate her..”- Advay concluded,” my love for her is past story but my hate for her is my present”.
” Past is the pioneer on which present builds on”- heart retorted back,” present with out past is baseless and we are here for past revenge”.
” what were you thinking while saving the idol from falling”- the poor heart asked question after suppressing few minutes.
” calculating in my mind about gravity and mass”- Advay disclosed ,” need that to save the idol from breaking”.
” Mr. Mathematics.. do one favour on me”- heart gripped his mind,” calculate the approximate value of your hate for Chandni, loss of family, rage for revenge, sorrow of being one orphan to fight against your secret desire of meeting Chandni”.
‘stupidity” – Advay avoided heart,” I am back only for revenge”.
” Yeah lets call the police to reopen the case after 16 long years”- his heart tried luck,” This will give you a relief from burning your own self in the fire of love”.
” get lost you bipolar unfaithful”- Advay lashed at his heart.
” Advay… listen”- heart smiled,” iss pyaar ko kya naam doon??”.
” Still you are here!!”- Advay fumed, his nostril flared in anger.
” Iss war ko kya naam doon Rabba!!”- heart felt heavy to leave Allahabad knowing that Chandni lives here,” Advay’s Chandni”.
Need to compromise with that Mr. Mathematics Attitude Singh Raizada……

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