Molkki 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Priyu sells the necklace

Molkki 31st December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purvi thinking to prove her truth. Virender taunts Purvi. She says I don’t have to say anything else. He asks where is the necklace. She asks which necklace, say it clearly. He says Sakshi’s necklace is missing, its stolen. Everyone gets shocked. He says even Lord can’t save the thief from me this time, answer me. She thinks did Anjali behind this theft. She says right, if Sakshi’s necklace is stolen then the thief should be punished, I m with you. He shouts shut the haveli doors. The kids make a plan and go. Virender says the entire house will be checked, no one come in the house since night, it means the thief is inside the house, its some family member, who can enter my room, its a big shame for the family. The search begins. Priyu falls. Purvi cares for her.

Priyu says I m fine, I will take some rest. The kids get ready to find the necklace. Priyu runs to room and makes some changes. She keeps some pillows on the bed and covers with the blanket. She takes the purse and runs away. The servants search for the necklace. Virender says check the next room. The servant says next room is yours. Virender says be it anyone’s room, search will happen. The jeweller checks the gold necklace and weighs it. Purvi gives the cupboard keys to the servants. Virender asks the servants to check Purvi’s cupboard well. Purvi says if the necklace isn’t found here, then check the people who stay here. The jeweller gives money and says I don’t have more money to pay, else the necklace is too costly. Purvi bears the taunts by Anjali. Anjali says I m not poor Molkki bought by money, its an insult that my room is searched. Purvi cries.

Priyu takes the money and thinks its a revenge for Purvi’s insult done by Virender, we will get our freedom by this money. Virender gets the kids room checked. Priyu goes to the shop and buys some dresses. She sees a short dress and buys that also. The man says your choice is good, this dress will suit you well, you can try this also. She gives the money. She takes the clothes and leaves from the shop. Anjali says I have to check Priyasi’s room now. Purvi thinks to come back to the room before they come to check. She climbs the rope. Virender says Priyasi’s room will be checked. Purvi asks Priyu to open the door. Anjali asks did she drink bhaang and run away. Purvi says she was unwell. Virender asks her to open the door. Purvi says I will wake up Priyu. She moves off the blanket and sees Priyu. Priyu wakes up. Purvi asks her to get up, everyone has come to search her room. The servants check the room and say we got nothing here. Virender thinks we have to know where can that necklace go. Anjali asks did anyone see that bag and check it.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh God!!! Why is this Priyu such a dumbo? Giving silly explanations and now running behind Vaibhav..As if seriously?

  2. I’d be shocked if Priyu planted the stuff she bought in Anjali’s room… can we expect smartness from her…

  3. Totally unrealistic.
    Initially in 3 days children prepared for exams n results were declared.
    Now priyu cuz manage to go out of the house without being noticed by anyone n cuz manage to sell the necklace n purchase dresses n return back to!her room via rope, 😅😉 no security person cuz see her.

  4. Sorry by mistake could was written as cuz

  5. hi ameena Di. Where is dear pooja

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