Molkki 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Manas’s Happy Birthday!

Molkki 1st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi starts packing her stuff sadly. Sakshi’s words echo in her head. She breaks down as she thinks of Juhi, Manas and Virender. She thinks of how she almost got married to Virender and of Sakshi’s return.

Virender asks Sakshi how she can ask Bawri to leave the house for forever. You are doing this because she did the right thing by supporting Radhika? You are punishing her for making the right decision. You cannot do this! I cannot believe it that my Sakshi stopped so low to prove herself right. This isn’t my Sakshi. She says even my Mukhi ji cannot be like this. He tells her to speak clearly. She points out that a Molkki is brought in the house when a guy loses his wife and his kids are in need of a mother. It also happens when a wife is not able to bear children. I agree that you thought I was no more so you did Molkki Vivah. It wasn’t wrong but I am back now. Kids have a mother and you have your wife so we don’t need a Molkki now. He asks her if this is what she thinks of Molkki’s. You cannot just bring her and abandon her later as per your convenience. She is a human being too. They can feel too. Don’t you care about that? Is this what you think? Sakshi says I do respect her emotions that’s why I am saying that your Molkki is very young. You are being unjust to her by keeping her here. Think from Purvi’s perspective once. She too has a right to live her life respectfully. Don’t you think that she should marry a guy her age and spend her life with him? Don’t you think she deserves all the happiness that a girl deserves? Why should she spend her life as Molkki here? Why can she not marry? Why can’t she have her own kids? She is capable of all that. Purvi too has a right to have her family. I don’t want her to be kept away from those rights. She should not be kept here as a Molkki for no reason. Think about Juhi and Manas. I don’t want my kids to get stuck between the love of a Ma and a Molkki. I wont be able to tell them the difference between those 2. Do you want Manas to fall in a similar line in future? What are we teaching our kids by keeping Purvi here? I have thought well before making this decision. It will be right for everyone especially Purvi. Think with a calm head. You too will realise that my decision is right. We will commit a sin if we will keep her here as a Molkki. I am sure that you will support me in this decision and you will let Purvi go for her own good.

Juhi comes to Purvi’s room and ask her why sh is packing her clothes. Are you going somewhere? Purvi lies to her. they are old clothes so I thought to rearrange. Juhi says you are right. It is Manas’s birthday today. Let’s make preps for his birthday. Purvi’s smile disappears as she recalls Sakshi’s words. I cannot be a part of it as I promised Sakshi ji that I will leave today itself. Juhi pulls Purvi with her. Ma and Manas have made so many preps already. Let’s go now.

Manas is with Sakshi. Juhi brings Purvi just then. Manas tells Sakshi that he is very happy today as both she and haathi have to make arrangements for his birthday. Sakshi and Purvi look at each other. Manas says it will be the best birthday. Right, haathi? Purvi nods. Juhi takes Manas outside to show him his gift. Purvi tells Sakshi that she has packed her bags. I will leave soon. Juhi dragged me here so. Sakshi tells her not to go anywhere till the time the party is over. I cannot hurt kids so I got bus tickets for you for evening. She gives the ticket to Sakshi. Please stay till evening. Purvi nods and leaves. Prakashi has overheard everything and smirks. Anjali collides with her in the corridor later. Prakashi shares the good news with Anjali. We succeeded in our plan. Molkki will leave the house today! Anjali tells her she got late in sharing this news. I am the one who bought that ticket for Molkki and gave to Sakshi. We will finally get rid of her now! Prakashi says it is great news. Let that Molkki leave once. We will handle Sakshi too. We will be finally able to execute the plan that we couldn’t in the past 5 years. We will get everything in our name. Sakshi would not have imagined what will happen to her later. My dreams will be accomplished finally. Once Molkki leaves, I will take care of Sakshi too.

