Molkki 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mama ji’s lie puts Virender in a fix!

Molkki 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priyu, Sudha and Mama ji feel bad for Purvi whereas Anjali and Prakashi smirk. Virender is still hugging his wife and kids. Sakshi passes out in his arms. Juhi panics. Virender calls out to his Mama ji. He takes Sakshi inside holding her in his arms. Everyone follows him except Purvi, Priyu and Sudha. Priyu and Sudha rush to Purvi. She does not let them touch her and runs inside. Priyu breaks down. Title track plays.

Everyone is waiting in Sakshi’s room. Juhi asks doc how she is. Will she be fine? Doc nods. Take good care of her. Juhi agrees. Doc takes Virender outside to tell him something important. Outside, he tells Virender that he gave injection to Sakshi. Her condition is not good though. She is dehydrated and hasn’t eaten well since days. All this is not good for her. Even her BP is not well. She is very weak mentally as well. Any shock can be critical for her. Please be careful about what you say in front of her. He takes Virender’s leave. Mama ji tries to talk to Virender but he heads back inside.

Prakashi asks Virender what doc said. Virender shares everything. She assures them that they wont say anything to Sakshi which can hurt her. We will look after her. Sit with Sakshi. Feed her once she wakes up. Anjali will look after the kids. Anjali nods. She asks the kids to come but they ask for some time. We will come soon. Prakashi tells Virender to send them soon. She goes outside with Anjali.

Anjali tells Prakashi she has been waiting anxiously to see the same thing that she wants to see. Prakashi smiles. Feed the kids and come asap then. She hurries to the kitchen.

Purvi is crying in her room. Title track plays. She removes her jewellery. The entire incident keeps flashing before her eyes. She cries harder as she looks at her mangalsutra. She looks at Kanha ji’s idol. Why did you do this to me? Why did you snatch my love, my husband my family and my kids from me? I even risked my life for them. I loved them with all my heart. I won everyone’s heart after so much difficulty. You snatched everything from me in one second! I saved that woman myself and promised to make her meet her husband but I had no idea that she will turn out to be my Mukhi ji’s first wife, Sakshi ji! I cannot understand anything. Tell me what I should do now. Please forgive me. I am tired of all this. I cannot bear it anymore. It has never happened in my life. I have never been so selfish in my entire life but I cannot bear to see Mukhi ji’s wife with Mukhi ji. I fought so much to bring that family together. Will I have to fight equally hard to get them? Why did you make me experience all that when you had to snatch it from me in the end? Why did you do this to me? Anjali and Prakashi have overheard everything. Anjali vows to turn the Molkki into maid now. She praises Prakashi on using the ace card (Sakshi) at such a time. You proved that your curse is stronger than your blessing!

Next morning, Prakashi tells her brother that doc will visit Sakshi often. Mama ji nods. Sakshi wakes up. Virender rushes to her side. Purvi is watching them from the door. Virender feeds water to Sakshi and caresses her head. Are you fine? Purvi wipes her tears and nods. Virender says I am very happy to see you alive. Are you in any pain? She shakes her hand and keeps her hand over his. He keeps his other hand over hers. Anjali notices Purvi and remarks that God is merciful. Jeth ji got his Sakshi after 5 years. Prakashi seconds her. He has missed her so much. He used to look at her pictures all the time. We missed her so much too. I never thought that there will come a time when I will be able to see her again.

Sakshi calls out to Purvi. Where are you going? Come inside. Sakshi asks Virender about Purvi. I haven’t seen her in haveli before. Purvi wonders why Sakshi is speaking like that. I hid her in the cell after saving her from Mama ji. I looked after her all that time. Why isn’t she telling the truth? Virender is clueless. Anjali whispers to Prakashi that it will be fun when Sakshi will find out that Purvi is Jeth ji’s Molkki. Purvi will be kicked out then. Mama ji says she is our maid. She looks after the kids. Virender looks at Mama ji pointedly but Mama ji signals him to let it be.

Purvi runs away. Mama ji heads outside as well. Title track plays. Purvi is haunted by Mama ji’s words. She wipes her tears. Virender tells Sakshi to rest. I will be back soon. She nods. Sakshi looks at Anjali and Prakashi once Virender leaves.

