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Arjun tells Purvi that he wants to marry her. If she says yes, then he will show the bullet in court and save Virender. If she refuses, then it will be impossible to save Virender. Now the choice is hers. Whether she will wear his name’s mangalsutra or she wants to see Virender getting executed. She pushes him in anger. She says, I knew you were mad, but I didn’t know you were so shameless and disgusting. How did you even think that I will marry you? I am already married and I love Virender a lot. He says that’s why I am giving you this offer to save Virender. I guarantee you that I will love you a lot. You will forget Mukhi and fall in love with me. Don’t forget that Arjun gets what he wants. I want you and I will have you. He comes closer to her. She slaps him this time. I was and will always be Virender’s. I will die, but will never be with someone else. He grabs her hand. I like it. I love women who look so beautiful in anger. She asks him to leave her. He drops her on a couch. You have 24 hours. If you say yes, then Mukhi will get saved. If you say no… why would you say no? You can give your life for Mukhi, so it’s not a big deal to give yourself for him. You decide whether you will be my bride or Mukhi’s widow. Now get out. She leaves.

Purvi cries and asks the God what kind of test is this. She can do anything to save Virender, but how she can marry Arjun. She asks the God to help her.

Next morning, Sakshi sees Purvi sleeping on the floor. She asks what are you doing here? Why are you crying? Did anyone tell you anything? Purvi says, Arjun is making us fools, he’s taking advantage of the situation. He didn’t take this case to save Virender. She tells her about his demands. She says, I always knew that person is not right. She asks her not to worry and they go to Arjun.

Arjun says, so you brought your elder sister to fix the marriage. He asks Sakshi how did you find your new jijati. Sakshi goes to slap him, but he blocks her hand and asks her to stay in her limits. He is not mandir’s bell that anyone can come and slap him. They both have seen results of them trying to be over smart. He shows the bullet and says this is the key that can take Virender out of jail. If that key doesn’t reach to the court, then Virender will definitely get executed. He tells Sakshi that she’s elder, more understanding, so make Purvi understand to marry him. They don’t have much time. If she marries him before court hearing, then Mukhi will survive, else he will be gone. He asks them to leave.

After coming out, Purvi asks Sakshi what will they do? Sakshi says there is only one way. We will have to steal the bullet from Arjun. Purvi asks how they will do that? They know Arjun. Sakshi says they will make impossible possible to save Virender. He has given till tomorrow morning to answer him. They will give him a strong answer. Purvi says fine. I will try to steal the bullet tonight. She then says she will go and meet Virender. Sakshi tells her to make sure Virender doesn’t find out about Arjun’s truth.

Purvi comes to meet Virender. He sees her upset and asks what’s the matter. She says nothing. He says, I know. You are upset for tomorrow’s court hearing. Don’t worry. Arjun is very smart. He and your Kanhaji will save me. Purvi thinks how to tell you what Arjun demanded to save you. He then gives her kids’ custody papers. She says what’s the need for this? I won’t let anything happen to you. He says, I fully trust you, but I don’t trust my fate. If anything happens, then what will happen with Juhi and Manas? I can’t take the chance. He feeds her.

Prurvi and Sakshi wake up in middle of the night. They come to Arjun’s room. Arjun is sleeping. They try to find the bullet. Arjun wakes up, but they hide under the bed. He goes to washroom. They see his bag and recall he had kept the bullet inside. They take the bullet. Arjun comes back and sleeps. Sakshi and Purvi manage to come out of room successfully.

Next morning, they wait for Arjun. Arjun comes and asks Purvi, your answer is a yes, right? She signs the guards to come out. She shows him the bullet and says, now I have all the proofs to save Virender. I stole the bullet from your bag last night. I will show the bullet and a guard’s pistol in court and tell the court that the bullet was fired from such piston, not from the gun that Arjun showed in the court. I will also prove that you changed proofs. Sakshi tells Arjun, you were trying to take advantage of our situation, now you will get punishment too. Purvi asks, what did you think that you will marry me? Never. Now I or this case don’t need you, so you better leave. He laughs. He says, what do you both think that I will lose the case because of a small bullet? Before celebrating, first check whether the bullet that you stole is real or fake. Purvi checks it and it turns out to be a fake bullet. He says, when you both came to my room, I was awake. In flashback, it’s shown that he changed the bullets. Arjun asks what did you think that I would keep such an important proof under my bed that anyone can come and steal it? The bullet is with me. It’s not in the house. I have hid it in the place that you can never imagine. He checks his watch and says it’s time for Virender’s execution. I had given you such a nice offer. If you had listened, then you would have stayed happy and Virender alive. Purvi looks on.

Precap: The opposition lawyer says that Virender’s lawyer hasn’t been able to present any solid proofs, hence, he asks the judge to declare his decision. The judge is about to declare the decision. Purvi gets worried. Later, Virender has returned home. He calls out Purvi. He gets shocked when Purvi comes there with garland on her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Oh, I think I get it… Maybeb this is Sakshi’s game… Maybe she is plotting with Arjun from the begining… She wants V and her children back…

  2. Maybe this is Anjali’s game I saw a feeling of hatred in her eyes when Purvi was trying to kick her out of house even Prakashi was not having that much hatred for Purvi at that moment.

  3. So stupid change the show to purvi biography🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Is there no other than purvi who always get to marry against her wishes. What’s happening to mankind she is married for god’s sake still men wanna married her😡so in India it’s okay for man to marry a married woman. Can finished the drama by not having a happy ending .
    Already stress with covid now the writer has covid in his brain so the story has no good ending .
    Just pissed

    1. hahaaha….it seems everybody’s brain got infected by covid….hahaha

    2. True the story line does not make sense…this is getting out of hand.just end the story already clearly u have lost your touch, I’m not longer even watching this I refuse to be made a fool perod🙄🙄🙄🙄

  4. Hopefully they are pretending to be married to safeguard the children and to find out who shot daksh
    Poor daksh…. my take is either sakshi or priyashi
    Becos for a lawyer arjun should be knowing that he can’t marry a married woman
    It’s illegal n against the law
    If it is true that they got married…. our script writers are taking their viewers for a fool
    Like eclipse said they are suffering covid of the brain….. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.
    Please yaar… don’t spoil the show
    V … please don’t get mad
    Think wisely to get your bawari back

    1. Hi Selva,

      Yeah Selva, i think this is fake marriage..just to find out who’s the killer.

      But am tired of seen Purvi have to married someone.. every man wants Purvi to be their bride.. Purvi is a hot bride in Rewari..:)

  5. Sakshi is playing a game. She is the one who fired the gun at Purvi in the hotel but unfortunately it hit Daksh. She wanted to clear her path to get mukhi and the kids.

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