Molkki 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender meets Purvi

Molkki 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender shows Purvi’s photo to Principal. Is it her? Principal nods. That’s Miss Dhwani! Virender is stunned. What games are you playing God? First I heard Bawri’s voice on Daksh’s phone and now his fiancé’s photo is same as Bawri. The woman I saw yesterday was someone else though. It wasn’t my Bawri. Who did the kids see then? Even Principal is calling Bawri Dhwani. I must go to Daksh’s house to find out whether this is Daksh’s Dhwani or my Bawri. I must find out everything. He thanks Principal and leaves.

Daksh tells Purvi this is why he wanted to tell Nani everything but she stopped him. Purvi tells him that it was the right thing to do. We had no other option. I wont be able to forgive myself if something happens to her after finding out the truth. We know the truth so things will be fine once she goes back to London. Where is she? Daksh shares that she is at the venue already. She is super excited. All the preps have been made. Purvi smiles. Chandni says it is the day to dance and enjoy.

Virender tells the driver to take him to Daksh’s house.

Daksh tells his sister to leave something for the ceremony. Chandni says I have prepared many songs for all occasions. My performances wont end. Daksh says our engagement’s mahurat will end if you wont stop now. Let’s go. Nani must be waiting. She gets her bag and they head to the engagement venue. Virender reaches there just then. Guard tells Virender that it is Daksh’s engagement with Dhwani today. Virender asks him about the venue but the guard has no clue. Virender wonders how to find out where it is happening.

Daksh, Purvi and Chandni reach the venue. Nani asks them if they liked the preps. Daksh says this is nothing in comparison to how you are looking. Daksh and Purvi hug her one by one. Nani tells Purvi she is going to be the DIL of Shekhawat family officially. She gives their family lehenga to Purvi. I want you to wear this tonight. Purvi nods and goes to get ready. She feels strange as she looks at the servant taking the lehenga upstairs. She experiences flashes from her past. What was happening? What did I see? Who are these people and what is all this?

Daksh receives Virender’s call. Virender says I came to your house but I found out that you aren’t here. Daksh nods. I thought you left for Rewari. How come you are in Delhi? Virender says I left something valuable behind so I came to take it. Daksh says there is another valuable thing that’s left behind. Virender asks him what he means. Daksh reminds him that he hasn’t met Dhwani till now. I try to introduce you to her but something goes wrong every time. Today is the right day though. We are getting engaged today. I will text you the address of the hotel. Please come and bless you. You will get to meet Dhwani this way too. Virender agrees and ends the call. You are right, Daksh. My Bawri is most valuable to me. If Dhwani turns out to be Bawri then I am coming to take my amanat back.

Purvi experiences more flashes while getting ready. Why do I feel as if this has happened before to me as well? I don’t understand whether its truth, lie or my illusion!

Chandni notices Virender in the hall and tells Nani she will also get engaged to her Chand today. Nani asks her to show her who he is. Chandni points at Virender. Nani looks at Chandni in shock. He is so smart and impressive. Does he like you too or is it just you? Chandni says some filmy dialogue. Nani gives up on her. Chandni imagines dancing with Virender again. She slips and Virender holds her hand. Be careful. She gets excited. I slip whenever I see you. Sorry about that. I knew that Chand cannot stay away from his Chandni for too long. They are made for each other after all. Virender tells her he is sun. You will get burnt if you try to come closer. He tells her he hasn’t come here to hear all this. Where are Daksh and Dhwani? She tells him that they will be here soon.

Daksh is mesmerised after seeing Purvi. She keeps talking to him but he is completely lost. She asks him where he is lost. He says in you. He corrects himself. You look so beautiful. She calls herself Nani’s classy DIL. Patakha, right? He corrects her. It is Dhamaka. Anyone who will see you today will fall for you! She thanks him. You look ok types too. Fix your hair if you want to look like a handsome hunk. She tries to set his hair and he tries to stop her. They fall on the sofa while fighting cutely. They share an eye lock. Purvi steps away. You know this is fake, right? Nani might believe it but we know the truth, right? We must never forget this truth. He thinks I understood but when will you understand that I love you. I wish this was real. She shakes him out of his reverie. He tells her he remembers it well. I am business tycoon. I wont date someone like you even if you insist. She hits him playfully. He receives Virender’s call and goes downstairs. Purvi notices her scarf on the same car as she looks outside the window. Is someone following me? I will find out today whose car this is and who is following me using my scarf!

