Molkki 18th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender visits Delhi again

Molkki 18th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi tells Daksh she wont be able to do all this. My feet are paining. He tells her not to get caught by Nani. They both stay put. Purvi throws stuff at him. Chandni tells them to stop. We have to buy new clothes for Dhwani. Let’s go tomorrow. Daksh agrees. They will be of my choice. Chandni agrees but Purvi makes a face. He gets a call just then. Chandni tells Purvi about her dream last night. I saw that Mukhi in my dream. Purvi is curious to meet her dream guy. Chandni tells her to let her meet him first. He came to party last night as well but I couldn’t see him for long. He disappeared. Purvi advises her to call him over again. He couldn’t meet Daksh so this will be a good chance. Chandni loves the idea. Chandni interrupts Daksh’s call and tells him to ask Virender how he left the party without meeting you. Call him over. I must meet him. Daksh says let me complete the call. Purvi ends the call and tells him to invite him right away. Let’s see who has done magic on Chandni Di. Daksh readily agrees.

Daksh puts the call on speaker. Virender answers the call. Purvi hears his voice and becomes thoughtful. Daksh complains to him that he left the party without meeting him. Virender tells him that Manager told him he was busy. I saw people hovering over you and got an urgent call so I left. Daksh asks him to meet him soon. Virender agrees. I will be coming to Delhi again tomorrow to get my kids admitted in Delhi. I will meet you too. Daksh ends the call. Purvi finds his voice familiar. Chandni is mesmerized by Virender’s voice. Purvi seconds her.

Next morning, Sudha asks Veer to come with her to temple for puja as promised. He suggests her to go with a driver. I have some urgent work. She says we must do it together. What’s so important that you can’t come with me for the puja? Veer says I have to overlook work at Panchayat. I promised Baba before you.

Purvi asks Daksh if makeover is important. He nods. Nani will get scared to see you in this joker avatar. She ruffles his hair. He twists her hands. You enjoy ruffling my hair. It is my turn. Chandni puts an end to their scuffle. Let’s go for shopping. Daksh asks them to go ahead. I will finish my meeting and join you. Purvi glares at him but Chandni agrees. Purvi tickles him before leaving.

Purvi and Chandni are looking at the clothes.

Virender is speaking to Veer on call. A guy drives past him and splashes mud on his clothes. Driver suggests him to buy clothes from a nearby shop. Virender agrees as he has to go to school for Manas and Juhi’s admission.

Purvi goes to a corner to look at more options. Virender walks inside the same shop. Ek duje ke vaaste plays. They don’t see each other though. Chandni suggests buying something for Daksh too. Virender is browsing the kurtas. Purvi and Virender are nearby but don’t see each other. Purvi and Chandni go to different corner to find something for Daksh. Chandni calls out to Purvi aka Dhwani. Virender hears her voice and recognizes her. He runs to another corner to save himself but Chandni has caught a glimpse of him already. Purvi encourages her to meet her Chand. It seems like destiny. Chandni goes to look for Virender. Purvi tells her to make her meet her Chand as well. Chandni agrees.

Purvi picks up a kurta set for Daksh. He likes blue color so it will be best for him.

Virender goes inside a trial room. He decides to change asap and leave without getting caught by Chandni. Purvi is in the adjacent trial room. Purvi throws the kurta towards the boundary and rests her hand on the mirror. Virender touches the mirror as well and feels something strange. He realizes that he left the blue kurta outside only or he will be caught. He notices the kurta on the divider. The adjacent trial room is for girls. What will a girl do with it? He takes the kurta.

Purvi is not able to drape the saree. I will call Di for help. Purvi and Virender step out of the trial room at the same time. Purvi wonders where is the kurta that she had chosen for Daksh. She notices Virender walking away and calls out after him. Virender heads to the billing counter. Purvi goes after him. He pays the amount and begins to go when Purvi chases him. She is about to pat at his shoulder when Daksh holds her. She gets lost for a few seconds. He asks her what she is doing here. She begins to tell him about the blue kurta she had chosen for him. She experiences flashes from her past. He reminds her that she is her fiancé. Nani wont spare you if you speak about a guy in front of her. She tells him to sutup. He corrects her. She pronounces it correctly. I selected a kurta for you but he took it. Daksh says it might be in his fate. We will find another one. She asks him if she should laugh. He tells her to go ahead. Chandni joins them. Purvi asks her to help her in draping the saree. Chandni agrees. Daksh goes to find another blue kurta for himself.

Principal tells Virender they only have 2 seats available. You are lucky. We can accept your kids. Virender thanks him for solving his problem. My kids are quite naughty. I don’t know how they think of these tricks but please handle them well. principal assures him that they will be taken care of. They will be in safe hands here. Virender thanks him.

Virender calls Daksh and suggests meeting him. Daksh tells him that he is GK 1 with his fiancé. Virender tells him that he just left from there. Daksh asks him to come over. I will make you meet my fiancé too. Virender gets confused. Daksh tells him the meaning of fiancé. Virender agrees to come over.

Veer walks past Panchayat and goes to a house stealthily.

Virender has reached restaurant and calls Daksh. Daksh tells him he will be there in 5 minutes. You know how ladies are. They never get tired of shopping. Virender agrees to wait.

Virender is thinking about Purvi. She was so happy in Goa. She would have enjoyed here as well. she wont come in front of me ever again. What can I do when God dint want us to be together? Daksh reaches restaurant and apologizes to Virender for making him wait. Let me introduce you to my someone special. He steps aside. Virender’s eyes widen in shock as he looks at the girl (Chandni).

Precap: Daksh asks Virender if he loves someone. Tell us something about your life. Purvi calls Daksh. He isn’t around so Virender puts the phone on speaker and is stunned to hear Purvi’s voice. He says Bawri in shock. Purvi may or may not have heard him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Still confused, but I like her attitude..when are they gonna meet?? Ekta serials is usually famous for dragging but I am only reading updates nowadays. Thank you Pooja for the detailed update ♥️ You always make me understand what happens in the show before deciding if I should watch it or not ❤️

    1. why are fans like this ? show pasand bhi hai and tv pe bhi nahi dekhna. then they protest when the show goes off air. please watch on tv for the sake of trp

  2. Thank you Pooja for the written ..
    Am so am excited and cant wait for V and P 1st meeting..everyday cant wait to watch Molkki..

  3. I wish if they meet and once Purvi has regain her memory back, she wont go back to the same situation as Virender’s Molkki. She will only get love but when it comes to real relationship with him and his children, she is not in the picture. She is just someone to stare, hug and tease ohhh and not to mention a peck on the cheek. No husband and wife relationship at all, she cannot interfere with his children life only to make meals, prepare for school etc. Again not to mention with those 2 demon (PD and A) who will always find a way to get her out of the house or ruin her. If that is the case, might as well she stay and live with Daksh and family where she is happy and at peace.

    I hope she will be stern enough to face Mukhi ji.

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