Molkki 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Manas gets kidnapped

Molkki 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sapna picks the plate that she must give to Purvi. Virender keeps a note for Purvi in the plate by distracting Sapna to give him water. She leaves afterwards. Virender wonders where that note disappeared.

Everyone is dancing and celebrating mehendi ritual at the haveli. Virender heads to the address mentioned on the note. That person has been held in the house nearby. I must save that person at any cost!

Priyu and Sudha are applying mehendi on Purvi’s hand. Priyu says let me write jiju’s name. Purvi tells her to let it be. Priyu says it is a ritual. Sudha asks Purvi what the problem is. Purvi shares that Virender wants to write his name on his own. Sudha and Priyu tease her. Purvi says I cannot say no to him so I will wait for him. Prakashi and Anjali are unhappy but don’t show it. Sudha and Priyu continue teasing Purvi. Purvi tells them to apply mehendi.

Virender reaches the said location. The house is empty though. Flashback shows Bhuri finding that note in the kitchen when she bends down to pick a spoon. She shows it to Prakashi. Prakashi says she is becoming a pain for me. She tried to seek help today. Get her out of there before someone can help her. Anjali and Bhuri nod. Prakashi tells them to shift Sakshi. Anjali and Bhuri cover Sakshi’s mouth and face as soon as they reach the location. They take her from there. Flashback ends. Virender finds the other part of the newspaper and coal in the house. It is positive that someone sent the note from here only. Who is it?

Purvi wonders where Virender is. She is hungry so she picks the plate. She finds Virender’s note in the plate. He has asked her to come on the terrace so he can write his name on her hand. Purvi runs upstairs excitedly. She stops for a few seconds to catch her breath before meeting Virender. He smiles as soon as he sees her. They share an eye lock. Virender asks her what she was saying. Can I do now? She walks away feeling shy. No, after marriage. He teases her. I was speaking about apply mehendi. Who does that after marriage? Purvi gets confused. I was thinking something else. Virender asks her what she was thinking. Tell me. She denies. He walks towards her while she retreats. I was saying that. He keeps teasing her to speak her mind. What were you thinking? She reaches a wall. Virender moves a strand aside. Tell me what you were thinking. She agrees to tell him but pushes him using her elbows. Why weren’t you there in the function? He says the same thing. You should have come upstairs as soon as you got the note. She reasons that she got it just now. I wont know about the note in the plate anyways. I came running here the moment I found it. He shushes her. I ask one question and you give me 100 answers. You are a machine. Bawari! She smiles. Virender writes his initial on her finger. Purvi gets emotional. Virender asks her why she is crying now. Purvi says I cannot believe it. I feel as if this is a dream. This should not break though. I am very afraid. He hugs her. Do you believe it now? This is not a dream. This is our reality. Feel it through the hug if you cannot feel it through your heart. He wipes her tears, cups her face and kisses her on her forehead.

Prakashi pins Sakshi to a wall. I warned you but you wont listen. I told you to stay quiet. You tried to act smart the moment we stopped your injections and medicines. I can teach you a lesson anytime. Sakshi says I dint say anything to anyone. Prakashi tells her to remain in the cage that she has chosen for her. You can shout for help but no one will help you. Bhuri covers her mouth again.

Anjali tells Prakashi they will be doomed if Molkki becomes Virender’s wife. Prakashi says we dint let Virender’s real wife be his. How can Molkki be his wife then? I have thought of something because of which the wedding wont happen and we will win.

Juhi asks Purvi why she is so quiet. Purvi says I am feeling the butterfly effect. I am getting married to Kroor Singh. Kids laugh. Manas and Juhi ask her why the groom wont come on a horse with the Baraat. Purvi says I am getting married to him only. All of us are here so the Baraat is not needed. Virender happens to pass from there and stops to hear Purvi. Purvi tells the kids that she always dreamt that her husband will come to her home with Baraat but it cannot happen here. I am glad that Mukhi ji and I are getting married. I will become his wife. It makes me very happy. Manas and Juhi say we are very happy if you are happy. Purvi asks them to eat apple.