Virender is on the terrace and it is raining. He is in a fix. How to stop Bawri from leaving and how to make Sakshi understand? Purvi comes there with jewellery. He looks at Purvi in shock as she hands him the jewellery. You gave them to me with love and I want to return you with love before I leave. He holds her by her shoulders for a second in disbelief. You are not going anywhere. I cannot take this from you. What are you doing? She says Sakshi’s words have made me realise that she is not wrong. No wife can share her husband with anyone else. I would have done the same thing if I was in her place. She is not wrong. She has a big heart that she dint threw me out of the house. She is a Mukhiyayini yet she folded her hands in front of me. I cannot see her in pain anymore. I cannot bother her anymore. He asks her if she can only see Sakshi’s pain and problems. What about my pain? What’s my fault here? I dint do Molkki with you willingly and I dint even cheat Sakshi ever. Why am I being punished then? Can someone tell me why? Are my emotions and feelings worthless between what you two are feeling? I wont let you two do as you wish now. Understand it properly. You are not going anywhere. I wont let you leave either. Understand it. She steps back. Don’t exaggerate the matter now. It is best that I should leave. He requests her not to say so. Swear upon my love that you wont say so. She shocks him by making him swear upon her love. She keeps the jewellery on the table. Kids come to take haathi with them just then. Purvi goes with them. Virender looks at the stuff.

Kids bring Purvi to the kitchen. Manas asks Sakshi what she is doing. Sakshi says I am making cake for you just like I used to make for Juhi. Juhi nods. Delicious! Manas says you may not know but haathi makes amazing cakes too. I want a similar kind of cake that haathi had made for Juhi Didi on her birthday. He requests Purvi to make it. Purvi notices Sakshi’s expressions. I only tried to make a cake like you. Juhi was missing you on her birthday as you used to make it for her on every birthday. I just tried to replicate the cake by looking in internet. Juhi told me that you used to make amazing cakes for her. Juhi and Manas ask them to make the cake together. Sakshi says yes. The kids jump with joy. Manas tells haathi to make it the same size as Juhi Didi’s. Juhi says it will be smaller. She teases Manas by saying that he is adopted. They chase each other around the kitchen. Sakshi and Purvi smile. They starts making the cake together.

Sakshi notices Purvi smiling as she watches the kids play. She calls out to Purvi to focus on the cake. They work together. Juhi whispers something in Sakshi’s ears. She smiles. Purvi thinks that she is doing the right thing by going away from the kids. They are Sakshi ji’s kids after all. Manas follows Juhi’s style. Kids ask Purvi to feed them something sweet. Purvi feeds them. Sakshi looks on. Purvi is a really nice girl. She has given so much love to the kids and has looked after Mukhi ji too and I asked her to leave everything behind. I did the wrong thing. Don’t know what she will do or where she will go now. I am feeling bad but I am very helpless.

Purvi picks up Kanha ji’s idol. We were destined to stay here till today only. We will look after each other now. She keeps the idol in her bag. Sakshi brings clothes and money for her but Purvi politely declines the offer. I came here empty handed and that’s how I will leave the house. Sakshi requests her to forgive her. this isn’t easy for me either. You have done so much for me. You looked after the house, took care of the kids and even saved me. I want to protect you. This is nothing in front of what you have done for me! Please accept this. Purvi tells her that she hasn’t done any favour on her. You have treated me with love and respect. I have nothing against you. Don’t lose heart. You are doing everything for your kids, for your family. I would have done the same thing if I was in your place. Title track plays. Purvi says I don’t think I should take anything from this house with me. I would like to apologize once again if I have ever hurt you unintentionally. She touches Sakshi’s feet. Sakshi hugs her instead. Virender has been watching them from the door.

Precap: Purvi is about to walk out of the house, wondering if Virender won’t come to see her one last time. Just then Virender comes telling her to stop, she can’t go like that. Sakshi looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Episode was emotional 🥺🥺 I really hope mukhi stop her just in time and this Sakshi is very annoying but I understand her too. Apparently Purvi’s ex boyfriend will make an enter into the show soon so I am not sure if that means more twists but I hope PurVir will be together only

  2. What if this Sakshi is not the real Sakshi, put forward by anjali and prakashi to torment purvir. IDK why I feel like there will be some sort of plot twist. Because when sakshi was first introduced she looked really ill and her condition was terrible how come she already forgot all of that and looks healthy now, plus she didn’t even recognize prakashi, anajali and bhuri who used to torment her everyday.

  3. Hope so that mukhiji will stop purvi this time

  4. I hope also Virendar will stop Purvi to get out from haveli

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