Molkki 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Renu joins hands with Sakshi

Molkki 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Next morning, Purvi’s mother requests Purvi to get her Baba out of jail. Purvi is taken aback. You know I wont do it as mukhi ji punished Baba upon my askance. You know what Baba has done tp Renu Didi. Why do you want to save him after all this? Her mother tells her that her brother’s life is in danger. She shows the video to Purvi. Purvi looks at her mother in shock. Her mother tells her to get him out of jail so as to save her brother. Purvi asks her who is behind it. Her mother lies that it is her husband. Purvi says I am ashamed to even call him Baba. Don’t cry. I will bail him out. Her mother nods.

Purvi’s Baba gets bail. He tells Purvi she had to come to get him out of here. Purvi says you dint leave any other option. Get out of my life and never come back! Don’t harm my brother or you will see the worst of me! Her Baba laughs heartily. Sakshi is watching them from her car. You fell in my trap finally. Your Baba got out of jail and you will get out of the haveli now. Your countdown has begun!

Purvi’s Baba enters haveli and calls out to his wife. Virender tells him to be quiet. How did you get out of jail and how are you here? He replies that he hasn’t come here to meet Virender. I have come to take my wife. Renu, Purvi and her mother come there. Prakashi, Anjali and Sakshi watch the drama from upstairs. He asks his wife to come. We wont stay here for another second. Purvi tells him that her mother wont go anywhere. You will go on your own. He challenges her and holds his wife’s hand. Purvi tells him to stop but her mother tells her to let her go with her husband.

Virender asks Purvi’s father who bailed him. How did you get out of jail? Sakshi smiles. This is what I had been waiting for. It would be fun. Purvi’s father tells Virender to ask his wife. He walks out with his wife. Virender asks Purvi why she got her father out of jail. Purvi admits that she is the one who got him out on bail. Renu leaves and so does Virender. Sakshi smirks.

Sakshi notices Renu sitting quietly and sits next to her. I am feeling very bad for you. Your Bhai ji supported Purvi who did wrong to you. She did drama and sent her father to jail but then got him out of jail too! The sooner you get away from such a sly person, the better!

Virender tells Purvi he is not happy with what she did today. You wanted your Baba to be punished. You got him out of jail even after what he has done to Renu. She tells him that she had no other option. Baba had kidnapped my younger brother. Virender is stunned. Purvi says I got him out of jail so he wont kill my brother. She shows the video to him. Virender cannot believe that he can stoop so low. Purvi says I wanted him to be punished for his misdeeds but I had no other option to save him. Please forgive me. He hugs her. Don’t worry. Situations turn out to be something else sometimes. You have told me everything. I will manage things and Renu if needed.

Sakshi continues to badmouth Purvi. She has fooled you by supporting you in front of everyone. She has backstabbed you by bailing her Baba stealthily. Renu agrees. She is supporting the one who has ruined my life. I will teach her a lesson. I wont trust her at all now! I will convince Bhai ji to throw her out the haveli. It is not just her father but Purvi too who has ruined my life! I cannot live under the same roof with a cheater like her! Now Bhai ji must decide. Only one of us will stay in this haveli now! Sakshi calls her naive. He wont throw Molkki out of haveli upon your askance. He has become blind in her love. Renu insists that she will tell him to choose between her and Purvi. Sakshi tells her to give it a shot if she wants but your Bhai ji can ask you to pack your bags and leaves. Renu calls her Sakshi Bhabhi as she holds her hand. Tell me what I should do. Sakshi advises her to be sly like Molkki. She waits for the right time to attack on her prey. You must do the same. Win her trust first and then stab her in the back. I know we cannot stoop this low but we must try! Start filling Mukhi ji’s ears against her by pretending to support her. he must throw her out for forever! Renu nods. You are right. It will be tit for tat now. Sakshi smiles. Now Renu will write the last chapter of Mukhi ji and Molkki’s story.

Next morning, kids, Sakshi and Renu are having breakfast. Kids are eager to take Renu out somewhere. Renu is not keen to go with Purvi. Purvi asks Renu to select a place. Renu leaves it on the kids. Purvi receives a call. She next tells the kids to go with Renu. I have to go to Sudha’s NGO for work. Kids agree and go to change. Renu is sure something is wrong as Purvi left in a rush. Sakshi says even I have a doubt. She neither took Sudha’s name nor of NGO. We must find out.

