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Molkki 30th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender opens his eyes and is surprised to see Purvi looking at him. Why are you looking at me like this? She replies that she has every right to look at her Mukhi ji the way she wants. Who are you to question me? He pulls her closer and reminds her that he is her husband. I can ask you anything. She smiles. He asks her what she will do. She feels shy. Get ready soon. I have to give you a surprise. I will tell you everything in the car. Aarav has overheard everything.

Virender and Purvi sit in the car. She tells him to start the car. He asks her if they are off to her Tau ji’s place. She tells him not to bring her Tau ji in everything. Start the car. Virender obliges. Aarav calls his Baba and informs him that Virender and his Molkki just left haveli. He gives him the car number. You can do whatever you want. Chaudhary praises him. Now elections will happen again. Aarav reminds him that that happened just now. Chaudhary says if something happens to the Mukhi in accident then that’s bound to happen. Aarav smiles. I got your point. Play the game and end his story! Nandini asks him who needs to be killed.

Purvi keeping guiding Virender. He tells her to let him know where she is taking him. I don’t think your intentions are good. She teases him. You will find out whether my intentions are good or dangerous once they reach their destination. He looks at her in confusion. Dangerous? Purvi smiles.

Nandini asks Aarav who he was speaking to. Who needs to be killed? He lies that he was talking about finishing work. Your Baba and Purvi ji have done so much for us. I have ordered a gift for them and I was asking shopkeeper to finish packing and send it asap. Nandini says so sweet. Baba and you are with me now. It is because of Purvi. I just hope they remain happy and stay together forever. Aarav hugs her. he thinks that they will be happy and together in the world where they will soon be sent to.

Chaudhary leaves with his men. They start tailing Virender’s car.

Purvi holds Virender’s hand while he is driving and kisses it. He smiles. Virender notices Chaudhary’s jeep tailing them. Chaudhary notices that Virender has started driving slowly. Is he doubtful? He tells the driver to overtake Virender. We will corner him. Virender thinks that Chaudhary might be following him. Why though? I might be mistaken. Purvi notices Priyu and Veer in the market and tells Virender. Where are they off to? Virender glances at them as well. Chaudhary’s men overtake Virender’s car while they are looking at Veer and Priyu. Priyu holds Veer’s hand when he is keeping his hand in his pocket. Purvi thinks how Priyu had lied to her earlier about going to temple with Sudha. Virender complements them on their friendship. They look good together. Atleast Veer got a friend. Purvi finds it fishy though but does not tell him.

Purvi asks Virender to stop the car. He parks it in a spot. She brings his wheelchair for him and helps him sit down. He asks her where she has brought him. Tell me now atleast. She agrees to tell everything soon. Chaudhary orders his guards to take out petrol from Virender’s car. Leave bare minimum amount. Accidents do happen at secluded places. How does it matter if the one who dies is a common man or Mukhi?

Purvi brings Virender to a beautifully decorated corner of the park. He is impressed. She says you gave me one such surprise in Goa so I thought to give you one too. He says I did it as you were going to leave me. I wanted to spend as much time with you as I could. Why have you done this? She says I wanted to celebrate your victory. I wanted to spend some time with you as you will get busy in Panchayat yet again. I just wanted to spend some time with you alone. They hold hands and look at each other sweetly. She points at the food. It is your favourite. He complement`s her on the idea. She gets excited when she notices chaak. Let’s make utensils from mud too. He is reluctant but she convinces him. They start making a pot together. He puts some mud on her nose when she looks at him. She puts some on his cheeks. He rubs his cheeks on her and rubs it over her. They share an eye lock. The pot is ready. She says our love is like this wet sand too. It will turn into a new shape now and will become solid. It will stay with us as a memento of our love. He hugs her.

Prakashi tells Nandini that she fell in Molkki’s words. I thought you are smart and well educated but you fell right into her trap. I thought you would know who’s good and who’s bad but you are innocent just like your mother. I dint expect it from you. There is still time. Nandini tells her to change for good instead. I am not a small kid. I am a married woman. It isn’t Purvi but you who is trying to trap me in your sweet words. She may not be of any importance to you but she is no less than an angel for me. Aarav and I are together only because of her. Baba and my relation has improved only because of her today. Don’t try to instigate me against Purvi ever again or you will see the worst of me. She leaves. Prakashi wonders what magic Molkki has cast on her that she has started talking in her language. She used to listen to me so easily earlier. Anjali notices Veer and Priyu coming in together and tells Prakashi to shift her focus. We will create a pawn if we don’t have one. I am up to something these days. That will destroy Mukhi and Molkki. Priyu smiles at Anjali. Prakashi smiles when she notices that.

The car has run out of diesel. He complains to Bawri as to where she has brought her. she steps out of the car. Come outside and enjoy the weather. Lightning strikes. He worries that she might fall ill but she tells him to enjoy the moment. We cannot go anywhere without diesel anyways. They takes him to a hut nearby on the wheelchair.

Anjali tells Priyu to win Veer asap. You must defeat. You know how cunning she is. She will otherwise become Choti Mukhiyayin. Trap Veer asap. Priyu wonders how it can happen. Anjali suggests that there are only a few servants in the house. I will send them outside as well. You can attract Veer then. How and when depends on you! You are beautiful and Veer has fallen for you already. You got a chance. You should know how to make use of it. She leaves.

Purvi gets drenched in the rain. He warns her that she might fall ill but she pays no heed to him. She starts sneezing. He tells her to come but she is reluctant. Virender lights fire inside. He has removed his kurta. He asks Purvi to come out. She comes there wearing his kurta. Virender smiles. They share some cute moments. Virender is about to kiss her when a shot is fired. He tells her to change immediately. We must run asap. She changes her clothes. Chaudhary’s men come inside the hut but Purvi takes Virender from the other side. 2 dogs are chasing Purvi and Virender as well. Purvi increases her speed.

Precap: Chaudhary tells his men to find Virender and Purvi. Purvi says Chaudhary is behind them, they must run. Chaudhary sees them and fires a bullet. The bullet hits Virender. Purvi is shocked. She cries for help.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. why is the comments section empty? did everyone watched the ep on tv or people have left the show ?

  2. The episode is okay.I think both actors playing in the scene purvi doesn’t seem feel comfortable with romantic scenes.I don’t think she should be given them if she feeling uncomfortable with virender been to close.Purvi is young and I don’t think the makers should give her scenes that are romantic

  3. Well
    If this drama does not have romantic moments tween the leads…. it will be boring
    My impression ….Purvi is made to feel uncomfortable bcos she had never been close to any other males other than Mukhi ji
    It’s good to see that the makers have managed to make us feel that she is reluctant to take her relationship with Mukhi ji to the next level till she is ready
    Anyway every time … they are in a romantic mood someone comes along to disturb the scenario
    This shows that makers are making sure this pair has enough time to romance each other before they commit

    1. Totally agreed with you..they still keep their tradition romance to go to the next level of their relationship..

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