Motherly love ~ a swasan ff chapter 14

Chapter 14 (Love at the fullest)

It had been a week after all that chaos that happened in their life. Though , they tried talking to each other , the only time they got was the time in night . They smile at each other and sleep at their own side even after knowing that anyway in night , they would land in each other’s arms .

Whole Family was sensing that they were planning to talk to each , but they are very keen on not letting them talk . That was hilarious how , every now and then swara watched the entrance waiting for her husband. Sanskar is no less,he as soon as entering home would Start calling swara . But who am I kidding. they are his family will know him better .

The one week was tough for them to pass . It was Saturday morning, yesterday night , to top the cake , his sister has taken swara to her room and she never returned .

All this was irritating him,dragging him to the peak of his patience. When he was walking to and fro thinking of possibilities of his family hitting their together at the wall and end up becoming irritating all together.

Swara entered the room all sleepy ,sleeping and walking all together , while here Sanskar was reaching his last points of letting his cool go.

swara hit hard against his chest , as soon as she did so , his hands snaked through her waist making her sleep go in a wink, shivers ran down her spine , holy morning .

” wifey ,missed you ” saying he nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck .

Her hands went to his neck. Both were cherishing their moments , when suddenly they heard a knock at the door .

Sanskar sighed in frustration , whereas swara giggled .

Radha entered the room once the door was opened. She asked them to pack all necessary stuff, for their journey as all of them were going to Delhi to Ranveer’ s house for some function .

Sanskar looked at her with a questioning look . Swara like a dutiful dil , went and packed their bags . Still , Sanskar has doubt about this sudden change in their behavior and plans . Something fishy ?

They all went to Airport. All the while, Laksh and Anu were hiding hard to keep their smirk behind curtains yet failed miserably .

Once they reached the airport, everyone together wished them a happy journey .swara went with Radha to buy chocolates for her as traveling is not her thing .

” Why are you behaving as if you are not coming there ?” Sanskar asked scratching his head .

” Bhai, as much as we love to accompany you there. but we don’t wish to be a bone in your romance and honeymoon ?” anu smirked.

Realization dawned upon him .
” You’ve been planning this all this days ?” he smiled .

” oh, Happy realization beta? “Laksh teased him.
He hugged his bro and sis and also his dad .
“Enjoy a month completely . ,bro
” they smiled .

Sanskar felt overjoyed.He hugged them .Swara came and they started . She asked about them and they lied that they will reach by next flight as there is an emergency.

swara frowned but when Sanskar gripped her waist tight , being possessive of his wife being eyed by random men he big them bye and pulled her. She was confused .

she is still unaware of the fact where they are going . They entered the plane and got the seats.

” Sanskar baby, I am your sweet wife na,give me that window seat?”. swara said cutely .

” Just for a window seat you are calling me baby . Very bad swara ” he chuckled at her expression and then gave her what she wished .

only in the flight he got to know that his brilliant wife has known all the facts along the way but has pretended much. the only thing she didn’t know is the place other than that she is very much aware that Delhi is not days away like the journey they are headed towards .

It was Radha who has informed her darling Dil about this. …crazy family .

They reached California. simply the gateway of the world. For three complete days they lay on the bed like Wooden logs. sleeping the hell out …

That was heaven . Because they love sleep as much as they love each other.

Sanskar ” sweetheart, get ready in hour casuals baby. ”

swara was looking through her luggage not packed by her but for her …she just gasped .
she gave Sanskar a look which he literally know that his sister has made some wonderful plan for him to get beaten by his wife on their dream honey moon.

“praise the lord ..swara is not a fan of Jackie chan,or for every shot he would have a black chin and loosen teeth’s …”

Anu is an wonderful sister unless she shows her wonderful stunts to them .But what he saw inside the luggage made him poop his eyes out.. surely wanted to dig a hole and hide .

There were only lingeries and chemise more than dresses .Thank god there was some casuals .

This tragedy has now completely altered my plan . First shopping then becoming vagabond.

They entered the mall . Swara went for the tee and shorts . she has been looking for many dresses.

Sanskar was standing behind her . He couldn’t digest the fact that every guy is looking at his girl like she is the eighth wonder. let eagles eat your eye balls .

swara also helped him to get some more causal dress for him .

The numerous touching hands , holding fingers , walking down the mall ditching the lift is looking a kinda bliss .

soon after their shopping mania ,they together hit the bed again.
At evening , Sanskar asked her to pack their bags for them to move to some other place ..

(I am confessing it , the following place is completely imagination, no tomatoes, eggs or any stuff.)

They got into a private jet. swara was still not informed about the place and more precisely she was told it is a surprise ?.

They landed and soon they were received by a Driver who led them to the car and went to the airport back.

strange …Swara thought..

They drove to a villa , you could call that a mansion , a castle whatever , but don’t ask my husband .

They went inside the home . The villa was just awesome .

Soon swara entered the backyard only to get weak on her knees. The majestic view of the pacific ocean and the beach sand at the backyard is something she have not even dreamed of…

soon two hands wrapped around her waist , she smiled contently and laid her head on his chest . Her paradise at earth .

she couldn’t find words to say that feeling she is experiencing right now . The magical reality .

The wonderful abstractness . This is no dream and certainly she is not in one .

She turned around , looking deep into his eyes that has within it all the love of the world for her .

She leaned in and brushed her lips lightly against his . A truly felt bliss in life . He stood shocked .

Then it all started with the kiss. they poured all the love and passion they possess into the kisses they shared .

They stood there at the sunset , leaning their foreheads on each other .

“I love you , Sanskar ” she whispered .

He looked into her eyes , counting the number of shocks his wife has planned for Him .

she looked at him with anticipation . He stood there speechless . he have never dreamed though wished that some day there will be so much of love in their marriage .

Her eyes lost their gleam. where ready to shed the shining tears . Reality struck hard .he stood still when she has confessed her love for him.

she moved a little . He caught cold of her waist and pulled her to him .

” I love you my dear little wife ” he pecked her eyes and suck the tears that fell down.

She smiled widely . Their love was something very precious for them .They took it slow.

He scooped her up in his arms .she hide her face in the crook of his neck. Her blush , her breathes were all turning him on.

He took her inside and laid her on the bed.She hugged him tightly and very boldly letting go her shy and naive face .

They kiss the life out of each other . Swirling around in the emotions , they looked at each other . He held her face in his hands and kissed her forehead and then her eyes , slowly bite her cheeks .she shrieked .

He gave her open mouth kisses along her neck and ears and in the process finding her weak spot near her ears . Teasing her with that has become his entertainment right now . He gave her hickeys all along . She arched her back in pleasure when he bite her collarbone skin .

They swirled in pleasure. They finally consummated their love, showing each other the love they possess.

The made love all night , letting sun become shy of their love . They laid asleep when the sun rose in the morning . She had her head on his bare chest and his hands were tight around her waist, lying with the physical touch and emotional satisfaction. they smiled in sleep.


OK my lovely drs . I am sorry .this is the second last chapter . Only one more to go. Well, tell me your views and shower your love upon me . somewhere I feel blessed to have to be a reason for your little smile .

love you all.
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