Mohe Piya Milenge 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meghna is sitting is gloom, Meena asks her to bring coriander from market, she says you will feel better if you go out. Meghna goes out. She goes to PCO and calls Aadi, the number is out of coverage. She calls again but couldn’t contact. She runs here and there in market.

Madhvi calls Meena says should I bring something? Meena says i will manage everything. Suresh says ask her about meghna. Meena says She says i fine, she went out to buy coriander. Suresh takes the phone from her and says to meena why did you send her out? what if she runs. Meena says okay i am going to bring her back don’t worry. Suresh says go hurry up. Meena goes to market and looks for meghna. She comes back out and sees her sitting in a corner. Meena says where did you go? i couldn’t find you. Meghna starts crying, she says please i can wed this guy. I want to meet aadi once please. Meena says you know your dad, he wont sit calm if you meet him. This could harm his life. Meghan says I can’t live with him. Meena says you can’t marry him. Meghna says at least i thought you will help me but i was wrong.

aadi calls meghna’s number. Suresh has her phone, he sees the call and cancels. He says this guy shouldn’t reach meghna. He calls meena and asks where is meghna? Meena says she is your daughter not a prisoner. Don’t force her this much. What if she harms herself. Suresh says she is my daughter, i am worried for her. meena says you should treat her with humbleness, when you come here you should treat her and try to understand her.

Vijiya’s kids come and say we will wear these clothes when we go to see the girl. Archina says you want to go see the girl? Mayu? Mayu says no sawri said we should all go as well. Vijiya says this day is only different for aadi, you will go to school. Archina says only we elders will go. baba says i am not going as well. kids say how can we trust you? Maa says you don’t have anything to do there. she will come here and you will see her. The kids agree. Vijiya says go get ready for school. Baba says what will i do there? Maa says you mean you are not going? baba says you three women are going there. Dont forget to bring aadi. maa asks archina to call aadi and tell him that he has to come at 4.

Doorbell rings, Meena says meghna open the door, it must be your parents. Madhvi and suresh come in. Suresh says to meghna why are you not ready yet? Meena says there is a lot of time yet, she was helping in the kitchen. You should sit i will get her ready. Suresh says why are you quite? this is all for you better why don’t you understand. Madhvi says talk to her with love. Suresh says this is all because of your love, what if people got to know. Meghna everything should be same.

Meena says this is weird both are aadi. Madhvi says but this aadi is a lot better, meena says nothing matters in front of love. Sometimes there is everything but not love, sometimes there is love not no money. Everyone has a different fate. We don’t know what is written in her fate.

Meena says meghna why are yu not ready? Go and get ready. We will welcome them with happiness. Suresh comes and says you both are wise, this is baba ji’s pooja sari, make her wear it. Meghna don’t think anything weird.
Suresh and meena set the table. Meghna is in her room, she recalls beach time with aadi. Suresh asks meena what about tea and coffee? Meena says we shall ask them what they like and then make it. Suresh says the guy should say yes. Meena says she is so nice that he will have to say yes. Meena sneaks out from kitchen.

Aadi and his family arrive at the house. Meena opens the door. Meena welcomes them all in. Archina introduces them all to meena. Maa gives them flowers and says this is our ritual.
Meghna goes to PCO and calls aadi, but he doesn’t pick up.
Meena serves them with water. Meghna calls him again but he doesn’t pick up. Madhvi comes to meghna’s room and sees that she is not in the room, and the sari is on the bed.

Precap-suresh says what? she ran. She did what she wanted to. this is why i scold. now don’t sit here, go and serve the guests till then i will go and find her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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