Molkki 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini elopes with Aarav

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Purvi notices Virender restless. Are you not sleepy? Shall I sing lullaby for you? He is sceptical but says yes. She caresses his hair and sings lullaby for him. He closes his eyes. She gets up to go but he holds her hand. She asks him what happened. He says I cannot stop worrying about Nandini. Plus, I have a terrible headache. She decides to bring balm for him. He nods.

Nandini receives an incoming text / call and smiles. She writes a note and leaves the house stealthily holding a rucksack. Purvi misses seeing her in the corridor. Purvi is looking for balm when Nandini opens the main door. Purvi hears noise but does not see her. She peeks outside. Who would have opened the door at this hour?

Nandini steps out of the house. Aarav comes on a bike. Are you sure? She nods and leaves with him. Purvi does not see them. It might be a servant.

Next morning, Veer is running and notices a turban similar to Virender. He tries a few one. The shopkeeper puts one from the scratch.

Anjali Priyu and Sudha are in market too. Anjali asks Priyu to come with her. we have to buy veggies. Sudha leaves for NGO. She notices Veer in the turban and shows thumbs up to him. He calls it a pleasant surprise. Are you here to buy one too? She denies. I was on my way to NGO. This looks really good on you. You look just like Mukhi ji. He removes it. I was just trying. Sudha tells him to drape one. It really suits you. She makes the shopkeeper try him another. Shopkeeper complies. Sudha complements him again. Veer agrees to buy it for himself. I will buy one for you too. She points out that men wear it. He does not find it logical. Shirt, jeans are also worn by women these days. Leave the old traditions behind. He selects a colourful turban for her and shows her the mirror. You look very beautiful in it. It is human beings who have created these mental divides. This so called turban suits a woman so well. Priyu and Anjali notice them thus. Anjali tells Priyu Sudha is trying to win over Veer. She knows how to make use of an opportunity. Priyu asks her what she is saying. Anjali says I am talking about ruling Rewari. Priyu tells her to speak clearly. Anjali points out that Veer will be the successor of Mukhi ji. His wife will become the Mukhiyayini. Priyu nods. Anjali says you must have thought you will rule the house and live a luxurious life after marrying Vaibhav. It remained incomplete though. You have another chance now. Sudha has no chance in front of you. Veer likes you a lot. Why lose this chance? Don’t let go of this opportunity or Sudha will win! Fate does not knock on the door again and again. Use this chance to become Mukhiyayin. Priyu smiles.

Purvi comes to give breakfast to Nandini but she is not in her room. I checked entire house but she is not there. She finds Nandini’s note on the bed which mentions that she has left the house for forever. I am not a minor and I do have the right to make my own decisions! Don’t try to look for me. She drops the plate in shock. Why did she do this? What if Mukhi ji finds it? He will either lose his cool or break down!

Virender throws something angrily. This is what I was afraid of. Why couldn’t Nandini understand what Chaudhary and his son are up to? I must bring her back! He winces in pain as he tries to get up but she stops him. It is all because you were so stubborn. Think smartly now. She did it because you were being so stubborn. She is your daughter. Think well before doing anything. You must save her and your respect. He tells her not to blame him for everything. I dint do anything wrong. Purvi reasons that he mistreated and disrespected Chaudhary when he came home with an alliance. You broke Nandini’s heart. Please don’t do this. You are responsible for the step she has taken. He stays put. She would have regretted going to that house. Chaudhary hasn’t earned anything on his own. He has looted villagers. He backstabs people. Purvi agrees that it may be true but what’s Nandini’s mistake in this. She loves Aarav and he does not lack anything. Please let them marry. You don’t give priority to rivalry when it comes to love. It actually bridges that rivalry and enmity. I know how concerned you are for Nandini. Sooner or later, you must understand that she is not a minor anymore. She can love anyone. You cannot force her to love and un-love someone. Virender says I am Rewari’s Mukhiya. I dint let anyone’s life get spoiled till date. How can I let Chaudhary and hiss son spoil my daughter’s life? I wont let it happen!

Aarav tells Nandini to relax. You are in Chaudhary mansion now. No one, not even your Baba can do anything now. Things will happen just like you want. He gives the bridal dress to her. She asks him what it is. Chaudhary says we will get you two married today itself. She smiles in surprise. Is it true? They nod. Nandini says I thought you will never agree for our wedding after what happened. Chaudhary denies. Why punish our kids for the rivalry between the adults? We are Chaudhary’s, not Virender Pratap Singh. We wont let our kid be devoid of happiness. Happiness and rivalry are 2 different things. A parent can do anything for his kid’s sake. Chaudhary’s wife tells Nandini not to worry anymore. You are going to be our DIL. Chaudhary tells her to invite Virender for the wedding. Nandini asks him what the logic behind that invitation is. We know he wont come and neither will he let anyone else come. He will create a fuss if he will come. Let it be. Chaudhary says he is the father of the bride. This invitation is important. As far as I know him, he will surely come. He wont miss this chance.

Prakashi asks Veer about Nandini. I heard that she eloped last night. Will someone tell me what they are doing? Are we looking for her or are we going to be mere spectators? Veer asks Virender if he tried something. Purvi says we did our best but in vain. We even tried to call her but it is off. Priyu and I are going to look for her. Veer says even I tried her number but it is off. I will come along. Virender nods. Find her at any cost. He receives Chaudhary’s call just then. Purvi asks him to put it on speaker. It is about Nandini’s life. Virender puts it on speaker.

Chaudhary tells Virender Nandini is at his home. Virender warns him that he will kill him if anything happens to Nandini. Chaudhary tells him to lower his tone as his daughter eloped from the house in the middle of the night. Prakashi and Anjali smirk. Chaudhary says Nandini and Aarav will get married today itself. I am calling to invite you. Come with your family and bless them. Virender says you are not worthy to form ties with even the maids / servants of my house. Stop thinking about it. I wont let it happen. Just wait and watch what I do now. Chaudhary tells him to do as he pleases. It was my duty to invite you. Everything else is on you. Virender decides to call police. Purvi snatches the phone out of his hand but he tells her that he will go to any length to free Nandini from Chaudhary’s clutches. Purvi reasons that Nandini is 18+. She is sound enough to marry anyone she wants to. No court, law or police can stop her. It is her choice. We must focus on her happiness and make her realise that we are ok with this wedding. Please, Mukhi ji? Virender stays put. I wont let Nandini marry Aarav at any cost. He leaves.

Purvi wonders who she should support. Give me the strength to support what’s right, Kanha ji. Neither should Nandini’s life be ruined nor should Mukhi ji be hell bent upon ruining things. Please guide me Kanha ji.

Precap: Chaudhary’s men bring a wedding invitation to Virender. He tears it apart in anger saying he won’t let that marriage happen at any cost. Purvi goes to Nandini and Aarav and tell Nandini that Virender is very furious since he got wedding invitation. He won’t let marriage happen. At marriage venue, a bullet gets fired (by Virender or someone else).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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