Bhuri steals Manas’s shoes stealthily. Later, Manas complains to his sister that he cannot find his shoes anywhere. Virender comes there. Manas shouts that he wants his shoes. Virender asks them what happened. Juhi shares that Manas had kept his shoes here only but they cannot be found. Virender tells Manas to be quiet. Prakashi comes there. You have been shouting so much! Tell me what you need. Virender tells Prakashi that Manas cannot find his shoes. Prakashi tells Manas to go to market with Bhuri. Help him find the shoes of his choice. Bhuri agrees. She smirks at Prakashi. Manas says bye to his Baba and Juhi as he leaves with Bhuri.

Virender is all set for the wedding. Juhi is excited about going inside but Virender tells her to wait. The Baraat will come in some time. Mama ji asks him what he is saying. Bride and groom are in the same house. What will we do with the Baraat? Virender shares Purvi’s wish with them. We will go outside the haveli and come back inside with Baraat. Mama ji likes the idea. Prakashi seconds him. You will dance in the front. Mama ji nods. Virender asks about Manas. Prakashi says I will call Bhuri. She will bring him to the wedding. The mahurat for wedding is after 6 months from today. Do you want to wait? He shakes his head.

Bhuri asks Manas if he liked his shoes. Manas nods and thanks her. They are still in the market. Manas asks Bhuri to buy him the laser light. She reasons that they only came to buy shoes. He refuses to leave without it. She reminds him of the wedding but he stays put. She buys it for him.

Purvi is getting ready for the wedding with Sudha’s help.

Someone calls Bhuri. I am nearby. Let’s execute the plan soon. She agrees. She lets go of Manas’s hand. He does not notice it and starts walking on his own. Bhuri hides. Manas looks back for her. Where are you, Bhuri aunty? I am feeling scared. 2 guys come from behind and abduct him. He shouts for help. Bhuri calls Prakashi. The work is done.

Precap: Virender and Purvi exchange the garlands and sit for marriage. Priyu does their gathbandhan. They stand up for the pheras. Sakshi comes there walking. Anjali and Prakashi have a cunning smile. Juhi sees Sakshi and says “maa”. Virender turns and is shocked to see Sakshi. Juhi tells Manas that he wanted to know who their real mother is, right? She points at Sakshi and says she’s the one. Juhi runs to Sakshi and hugs her. Sakshi also gets emotional. Purvi stands in a shock!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Omg poor Manas😶 but PurVir moments were lovely. I have a feeling Sakshi will make Purvi and Viren’s relationship stronger, why kidnap Manas tho? I am guessing this is before the real wedding on the beach? Seems interesting, excited for next. 😍

  2. And they put such a precap till the next week!! I’m going to die out of curiosity!!! 😭😭😭 what will happen to my PurVir??? 😭😭😭 what will happen to my PurVir??? 😭😭😭 what will happen to my PurVir??? 😭😭😭 what will happen to my PurVir??? 😭😭😭 what will happen to my PurVir??? what will happen to my PurVir??? This is all in my mind!! This is why I don’t like to watch dramas. Once you get hooked on it, it makes you go crazy 😑😑😑

    1. True that, this will definately drag on til Monday 🥺🥺 even I am addicted but whyyyyyy and I want to know what happens next 🥺

  3. I dont know why purvi did not recognise shakshi as virender’s wife even though earlier on in the story she has seen her picture. There’s even an episode where Juhi burnt the picture and Virender draw the portrait again with Purvi staying there to help him.
    Chai i’m confused

    1. Anjali Sharma

      Honestly she looked nothing like her portrait 😂😂😂😂

    2. That’s true!! 🤣 his sister looked more like the portrait. I was expecting too see someone similar as Sakshi but turned out to be so different. Maybe the makers had someone else in their mind at first as Sakshi

  4. Bhavani Thillai

    Truly I’m beginning to get fed up with the writers. Looks like they are having amnesia. A LOT & I mean a LOT of loose ends!!!
    Many unanswered questions!!!
    Not making sense, outright ridiculous, not what happens in an average Indian family 🤦‍♀️
    And next I believe that we will go in for a 10 year lap!!!
    Honestly I’m starting to loose interest
    No other subplot to keep this serial going

  5. Your are right, Bhavani Thillai, that this serial is going from sublime to ridiculous. None of the present villains get punished. If Ekta Kapoor has any sense she should change her writers. I rather read Poojas update than watch the serial episodes now.

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