Virender asks Mama ji why he had to introduce Bawari as a maid to Sakshi. Mama ji asks him what he should have said. Should I have told her that Purvi is your second wife? Don’t you remember what the doc said? She has come back after 5 years. How will she feel after finding out that you married again after she left? We don’t know where she was and in what situation. This is a time to handle her. I know how difficult it was to call Purvi our maid. Only I know that! I will tell the truth when it’s the right time. Just look after her. I will speak to Purvi. She will understand. He leaves.

Sakshi says it feels as if everything is just as it was when we were together. Nothing has changed. Virender shares that no one was allowed in her room, either here or in Rewari, after she left them. Take some rest. I will come soon. She asks him if he wont sit with her. Virender says this room used to haunt me when I used to come here without you. I used to stay in another room. She decides to shift to the other room too. I don’t want our old memories to haunt you. We will make new memories now. Virender feels helpless. What kind of a test is this, God? How should I tell Sakshi that Bawari is my wife, not a maid and that Bawari and I live in the same room now? Sakshi asks Virender to take her to his room. Prakashi offers to get the room ready for them. She goes with Anjali. Sakshi rests her head on Virender’s shoulder.

Anjali tells Purvi to be grateful that she only has to shift to the servant’s quarter for now. Don’t you remember from where you have come? Hurry up, pack your stuff and vacate this room. Jethi ji and the real Mukhiyayin will stay in this room after today! She notices Purvi teary eyed and asks her if she is feeling bad. I cannot help it as it is true. Mama ji called you a maid so that’s where you must live now. Bhabhi will doubt you otherwise. Her health will worsen then. Please understand. Stop crying. You wont become Mukhiyayin again by crying? They must be coming. Hurry up.

Virender and Sakshi are on their way to his room. Virender wonders what he will say to Sakshi if she sees Bawari in that room.

Anjali throws Purvi stuff out of the cupboard. Purvi cries as she starts packing her stuff. She looks at Kanha ji’s idol and cries. Title track plays. Anjali tells her to look at the room for the last time. You wont get this chance ever again! Let’s hurry up.

Virender is still in a fix. How will I explain to Sakshi what Bawari is doing in my room? He hesitantly opens the door and finds it empty. Even the cupboard is empty and Kanha ji is missing.

Precap: Sakshi tells Virender when she met him yesterday on the beach, a wedding was going on. He was in the mandap. Whose wedding was it? He’s quiet. Purvi asks kids, they understood what to say in front of Sakshi, right? Manas says yes, if Sakshi gets well, then they can tell her everything that Purvi is not a servant, but their new mother. Virender sees this and is furious. He asks Prakashi why she kept Purvi in a servant’s room? Don’t they have a different room? Later, Virender asks Sakshi where she was for so many days? Later, Sakshi finds a mangalsutra from a drawer in Virender’s room. She asks Virender whose mangalsutra is that?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Heartbreaking episode 🥺🥺 I felt very bad for Purvi but Virendra is not at fault here. Now next thing to look forward to is how Sakshi will react when she finds out about Purvi and mukhi’s jii relationship. This Sakshi is not remembering Purvi and Anjali or Prakashi yar how strange 🤦🏽‍♀️ Hope we get the answer to that soon too

    1. Khushboo, do you think its strange. I have a gut feeling that Sakshi in actual is rememvering everything. She playing dumb acting not remembering Purvi, Anjali or Prakashi to protect Virender and her kids. Remember she was caught back by Prakashi and remembers everything because they stopped her medicine. She must be pretending and acting on the instruction of Prakashi. Otherwise, why the hell she could donning herself right before PurVir wedding. Its all planned by Prakashi to ruin PurVir wedding. I think Sakshi soon will loss her breath for real protecting her family. I hope she will get a peaceful death and Prakashi’s bad deeds get expose. But if all expose, whose gonna be the villain then for tipikal Indian soap. Haha

    2. True agreed with you ❤️

    3. I hope what you said will come true SH. today was too heartbreaking to watch.

  2. I do not understand why they are repeating the same plot of Guddan with the 1 th wife who returns from the world of the dead, is mentally weak and you can not absolutely tell the truth and the 2nd wife that is put aside. that boredom does not know to have a bit of originality in the plots! 😡

  3. This is why purvi should have not kept quiet about finding sakshi and about anjali in the first place

    1. Bhavani Thillai

      Absolutely 👌 Totally Agreed
      Purvi should have been HONEST!!!
      Before Mukhiji confessed his love 💕

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