Molkki 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Prakashi threatens Purvi

Molkki 17th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satyam tells Virender he is worried about one thing. Renu has spent her entire life in luxuries. I am not capable of giving her any of that yet. Can we stay in haveli for some time if it is not a problem? Can I stay here with Renu to save her from her past? Renu tells Satyam he cannot stay in haveli as Ghar Jamai. I only want you by my side and nothing else. Satyam says I understand what youa re saying. We are just going to start our life. We will leave once I settle down. Please understand me. He turns to Virender. You know that I am a self-made man. What’s the point of not giving Renu ji the happiness she deserves? I will stay as a tenant. I can even pay rent. Virender tells him not to say so. This is your house. Stay as long as you want. Satyam and Renu hug Virender. Satyam mentally thanks Virender for letting him stay in the haveli. I will enjoy all the luxuries now. Only I know how much it will benefit me.

Renu takes Satyam to the car. He tells her that he isn’t used to travel in car and he cannot even afford it. You go ahead and I will come in auto. She denies. I will come with you in auto if you want but would it look nice if a new bride will go in auto. He pretends to give in. You know how to make me say yes to everything. Purvi, Sakshi and Virender come there. Sakshi tells the newlyweds that someone must accompany them as per the tradition. Purvi can come with you. Virender tells Sakshi she is right. You should go with them. Bawri will come with me. he takes Purvi in his car. Sakshi looks on. I thought that Mukhi ji will be mine once Purvi leaves but she has snatched him again the moment she came back.

There is a kalash at the door. Renu asks Virender why he is doing her grahpravesh. I am the daughter of this haveli. Virender says it is for Bawri. She was innocent yet she left the house. It is our duty to welcome her back with respect. Anjali and Yogi come there with puja thaal. Virender says Bawri saved Anjali and her baby. She will enter this haveli once again as the Mukhiyayin. Purvi steps forward. Sakshi looks at her pointedly as Anjali does Purvi’s aarti. Renu is miffed that Virender is more concerned for his Bawri than his sister. Purvi and Virender enter in the house together. Anjali gets tensed as Satyam enters in the house. Anjali is picking the rice pot when Prakashi comes there. Her hand is shaking. Prakashi pushes the pot and steps inside. Anjali shouts Ma and goes after her.

Sakshi comes to her room. She imagines her other self mocking her in the mirror. Did you lose again? Your Mukhi ji held that Molkki’s hand and brought her back here and you couldn’t do anything. Did you think that you will win him over again by dressing up for him? No, it does not matter to him. He only cares about Molkki as she makes him happy. Your time is over as Molkki has replaced you. Mukhi ji is smitten by her. you have no place in his heart. You have lost! Sakshi shouts. I haven’t lost! It cannot be! Mukhi ji is only mine!

Purvi tells Virender that Anjali Bhabhi told her about Satyam herself. Virender hugs her from behind. I don’t know why Anjali is blaming Satyam. She is someone who can never change. I know one thing though. Renu likes Satyam a lot. Purvi says Satyam can pretend to love Renu Didi. Virender says I have faith in him. He cannot do anything wrong. I will kill him if he even tries to do anything wrong! Forget about everyone. Your grahpravesh has happened again yet I can see no preps of our first night. She tells him it will never happen. I am upset with you. He asks her why. I did apologize. Why are you still upset? She says you will continue making mistakes and apologizing. He asks her how he can pacify her. She says I can bear anything but I cannot bear you not trusting me. Kids come there and hug Purvi. We missed you a lot. Purvi says I missed you too. Juhi asks her to promise them that she wont leave them ever again. Purvi tells them to ask Virender to promise them this. He troubles me again and again and I end up leaving house because of that. Manas moves her aside and asks Virender if he troubled haathi. Virender nods. They tell him to repeat haathi gainda khargosh 25 times without a pause. He accepts his punishment. They hear Anjali screaming for help. Purvi tells the kids to stay in the room. We will see what’s happening.

Prakashi holds Anjali by her throat and pins her to a pillar. I loved you so much yet you ended up becoming the reason why I got kicked out of this haveli! I wont spare you today. Virender and Yogi intervene. Prakashi tells Virender to leave her. I wont spare her. Virender reminds her if she wants to kill Anjali because she is pregnant. You tried to kill her, her baby, Bawri and her mother! Anjali has made your son happy. She has made this house a home. Why do you want to kill her? Prakashi says mistakes happen. Virender asks her if it is a mistake. Prakashi says it is a mistake. I have apologized to you numerous times. I made a mistake. I want this property and these luxuries. That’s how I have been made. What can I do? Come what may, I am still your mother. I have raised you and loved you like a mother. My Ma told me that I should leave this house only after my death. I am still alive! Take me out when I am dead! I admit that I made a mistake. How many times should I apologize? You are my son. I fold my hands and request you to forgive me. Virender tells her it is enough. Leave and let us live in peace. Prakashi wipes her tears. You want to break all the relations, right? Virender tells her to let them be. Prakashi agrees to leave. I will break all the relations but I wont spare this Molkki! Don’t come between us. If I lose my mind then you wont be able to imagine what I will do to her. Don’t remind me of any relations or beg me then. I wont spare her at any cost. I am going now but I will not spare her at any cost!

