Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan gets caught

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 10th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Armaan saying Soumya refused for the abortion. Prisha shouts Soumya’s messages to her that she wants to get the abortion done. He gets angered. He says she tried to act great by doing this drama, isn’t this disgusting, Soumya has to answer, I m going to ask her. She says don’t go and fight her, it will affect the babies, if you say that I told this to you, then she may oust me from the house, don’t talk to her. He says okay fine, I don’t even want to see her face, Prisha I want to spend time with you tomorrow. She says you promised Soumya that you will spend time with her. He says I don’t care, we are meeting, that’s all. He goes. She recalls calling her mum. She says Armaan will hate Soumya and leave her, just type the script and message me. Mami raads the message and smiles. She messages Prisha. Prisha says I will put Soumya’s name on mum’s number, I will write the scene of Soumya’s exit from Armaan’s life. Armaan meets Goldie. They hug. Goldie says you have come to meet me, great. Armaan says I have come to watch the match like the old days. Goldie says we will watch the match, get me some beer. They drink. Goldie asks about Soumya.

Armaan says its better, talk to her. He says Soumya, I m at Goldie’s place, he is asking about you, talk to him. Goldie talks to Soumya and jokes. Armaan takes the phone and says Goldie is mad, match has started, I will call you later. He asks Goldie whose match is it, its imp to enjoy with friend. Goldie says I love you. Armaan says I love you too. Prisha acts and says my friend had attempted suicide, this is so bad, I should go there. Soumya asks her to go. Prisha goes. Armaan gets Prisha’s message. He says oh no, I have to go on set, there is a problem. Goldie says sit, you have a big production house. Armaan says just I can handle this problem. He goes. Goldie says I m Goldie LLB, no lie gets hidden from me, your problem isn’t professional, but personal, enjoy. Armaan meets Prisha. She asks why did we come here. He says I m with you. She thinks I understand what you want but not so soon. A girl sees him and says look that’s Armaan Oberoi with some hottie. She clicks their pic. She posts the pic on the social media. The post goes viral. Soumya calls Armaan to ask him to get vitamins and tablets. She asks Sushma for Goldie’s number. Sushma gives the number and goes.

Soumya calls Goldie and asks for Armaan. Goldie lies to her that Armaan went to get samosas. Armaan gets close to Prisha. She says I m a modern girl, but not so open-minded, we shouldn’t get close without any relation, I m just not comfortable. Armaan says you know you are special for me, we have a unique bond. Soumya is shocked seeing the viral post.

Armaan says I love you Prisha, we have a relation of love between us, why this distance then. They get close. Soumya sees the news of Armaan’s affair. She recalls his promise. The family also sees the news and worries. Kashish says I m disappointed with you. Armaan comes and says it’s a big lie, trust me Soumya, I was with Goldie, I met a fan at the farmhouse, someone clicked our pic, this is all for dirty cheap publicity, that’s all.

Sushma asks why will that girl do this, she didn’t put her face. He says you are innocent, I m talking of the girl who uploaded the pic on her profile, think she would get followers. She says its good that your dad is in US. He says fame hungry girls are such. Soumya says yes, you are right. He says thank God, you think the same, why would I do this, after this amazing turning point of our life, I will find out who is this, she will have to pay for this. Soumya says truth is the biggest Dharm, why are you scared if you are true. He says you tell me, what to do. She says our relation isn’t so weak that you make such a big mistake. He says of course, I m so glad that you trust me, we will have a press conference and you stay with me, everything will be under control.

Armaan asks Soumya to stand by him. She refuses saying I got to know your truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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