Mohe Piya Milenge 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aadi desai says you are so simple this is why i gave green signal. What about you? She says what? he says no you can take your time. We didn’t order something. What would you like? Meghna says anything. He says They don’t have anything dish. She says you order whatever you like. He says no i wanna know you, so you have to order what you like. Meghna says okay, chocolate moose, Aadi says make it two.
Amit says how do you like meghna maa? She says she doesn’t look hungry like archana. they all laughs. Sitesh says they must be making each other eat right now as well.

Aadi says we all enjoy a lot. We say whatever we want to. Maa thinks we should always live laughing. I like moon nights. What about you? Suddenly tears roll down on Meghna’s cheek. He says why are you crying? did i say anything wrong? Meghna says no. He says you like moon nights as well? she says yes. He says ou choices are similar why are you crying then. Can i tell you something? she says yes go ahead. He says even when you are crying you are beautiful too. But i never saw how you look while smiling.

Suresh calls Meena and says where are you all? She says i am outside hotel. Suresh says why are they taking so long? meena says they must be knowing each other. Suresh says what if she tells him about her love. She says why are you so pessimist? she wont do any such thing.

Archana says to Sanjivni did you meet papa before wedding? She says there wasn’t any such things back then. archana says did you go on honeymoon? Maa says shut up. Vijiya says how was your first meeting?Maa says at that time, a lot of elders used to come. Vijiya says how did you recognize papa in a lot of people? Archana says she must have recognized in a moment. They all laugh.

Aadi says my brother amit he keep roaming around the world but his mind is always in the house. Because the house keeps us involved. Maa papa have always kept it this way. Papa maa are like friends. They never fight. They understand each other. So I thought there must be same kinda bond between us. Meghna is take aback. he says i know i can’t force you into it, but i happens naturally. Meghna says yes you are right. he says this is our first meet up and we have to decide if we want to marry each other. But i wanted to meet you like a friend. He says why are you so tensed? Meghna says nothing i am fine. He says you haven’t eaten anything. is there anything you want to say? You don’t know where to start from? tears slip down her eyes again. he says we need to understand each other. i really care for you. We have met to share what is in our hearts. Meghna says yes i want to say something. She says but first I want to ask why did you ask my choice when you called? He says we should always ask both the sides. This is the first time ever I am saying this to someone but yes, i really like you Meghna. We met outside your house near the car. Meghna says that was you? Aadi says what you mean? you don’t remember at all. you were late from university and you were rushing to your house. You tripped over and I held you. You took my heart in one moment and you don’t remember that moment at all. Meghna I want to ask what you think about me? Meghna recalls Suresh saying that there is no need to do MA neither to learn singing. just do an accountancy course, it gives you money. And money matters the most. Now finish your food. Meghna said i don’t want to eat, he forced her to eat and she threw up. Meghna suddenly starts coughing. Aadi stands up and gives her water. he says please calm down. She drinks the water. aadi says are you fine? she says yes. He says i think i forgot my mobile in car let me bring it.

Sitesh says papa we all called him but he never picked. baba says even if he picks he will say who sitesh? who amit? Maa says stop teasing him. Archana says but its fun. baba says but they have to take final decision. Maa says they have taken finally decision long ago. They met to praise each other today.

Aadi desai takes his phone out of the car. Meghna’s bf aadi comes and sits with her. he says what is it? and what are you doing here? and who was that guy? Meghan is shocked. She says aadi where were you? i called you, looked for you. papa has planned my wedding. she tells him everything. aadi says you are mine couldn’t you tell it to your dad? how can you come here with him? you like him more then me no? have you said yes? Meghna says no.. Aadi says i can see that in his eyes don’t lie to me. You have said yes. Meghna says no please. He says i am sure you have given your nod. Meghna closes her eyes and says no i have not said yes no no. Aadi desai comes and says whom are you talking to meghna? meghna is opens her eyes, her bf aad isn’t there. Aadi says whom were you saying no to? me?

Precap-suresh says if you tell desai about your relationship you wont ever see our face again. If you think you can tell him truth and you will get out of this, then its your mistake. Meghna goes back to aadi desai and says additya.. he says i like it when you call me by my name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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