Molkki 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Priyu runs away with Mahesh’s money

Molkki 30th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manas and Juhi are taking classes at home. Purvi looks on. Manas goes to washroom. Juhi decides to go with him. They light crackers under his chair. He flees from there and refuses to teach them. Virender’s mother remarks that this is the 14th teacher that left. Who will teach them now?

Savita calls Purvi. Why did you do my Molkki? Why did you lie to me? Savita is clueless. You are mistaken. Purvi says it must be Baba’s doing if you know nothing about it. Mahesh takes the phone from Savita. Purvi requests him to take her home. We will return their money. I cannot stay here. Please take me from here. Mahesh tells her to enjoy the luxuries and refuses to return the money ever. Enjoy the lavish life there. He disconnects the call. Savita questions Mahesh. He warns her to be quiet or he will do Priyu’s Molkki as well. Purvi decides to do something. I cannot be a Molkki. She wipes her tears as Virender’s mother comes there. She tells her to get ready. You have to go to Sudha’s house for lunch. Om is Virender’s business partner. Purvi agrees.

Purvi gets ready. She is about to sit on the backseat when the servant opens front door for her. She peeks inside. He tells her to stop staring. Driver is ill so I am driving the car. Her dupatta falls over his face. He asks her to close the window. She admits that she does not know how to do it. I am sitting in the car for the third time. He does it for her while maintaining his distance. He plays radio but switches it off as he hears Touch Me song. She decides to tell him she cannot stay here as a Molkki bride. They reach Sudha’s place. She tries to tell him again but he tells her to share it with Ma. She insists that she must tell him this. He tells her to wait then. I cannot let my hosts wait. He goes inside.

Om thanks Virender for coming on lunch. We do meet outside but meeting you here is good. Purvi smiles at Sudha but notices her worried expression. Sudha serves chapatti to Om. He reprimands her for serving him cold chapatti. Virender tells him not to take out his anger on food. Om says this is the only language that these women understand. Purvi notices the marks on Sudha’s arm. Om says women can only do 2 things – to serve warm food and to wash the clothes. Virender warns him to not utter another word against women. Om’s mother tells Sudha to bring sweets. Purvi offers to help Sudha in the kitchen. Virender agrees but Om’s mother tells her to sit down. You are our guest after all. She sends Megha to help Sudha. Megha brings sweets instead which makes Purvi curious. She drops lentil intentionally on her clothes on a pretext of finding Sudha. Megha guides Purvi to the washroom and leaves. Purvi goes looking for Sudha. She finally finds her. Sudha wipes her tears before facing Purvi. Purvi asks about the mark on her hands. Sudha lies to her. I am fine and happy here. Purvi says I am happy to see you happy. I am not fine though. I found out yesterday that I am a Molkki too. I don’t know what I will do now and how. Sudha hugs her.

Megha comes back to the washroom but Purvi is not there. She tells her MIL that Purvi is neither here nor in the washroom. Her MIL tells her to make sure that Sudha is not able to speak to Purvi. She should not find out our truth ever.

Sudha tells Purvi she hid this from her to save her from the hurt. Purvi says I was a fool to think girls like us can marry. We are sold off. We become brides but we become Molkki brides!

Megha and another girl are looking for Purvi everywhere.

Purvi says our loved ones sold us but did not tell us anything. The one who bought us did not hide it from us though! Virender ji told me the truth finally. I don’t want to stay with him. He has bought me to look after his family and kids. People call him an ideal and just man but he is very selfish. He has done injustice to me.

The girls are unable to find Purvi.

Sudha calls Virender their boss. Purvi refuses to spend her life as a Molkki bride. I will find a way out of this.

Sudha wipes Purvi’s tears and hugs her. 3 ladies are headed to Sudha’s room. Megha opens the door and finds Purvi inside. Sudha is nowhere to be seen. Purvi lies that she lost her way. Your house is very beautiful so I thought to look around as well. They take her downstairs. Om’s mother slaps Sudha as soon as Purvi goes downstairs.

Savita tells Priyu to look after Guddu and goes to bring water. Mahesh comes home and passes out on the floor. Priyu picks up his leather bag. She finds cash inside and takes the bag with her. pardon me, Ma. I am going to marry Navin. I wont come back ever again. Baba does not like Navin and I cannot live without him. I am going away for forever.

Virender and Purvi return home. Headmaster greets Virender just then. Virender introduces Purvi to them. Headmaster gives the report cards of Juhi and Manas to Virender. Purvi wonders why Headmaster had to come here to talk to Virender. She steps inside and finds Juhi and Manas troubling everyone. Virender looks on from far. Anjali tries to take the remote from the kids but they make her chase them. Virender’s mother asks for the remote. The car hits her and she falls down. Purvi is taken aback. Virender slaps Juhi. What is this? You keep trebling everyone. You dint even spare Ma today! You are number 1 in creating nuisance but you failed in all your exams! You will see the worst of me if you wont score good marks next time! She says I hate you to him and runs upstairs. Virender feels bad. He throws the report card on the floor and goes to his room. Purvi looks at the report cards. They scored 0 marks.

Precap: Virender is about to take a bite when his mother tells him that the kids haven’t eaten anything. You shouldn’t have slapped Juhi. Purvi assures Virender’s mother that she will take the food to children. They will eat it. She keeps the food outside and tries to tempt kids to eat. Later, she is peeking inside the kids’ room and mumbling to herself how Virender should change his number to Krur Singh. He keeps threatening everyone all the time and dint even spare the kids. She turns and notices Virender standing behind her. She loses her balance and falls in his arms. Sudha gets raped by someone from Om’s family (seems like the secret that Om’s mother was trying to hide). Mama finds out that Virender has been sleeping in his study since his wedding. He tells his sister that Virender will sleep in his room with his wife after today.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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