Renu finds Satyam scratching her name on his arm with a knife. Let go of this knife. What is this about? Satyam says you have started doubting my love and intention after what happened in the hospital. I was just trying to fix it. No one will be able to separate us now. Renu tells him that she trusts him completely. This was not required. She tears her dupatta and ties it on his wound. I trust you and your love fully. Don’t do this. They hug.

Virender says I don’t know what games God is playing with me. he first snatched my mother and then gave me a mother like her. She teaches her kids to do all the wrong things. She has taught me to do all that too. Purvi reminds him that he has taken many decisions from his heart too which is why people love and respect him. We all know what she has done. Your anger is justified and she has been punished as well but she has no one or nowhere else to go to. Where will she go now? I think we should bring her back to haveli if you don’t mind.

Precap: Sakshi mixes something in a glass and tells a maid to give it to Virender. Virender gets intoxicated after drinking it. He gets very romantic with Purvi (or he imagines). Later, Purvi comes to his room and gets shocked seeing Virender and Sakshi sleeping together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. really this revari is a hell to live in

  2. Keep dragging, very good.

  3. Becoming more nonsensical day by day – Come On Ekta Kapoor n Balaji Team – why are ALL YOUR HEROES so spineless n your Strong Heroine has to fight alone against so many Vsmps at the same time- Molkki n BAKH – BALH 2 in SONY??????

    1. Oh because it is time for the show to go off air but the channel is keen on dragging it. This was pretty much expected. Worthy shows need to see their end for the sake of this nonsensical show.

  4. #MolkkiToGoOffAir

  5. Baci whatever you saying your saying correct because I am also molkki and barrister Babu fan. I was molkki’s fan till it didn’t dragged the storyline and started moving in circle.So what I wanted to say was I am not saying that barrister Babu went off air because of molkki I am just saying that it molkki has to be replaced by some worthy show.
    TV shows I recommend to watch instead of molkki are-
    a) Nazar
    b) Anupama
    c) thoda sa Badal thoda sa Pani
    d) barrister Babu ​
    e)Nima denzongapa
    ​f) Namak Ishq Ka
    g) Ishq Mein Marjawa
    h) Pinjra khubsurti ka
    i) Kasam
    j) Yeh Hai Chahtein
    k) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    l) Sath nibhaanaa Sathiya

    1. Yay Shreya, completely agree with you. I can’t say about all of them, but sone of them are better than present Molkki.

  6. really both Sakshi and Mukhi are very shameless.How dare they do this at 40-45 age?

    1. They are all mad and they are going to make us mad too🤦🤦

    2. U make me laughing alot 🤣🤣…human only stop do that when they are can’t live….in any age they also can do it , no master how old they are . Hahaha u may only child or too young to understand that, how old are u ? 15 or 17 😂🤣🤭..

    3. You can see and encourage daughter and father age romance, but not 40 to 45 age romance its so funny.

  7. ok @Bacii what do u want. If u are saying molkki is off air. Then why are u still reading these or watching the show. Stop it. Its getting annoying. If u want to read it watch the show then don’t make these comments because some people really like this show.

    1. this Bacii has really lost it. she is just a BIG BB fan who wants the show to go offair bec bb went offair and she doesn’t even read the updates and keeps on saying the same things that the show is dragging and should go offair. and I heard Bacii said that this comments section is open for all types of opinions then why is she saying now that she doesn’t need character certificates?? Oh so she can herself badmouth about anything but can’t hear back!!! I used to watch bb but bb fandom made me hate the show to the core.

  8. Why do they always make people sleep together, fitst purvi and now…
    ugh stop dragging it

  9. Now I wonder if they can realllly show us Virendra and purvi’s romance imagination why don’t u give it to us in full swing when we are not in an imagination 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😆😆😄😄😃😀😅😭😭Just saying guys we waited thousands of episodes to see this.But going back to Virendra he really slept with Sakshi ,I can’t believe it happened .I thought when u sleep with someone a couple of times u know how they taste and romance so I thought Virendra would remember Sakshi’s taste and stop but I think two things happened 1.he was veeerry blinded by that young girl Purvi and second he never got intimate with anyone for the last couple of months hence thirsty as a man🤣😂😆😄🤣(no hard feelings guys .Just saying don’t abuse me ).and by the way I have read all ur comments I can’t believe some people can stoop so low to that extent to have a show removed.if it were to end now it would have ended by now .If u want it to end be patient it will end on its own ouk.But for now let us enjoy pliz let us be for now whether they drag,repeat or reshow let it be we will just watch.if insulted forgive .

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