Mohe Piya Milenge 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohe Piya Milenge 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meena says to meghna aadi is a nice guy. Meghna says when did i say he is not? He is really nice, But i can’t force myself to love him.
Aadi is in his room, he takes his phone and stares at meghna’s phone. Meghna stares at her phone as well. She switches it off. aadi calls meghna but finds that her phone is off.

Next morning, Meghna wakes up. meena says did you call aadi at night? She says my head hurt. Meena says did you call him when you wake up? Meghna says no. meena says these are the days when you get close to him. The do the pooja with suresh. Suresh says meghna came herself for pooja. This is because of aadi and his family. how are you now? Take this parsad. Meghna says i am better now. suresh says did you call aadi? She says no i was about to. Suresh says what is all this? you are married to him now. Don’t you know how to respect your husband. Where is your mind? Be respectful to your husband always. Meghna goes in her room. Suresh says to madhvi she gets mad. He says come here. He says to madhvi, I have to conceal for some days. Aadi will come here, what if anti corruption officers come? you have to handle everything here. Madhvi nods.

Aadi wakes up and calls meghna but her number is still off. He throws his phone aside.
satish is with neighbor kaka. Aadi comes out. kaka says did you sleep well? meghna is not here. satish says we must have missed her. aadi says i slept very well. Satish says you started talking like us? Ranay says i thought you must be missing her. satish says once he is used to of food made by her, he wont let her go.
Vijiya says amit said aadi is like papa while i said he is like you. Sanjivni says he is more like his grandma. Vijiya says i think they should spend more time together. Aadi is very patient with everything, sanjivni says he is very cool. i don’t know why God made him so humble and caring. He used to take blame of his pals on himself in school. sanjivni says he reminds me of his grandma. she was like this too, never mad, never angry. she gave me so much love. sanjivni says my mother in law is like that too. Vijiya says when aadi is into someone he would do anything for them. sanjivni says if he gets hurt, it wont be easy to handle him. vjiya says why would someone hurt him. He is so nice.

satish is sitting with everyone, he says 31st celebration will be great this time Amit says yeah keep it couple games. satish says but archu isn’t here. Amit says you can be with palav. Satish says this is not fair. Ranay says we should ask aadi to bring his wife. She will of course be the chief guest.
aadi is looking for his clothes in the room. He sees meghna’s bag. He takes out his guitar. sanjivni comes in and says are you bored with meghna? adi says its not like that. sanjivni says go meet her. aadi says i shouldn’t be that desperate. SAnjivni says okay don’t go then. Play the guitar. aadi says its string is broken, it wont play. sanjivni says the fix it. Aadi says i am trying. sanjivni says there is 31st December party. they want meghna to be here.

Precap-Meena says to meghna, aadi is here to bring you. Tell him that you will be ready in few minutes. Meghna says i don’t wanna go with him. I don’t wanna go there. aadi overhears it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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