Molkki 28th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Anjali lays a trap for Purvi

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Purvi reasons that he is their father. You will still be respected if you will help me. He glares at her. She says they will love you more. I don’t know how to operate that machine. Virender murmurs that it is oven. She nods. I don’t know how to use it. No one is at home or they would have helped me. He tells her to take help from servants. She does not want them to be deviated from their work. What if I get electric shock? She keeps murmuring about how awful Juhi will feel then. I wont force you. It’s on you. I was just saying that it would make Juhi very happy. He agrees to teach you once. I am not your teacher who will teach you every single thing. I don’t have much time. Hurry up. She smiles. Krur Singh!

Purvi watches Virender as he prepares the batter. She smiles as he has put flour on his face by mistake. He tries to clean it but puts more flour in the process. She wipes it for him using a napkin. He asks her if she is done. Shall we bake cake now? She nods. He holds her hand while telling her how to mix the batter. She is about to touch the plate without wearing gloves but he pulls her hands just in time. You will burn your hands! They share an eye lock. He guides her how it’s to be done. The cake will be ready in 45 minutes. You can then switch it off, wear the gloves and take out that pan. He goes outside.

Virender’s mother and Mama are done with the puja. Mama hopes Purvi would have put her plan into action as well. Virender’s mother says I am sure she is capable of making things happen. Let’s head home now. Vaibhav opens door for Priyu. Jyoti tells her FIL to sit with his wife. Yogi wonders if he is dreaming. She is really waiting for me? Jyoti nods. Yogi is sure there is something fishy here. Jyoti sits next to Vaibhav and smiles. It will be fun. Vaibhav says I hope we reach home very soon now.

Purvi takes out the cake from the oven. She starts icing it.

Jyoti inches closer to Vaibhav so he moves closer to Priyu. Vaibhav feels stuck. My game will be ruined if she will try to get so close to me in front of Priyu. Please save me. Priyu asks Vaibhav why he is coming so close. Do you want to sit on the seat or on the lap? He apologizes to her. Jyoti wont stop inching closer. Save me. Priyu asks the driver to stop the car for a second. Mama asks her what happened. Priyu makes an excuse and sits in the middle. Vaibhav says thank you to her. Priyu says now we will genuinely not realise when we will reach home.

Family members are pleasantly surprised to see the house fully decorated. Purvi asks them about the puja. Virender’s mother says everything was fine. Did you accomplish what you wanted to? Purvi nods. He helped me bake the cake. I am sure Juhi will be thrilled to know that her Baba has made the cake for her. Mama corrects her. It was done by her Baba and Ma. She turns to go to her room when Virender asks her if the cake is ready. Did you do icing as well? She nods. He says let’s see how it looks. They come to the kitchen. Purvi asks Virender if Juhi will like it. He nods. I call you Banwari but you are very smart. You got married to me stealthily but you are living your relations smartly. Kids tortured you but you accepted them with open arms. My family paid money to bring you home but your loving and caring nature has made them indebted to you. No Banwari can do it. You will pay your price and leave one day. I was wondering how we will repay your debts. You fought with Principal and me for the kids. You taught them and made them pass the exams. Your honesty, dedication and love towards this family have made me genuinely happy. I am very happy with you. Get the kids ready now. It’s time for party. She leaves.

The kids are waiting for Purvi in the corridor. We have a surprise for you. They take her to their room. Manas covers her eyes. Juhi tells rabbit to bring the surprise for elephant. Juhi speaks in rabbit voice. Purvi wonders what it could be. They show her a big box. Purvi opens the box and finds it filled with a beautiful dress and jewellery. What’s this? Juhi says it’s for you. I will be able to celebrate my birthday so grandly because of you. This is a thank you gift for you. Juhi hugs Purvi.

Anjali comes to Sakshi’s room. She picks up something from the drawer.

Juhi thanks Purvi for doing the preps for her birthday. Purvi shares that she dint do everything on her own. Babbar Sher helped me as well. The kids are surprised. Is it true? Purvi nods. Juhi says I cannot believe it. Thank you for telling me. She hugs Purvi again. Manas remarks that girls get emotional on everything.

Anjali looks at the key chain. She very smartly gives that key chain to Purvi to give to Virender’s mother. I am not even ready yet. Please bring it with you to the party. I will then give it to Ma. Purvi says this key looks very special. Anjali nods. Who else can keep it better than you? Wear it around your waist so neither of us will forget it. Get ready. Purvi heads to her room.

Everyone is downstairs in the party. Priyu and Vaibhav keep getting in each other’s way while stepping aside. Anjali and Jyoti observe it. Jyoti is not at all happy. Anjali tells her not to be disappointed. I have planned of something after which both these sisters will be out of the house. You will be in this family then. Jyoti smiles. Anjali says just wait and watch what will happen once Purvi comes downstairs.

Purvi wears the clothes and jewellery given by the kids. The kids have gifted me such a beautiful dress! A lady asks Virender about Purvi. Anjali says she takes time in getting ready. She will be here any minute. Juhi tells Manas that everyone is waiting for Purvi. Let’s bring her downstairs. They look at Purvi emotionally. Purvi asks Juhi how she is looking. Juhi says just like Ma. Purvi hugs them. She mentally thanks Juhi for calling her Ma. I promise to look after you and love you like your Ma till the time I am here. Bhuri looks at Purvi’s attire. Everyone is waiting downstairs for you. Purvi agrees to come asap. Purvi sends the kids downstairs. I will bring cake with me. She also wears the key chain around her wait as requested by Anjali.

The kids are excited to see Juhi’s cake. She tells kids about the 5 tier cake. Baba made it for me! Virender overhears her. She is so happy today. It is all because of that Banwari.

Purvi takes the cake outside. Anjali tells Jyoti to get ready for the blast. No one would have seen such an eventful party before! Anjali calls out for everyone’s attention. Mukhiyayin is here. Virender turns to look at Purvi. He catches glimpses of her and fumes.

Precap: Virender throws the cake angrily and confronts Purvi. All this jewellery belongs to Sakshi. Do you want to take her place? I can never forgive the ones who will try to take Sakshi’s stuff. Return it to me right away. Purvi is in tears.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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