Virender asks Bawri to bring water. Renu walks in with water. He says you could have told a servant to bring it. She says I can do this much for my Bhai ji. I need some money. He tells her to take it from Bawri. She shares that she wont be happy asking for money time and again. You can give me a monthly allowance. Virender likes the idea. I will ask Purvi to give you monthly allowance then. Renu tells him that she is not at home since morning. Don’t know where she is but she hasn’t returned home till now. Purvi enters just then. Virender asks her where she was. She tells him that she went to Sudha’s NGO to help her. he nods. Give Renu monthly allowance. Purvi unlocks the safe. Renu is shocked to see the amount of cash in the safe. Purvi gives her money. Let us know if you need more money. Renu thanks her.

At night, Purvi checks on Virender. He is in deep sleep. She takes out a bag from the cupboard and opens the safe. She empties the safe and leaves with the bag. She gives the bag to someone. This is what you had asked for. Give them back to me soon before anyone finds out anything. The guy with his head covered with blanket nods. Purvi heads back inside.

Renu asks for more money from Virender. Virender tells her not to feel shy. Purvi brings tea for Virender who tells Purvi to give some money to Renu again. Purvi gets tensed. Mukhi ji will find out about the empty safe if I open it now.

Precap: Virender goes to open the safe box to get money to pay someone. Purvi tries to stop him. He opens it and asks where did money go? Later, Virender is in a market with Renu. Purvi is talking to a guy. A servant calls Sakshi and informs her about it. Virender passes by Purvi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. How long is this Tatpal aka Sakshi going to be in the series?? Becoming irritating to watch – Hope she will never get a positive role again – she has dug her own Path n will be stereotyped!! Looks like Prakashi n Anjali are just deco pieces- why are they still in the series?? MOLKKI is getting boring now – pls spice up with a different villain or bmvamp n kick out those 3 Witches!!!

    1. Completely agree Cammie.

      This show has lost all its substance.

      The story is damaged beyond repair. Better Molkki goes off air.

      This show has no potential. And this channel decided to end a show with a pot of potential for this one, sigh!


  2. I hope Anjalis husband is on her side to get rid of those villains…

  3. guys pls even if you find the hsow boring pls for the sake of trp watch it on tv or jsut keep your tv on at 10 on colors pls its highly important for the show pls

    1. Why? Afraid of the show going off air? That is exactly what it deserves.

      If the makers don’t have any new and meaningful content to show, then it is better for Molkki to end.

      We watch a show for pleasure and not for preventing it from going off air.

      Don’t beg people to watch!

      Anyhow, it has the second highest trp in its slot. Isn’t that right, Madam Malini? Why worry?

      Well maybe things appear brighter than they are, and the show is nearing its end.

    2. And if we don’t want to watch, why should we keep our tv on at 10?

      That is called power wastage.

      And we will neither harm the environment nor deplete our energy reserves for a stupid show, okay.

    3. And it response to your comment on the previous update:

      Well Sen, you have no right to stop anyone from sharing their opinions by calling them toxic.

      No one can be forced to love the show. If people want to criticise it then that is completely okay. They all have freedom of speech and expression!

      Why don’t you simply ignore such comments if you don’t like them?

      Is the show in such a desperate condition? If yes, then it surely deserves to end!

      And FYI, this is the comments section and not the praises section. So all kinds of opinion are welcome, okay!

    4. exactly @Bacii if all kinds of opinions are welcome so is mine
      and i don’t get it if people like you want the show to end and say that thats what it deserves, then why are even people reading the updates. and I was asking the fans of the show to watch it on tv not haters who want the show to end and criticize it. So directly speaking I was not talking to you. and if you watch a show for pleasure and please go watch other shows, those who are watching molkki you are simply discouraging them to watch it just because you yourself don’t like the show.
      and an opinion should be expressed politely, criticism should not be in bad words. and I don’t understand, if people don’t like what is being shown in the show, then why are they even watching or reading the updates. No matter what the track you people are always saying bad about the show. if you don’t like to watch it then quit it. but no you have to read the updates, keep up to date with the show, give yourselves reasons to hate it and then spread hatred for the show.
      and from your reply to the previous update, why don’t you guys ignore the show if you don’t like it? why wasting energy/charging of your phone or pc in reading the updates of such a stupid show ? why wasting time in commenting for such a stupid show? go comment and read the updates of the shows you find pleasure in.

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