Mohi 18th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohi 18th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi reading the pamphlet. Manohar asks why did she get lost seeing a small paper. She says nothing. He asks her to get tea for him and goes. She sees the pamphlet and cries. Aaji talks to Anusha and says she had good sleep, but she has taken her room. Rekha asks Anusha did she get good sleep in guest room. Anusha says yes. Rekha sees everyone having breakfast and asks Jhilmil to send her food to room. Aaji asks her to sit with her and have food. Rekha says she has much work than sharing gossip.

Aaji says eating together brings happiness. Rekha says fine, we really need it and joins them. Vinay gets a call and talks about mails. Aaji sees everyone busy on their phones. She tells them that hope is still there, as they all have heard her. She asks whats in the phone that they spend time with phones than family. She says eating together means talking to each other, not being lost in own world. She says she won’t let their links break, if they want her to sit with them, they have to switch off phones.

Anusha, Archana and Vinay keep the phones. Aaji tells Rekha that she said this to everyone. Rekha says I can’t digest food without using phone, sorry, I can’t follow your rules. I hope you don’t mind. Aaji says this was just an advice. Mohi thinks what to do. Kaki asks Manohar to eat medicines. He says I want to sleep for sometime. Kaki says fine, I will get time to arrange cupboard. They argue. Mohi hears them and goes to call from landline. Rekha talks to her friend and welcomes her.

She asks Jhilmil to get water and talks to her. The lady says she stayed in US and maintaining such standard is hard in India. Aaji gives water and it falls on the lady’s purse. The lady scolds Aaji thinking she is a maid. She tells Rekha that she will send any trained maid. Vinay comes there and looks on. He says enough, she is my mum, not any maid. He scolds the lady. The lady apologizes and says I did not know this. He says we speak to maid with manners. The lady says I had no intention to insult your mum, see her clothes, does she look Rekha’s mum in law? Anusha comes and asks will you decide humans by clothes?

The lady asks who is she. Rekha says she is my daughter Anusha. The lady says you may understand the difference between us and others. Anusha says no, you tell me. Aaji says leave it Anusha. Anusha says I really want to know. She says the difference is of thinking, we are educated and stay in big homes, wear good clothes, it does not mean we insult people.

She says villagers’ heart, mind and thinking are bigger than you. The lady asks Rekha to call anyone else to insult her. She says I did big mistake to come here. She angrily leaves.

Satyakam waits for Mohi’s call. Mohi calls on the number written in pamphlet. Satyakam sees the call and tells Deepak that his phone is ringing. He answers the call thinking Mohi is calling him. He says hello…. Mohi hears his voice and cries. He asks who are you, why are you not talking. She ends call. He says call ended, why to call if they don’t have to talk.

Rekha argues with Aaji and asks why did she get water. Aaji says Jhilmil went to market, so I got water. Rekha says I got insulted, what about it. Vinay asks Rekha to end this matter. Rekha asks Aaji did she do all this intentionally. Aaji asks why will I do this. Rekha says my friend will tell this to everyone out, you did this drama. Vinay shouts Rekha and asks her not to say a word about Maa. Rekha asks what will you, will you slap me, hit me…. Anusha cries seeing them fight.

Aaji asks Vinay not to fight because of her and stop it now. Rekha says I m sure Aaji hates me. Rekha and Vinay continue to argue even when Anusha asks them to stop it. Anusha cries and goes to her room. She recalls she used to see her parents fighting since her childhood.

Mohi burns the pamphlet and apologizes to Satyakam in her heart.

Update Credit to: Amena

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