Molkki 29th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Virender disrespects Purvi in the party

Molkki 29th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi asks Virender if he likes the cake made by him. Virender throws the cake angrily and lashes out at her. Everyone is stunned to see his reaction. Virender asks Purvi what she thinks of herself. How dare you? This jewelry and dress belong to Sakshi. No one has permission to even go in her room. How could you touch or wear them? They belong to Sakshi! Juhi tells Manas they should tell the truth to Baba but Anjali tells her to keep her mouth shut. Your Baba wont spare you two otherwise. His anger will double when he will find out who was responsible for setting fire to Sakshi’s photo. Should I tell him? Juhi shakes her head. Flashback shows Anjali tempting Manas with a chocolate and finding out how he and Juhi had a change of heart towards Purvi. She lies to Manas that she will keep his secret safe. Flashback ends. Anjali tells Juhi she kept her secret a secret. Your Baba will punish you badly if he will find out the truth. Juhi nods sadly.

Virender asks Purvi how she got hold of all this when no one is even allowed to go to Sakshi’s room. Purvi decides not to tell about Juhi or Manas as their bond has become a little better just now. Telling him the truth will only distance them further. Anjali lies that she saw Purvi going to Sakshi’s room. I thought you allowed her to go there as she is your wife. Purvi denies. Why are you lying? Anjali tells her not to lie so much. She also points at the keys around Purvi’s waist. That says enough. Virender recognizes it to be the key to Sakshi’s room. This key remains in my room and you stay there now. You stole the keys and all this stuff! Come out with the truth. Purvi requests him not to call her a thief. It was Anjali Bhabhi who gave me those keys. Anjali feigns. She would have thought that she is the Mukhiyayin now and wore all that to the party. She is blaming me when you confronted her. She turns to Purvi. You shouldn’t stoop so low. You stole all this but you are blaming me when you got caught! Purvi shakes her head. She is lying. Why will I steal all this? Virender says it is because you want to become Sakshi. You want to take her place. That can never happen. This is theft only. I will not accept it and I wont forgive the one who will steal Sakshi’s stuff. Remove all the jewelry right away! Mama tries to stop him but Virender warns him to stay out of this matter today. She has made this mistake in front of everyone so she should pay for it in front of everyone as well. He tells Purvi to remove the jewelry. Purvi cries as she removes the jewelry one by one and gives to Virender. Molkki song plays in the background. Virender tells her to change her clothes asap as they belong to Sakshi too. Purvi runs upstairs. The kids head to their room as well and the guests leave. Anjali is content with how things have turned out for Purvi. Now that Molkki will understand she cannot become the queen of this house!

Purvi cries in her room thinking about Virender’s words. She removes the chain tied around her waist and also removes the dupatta. She thinks of all their past meetings and cries. Priyu comes to check on her sister. Purvi tells her she did not steal anything. I am not a thief. I was blamed falsely. I did so much for them. I have given them so much respect yet they blamed me falsely. They don’t consider me their DIL. I am just a Molkki for them. They can insult and disrespect a Molkki in front of anyone any time. they don’t respect a Molkki. They have bought the body, mind and soul of a Molkki using their money. I feel it would have been better if I had died instead. Priyu assures her she has faith in her. I know you are not lying. Truth will come out in open one day. Please stop crying. Purvi hugs her.

Jyoti complements her sister on her plan. Anjali says I knew that that Molkki wont take the name of the kids in front of anyone. That’s why I told the kids to give Sakshi’s clothes and belongings to her. Flashback shows Anjali getting an opportunity to get inside Sakshi’s room when it’s open. She finds Virender sleeping on the sofa. She steals Sakshi’s clothes and jewelry. Virender will blast when he will see someone else wearing his Sakshi’s clothes. Flashback ends. Jyoti calls her Kamini but changes her words. You are very cunning. It was a good idea. Another flashback shows Anjali giving the clothes and jewelry as a gift to the kids to give to Purvi. Tell her to wear this in the party. Don’t take my name or she might not wear it. The kids agree. Flashback ends.

Purvi has fallen asleep on the sofa. She wakes up when Virender enters in the room. He is still furious. I dint have control on God so he took away my Sakshi from me. I wont let any human being snatch Sakshi’s belongings from me! Only God can separate Mukhi from Sakshi after my death. Even God wont be able to do it before then. I will keep Sakshi’s belongings in front of everyone till then. I will see who will dare to even touch them! Even God wont be able to save that person from me. Purvi looks at him.

Precap: Purvi tells Virender that he might speak of giving respect to Molkki in society but he did not respect the Molkki in his house. That’s why you are killing an alive Purvi for a dead Sakshi! I will pay my value asap and get out of this Molkki respectfully. Virender tells her he is setting her free already. Purvi confronts Anjali. You wanted to show me in a bad light in front of everyone. Kids have told me everything. Virender will throw you out of this house if I will tell him the truth! She walks out of her room. Anjali vows to play another game with Purvi. Forget about this house, you wont be able to stay in Rewari now! She steals Sakshi’s necklace. Virender tells Purvi (in front of his family) that Sakshi’s necklace is missing. I kept it in the cupboard in front of you!

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  1. very touching episode. it is sad to see Virender treated Purvi very badly. Pruvi should have slapped him at his face! 🙂

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    Register You Are right she should have slap him in front of every one

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