Molkki 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun reenacts the scene to find clues

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Sakshi speaks to a lawyer but he says no too. I wonder how we will get Mukhi ji out of jail now. Purvi says even I cannot understand. Should I try to convince Arjun again? Sakshi says I don’t see any logic in it. He will insult you again. Purvi says I understand but let’s try again. Mukhi ji is very important for me. I will do anything that he will say. Sakshi agrees. Let’s go together. He might give in. They get up to go when servant opens the door. Kids call out to Purvi. Both ladies are shocked to see them with Arjun. Purvi asks him how he is here. Arjun says I am here to accept your case. I will save your Mukhi. Juhi says that’s what we wanted to tell you. We had saved them the other day. Arjun tells Purvi he dint know they were her kids. You have raised them well. Sakshi smiles sadly. Kids hug Purvi. She asks them to go to their room. Before going, they ask Arjun if he will bring their Baba home. He confirms. They thank him and head upstairs.

Arjun, Purvi and Sakshi take a seat. Purvi asks him how he became so soft. Arjun tells her not to beat around the bush. Let’s start working without wasting time. Tell me all the details. Don’t leave anything. Purvi tells him everything. Mukhi ji shot Daksh. Arjun decides to meet Virender to decide his next plan of action. Sakshi gets up as well but Arjun tells her to stay put. Your face irritates me and I don’t enjoy working when irritated. She says the same for him. I am bearing you just because you are important for this case. She tells Purvi to go. I will stay at home.

Arjun and Purvi meet Virender. Arjun hears Virender’s story too. I did not want to kill him. I aimed at his shoulder just to scare him. I still cannot understand how I ended up shooting him in his chest. Arjun says you were angry back then. You were emotionally high too and were focused on Purvi. you ended up shooting him on his chest instead. Virender is still unable to understand how it happened. Arjun says you were angry back then just like you are angry right now. Virender insists he isn’t angry right now. Arjun says your eyes say otherwise. Virender asks Purvi from where she has found him. He tells Arjun firmly that he is not angry right now. I don’t miss an aim even if I am angry. Arjun repeats his words. Virender challenges him to bring a gun. I will prove it to you. Purvi tells Virender to calm down. Virender says I am calm. Arjun takes out his gun. I got it inside stealthily. Take it and prove me wrong. Purvi tries to stop Virender but he tells her to stop. Where did you find him? He is crazy! I am being punished for what I haven’t done and this lawyer is playing games with me. She tells him not to do it. Arjun is playing with a paper weight. Virender shoots it successfully when it is mid-air. Virender Pratap Singh never misses his aim whether he is angry or calm. Should I aim at your brain? Arjun says you passed your test. I can congratulate you now. You haven’t shot Daksh. Virender says no one else in that room had gun. Who could it be? Arjun says I am positive that there was someone else. I will find out who it was. Purvi says there were so many people there. Police also said that there was only one gun. Who could it be? He says we must go to hotel to find out that. Let’s go now. We have very less time. He walks out of there. Purvi tells Virender he has never lost any case. Let him find the answer. Virender doesn’t have faith in Arjun but she vouches for him.

Arjun asks Purvi to hurry up. We have to go to hotel. She tells him to go ahead. I have to go school first. I will meet you in hotel. He nods.

Purvi reaches hotel a little late and apologizes to Arjun. She is haunted by the memories of that day. He asks her to tell her everything in detail. Purvi is in tears. She tells him everything. Mukhi ji keps warning Daksh but Daksh just dint listen to him. He kept challenging Mukhi ji to shoot him. Arjun looks at the broken window. He looks around carefully. I have to recreate the scene. Where were you and Daksh? Don’t waste my time if you want to save Mukhi’s life. Tell me where you were. She points at the bed. She lies down on the corner of the bed in the same position as that day. That’s how I was on that night. She is haunted by the memories again. Arjun falls atop her in the way as Daksh would have. She asks him to let go of her.

Prakashi asks Preeti what Sakshi was saying. Preeti says she was telling me the menu. Prakashi asks about Purvi. Preeti shares that Purvi left with a stranger in the morning. Prakashi nods. Go and cook now. Preeti leaves. Prakashi decides to spoil their plan. It will cost us dearly.

Purvi pushes Arjun away. He holds her from behind and she struggles to break free. What are you doing? He tells her he is not interested in her. I want to find out where Daksh was that night. How was he positioned? He brings a waiter inside and asks Purvi to tell him where Virender was standing with the gun. Waiter takes Virender’s position and he holds her like Daksh. Arjun tells the waiter to imagine that he is holding a gun. Aim at my hand. He complies. Arjun asks Purvi if that’s what Virender did. She shakes her head. It was on the other side.

Precap: Arjun and Purvi visit the morgue. He looks at the bullet wound and tells Purvi there is good news. The case will reopen tomorrow. At home, Purvi shares the news with Sakshi. Prakashi and Anjali decide to bribe the new lawyer before the hearing. Next day, Purvi watches Prakashi and Anjali giving bribe to Arjun. She tells Sakshi what she had seen earlier. He took that money!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. arjun is smart. good way of portraying the case. nice ep

    1. He is tactical
      I think priyu was the person who shot daks

  2. Good episode👍
    hope so Arjun won’t be bribed by prakashi and anjali bcz for Purvir and Sakshi he is their last hope
    priyashi was the one who shot Daksh
    hope so priyu,veer,anjali aur prakashi ka game juldee khutum ho gay

  3. Ye Prakashi aur Anjali se unka money apne paas rakh lo.

  4. Sashimi and arjun giving vibes rly want sashimi sashimi also have a happy ending maybe her and arjun will be together

  5. Arjun and Shakshi , will be paired l think and hope so

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