Purvi comes downstairs and does not find anyone inside. She finds it weird that the windows are open. The owner will realise the consequence of leaving the car like this once it gets stolen. Anyways, he is a thief too who stole my scarf. She takes her scarf and is leaving when she notices Manas and Juhi’s photo on the front. They are the same kids whom I met in school today. Why is their photo here? The owner must be related to them. I wont spare the car thief once I find him.

Virender congratulates Daksh on the engagement. Where is your fiancé? Will she come in her engagement or will she disappear again? Daksh smiles. I wont let you go without meeting her today. Daksh introduces him to Nani. Nani asks him who he has been looking for since long. He lies to her but she is positive that he has been looking for someone desperately since long. Chandni joins them and says Chand must be looking for his Chandni. Nani tells her to let her talk. He has come here with another motive. Don’t say all this now. Virender goes aside to attend a call.

Virender is near the pool. Purvi is walking on the opposite side of the pool. He notices her reflection in the call but the water is not still. Purvi gets stuck within a curtain and her leg gets stuck in the wire on the floor. She slips in the pool. Virender jumps in to save her. He frees her feet first. Their lockets get tangled as she tries to hold onto him. Virender pulls her out of the pool safely. He begins to untangle his locket. Flashback of his first meeting with Purvi is shown. He looks up and is stunned to see Bawri. He touches her face in shock. She looks uncomfortable but experiences more flashes.

Precap: Daksh comes to Purvi and asks how did she fall in the pool? He thanks Virender for risking his life and saving Dhwani. He says that along with his business partner, he is now his family. Daksh and Purvi dance along with others. Purvi gets passed to Virender and she dances with him. Later, Virender goes to Purvi and asks how she can do this engagement. She asks what is he saying? He tells her to stop her drama and go with her otherwise he will carry her and take. He won’t let her marry anyone else. She is his and will remain his.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. omgg yesss
    plzzzz god make their love back
    virender gets hos barwi aayyayayyayayayayayay

  2. too good man I am watching all on tv

  3. Oh My God!!
    The episode was just amazing. From Mukhi’s desperation to meet Dhwani to his words he used for his Bawri saying as HIS AMAANAT to finally their face off. The entire episode was just amazing!! And the precap itself is a blast! Those who have watched it will agree with me. His expression, his dialogues which we all badly wanted to see and hear.
    Oh, how much I missed this possessive and jealous Mukhi. The one who can do anything and go to any extent for his bawri. I don’t know how these 24 hours will pass and when I will watch this bombastic episode.
    Super duper excited!!

  4. why they are dragging it…it is too slow

  5. Wait in the precap why will he ask purvi to go with him just like that? Or dose he have memory lost too🤔🤔🤔 I mean after all she went through he should not behave like this… I know some people will not agree with me but I too want purvi and virender together but not so easily he should know his mistake of not trusting her and then they can move on..

    1. Well said

  6. He does not know that she has lost her memory and that’s why he is behaving like this. He will probably realise that tmrw and will fight to get her back. I’m sure the kids will be help him as well. Well, the writer has written it to be slow but pace shd catch up soon as I’m guessing Mukhi will surely try n win her back by trying to make her remember. Let’s wait and see

  7. mukhi doesnt know that she has lost his memory. he regrets his actions but he is angry as he and the kids were grieving over her death and she is her marrying someone else. it is not his fault.

  8. Virender n purvi belong together.
    I am sorry I only want to see these 2 together
    Virender loves her like no one else. But when you really love someone … you have to go an extra mile to be with that person
    Without bawari … he will die a slow death bcos of the words uttered by him before she left was harsh
    He was always jealous bcos he is so insecure …for him his wife / family and villagers are important
    There are no friends of his
    No bad habits
    Virender needs to voo his lady love again and impress her ( bco purvi has lost her memories)
    It will be fun to see to what length will virender go to get his bawari back.
    It’s not gonna be easy bcos bawari is a fiesty bold girl
    She is not going to go to him without a fight. Her memories are so misty.
    I think manas n juhi will be helping out
    Their Lori song will make her remember

  9. I saw the precap episode on utube
    My virender pratap singh will never change
    Still threatening his bawari
    Telling her he is gonna carry her off
    She is his n will remain his always
    Always jumps the gun
    Always so emotional
    Always pagal where his bawari concerned
    Love him for it… he is like a fire cracker around her
    Bawari…. better learn how to deal with him… with lots love n care… baba sher will become a putty cat

    1. Selva,.what a beautiful written..thank you!!

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