MMZ-That’s how we happened series–Epilogue

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? Hope you guys would have guessed why I am here with an update that too epilogue of THWH… If not, let me tell you because this is the last update I am ever going to give on TU…
Happy reading…
Shot 9: Happy Ending.
After the sizzling kiss they shared Karthik and Sarah started dating each other and was so glad to see the progress of their relationship. Sarah knew he is the one for her but didn’t expect the love he has for her. She is treated like a Princess not only by him but by his family members too. The big family of Karthik which includes Arjun, Radhika, Neil, Sam, Anjali, Zaroon, Rivannah, Rahul and not to forget the kiddo batch of the family Shravan, Anushka, Ashr, Anuj (Rivannah and Rahul son), Dia, Goutham, Aham, Monica have become part of her life too. Who would have thought an orphan like her who completed her studies on scholarships has got such a beautiful and amazing family! She didn’t think about this let alone dream it.

Karthik says her that he is luckiest man to have got her as his life partner but in truth she is the one who is lucky to get him and his family as her family. She was married to him only hours before and was waiting for him in his, no, their room. Even though she is aware of the science that is behind intercourse between man and woman, she didn’t have a firsthand experience. Now she is going to give her body to her husband who owns her mind and soul from many months. That brought a blush to her already reddened cheeks and when she heard the door opening her nerves were on fire and her body was alert knowing what is going to happen next.

When Karthik made sure his wife is comfortable with him, he made love to her and showed how much he loves her in his actions. He knows she is innocent in all these matters, so was he. But the connection between them didn’t dampen the atmosphere instead added fuel to the already burning fire. That night is the union of two souls in the perfect manner. He always wanted a love story like his parents’ and he got it finally. Now he will show his wife how much he loves every day, every hour, every minute, every second and every goddamn moment. She is too precious to him to lose her like the way he almost lost his dignity once earlier. Banishing all the thoughts from the mind, he pulled her closer to his body and let his mind and body drift into beautiful dream like sleep.

Next day breakfast was prepared by Sarah and the breakfast has become a buffet for a population of a small village. All the people who are personally associated with Vincent’s are all present at the dining table and the Vincent’s took great pride in showing off their new addition to the family to the whole world. She, who is an orphan, she, who took all the tantrums of being a nerd, she, who became a ruthless lawyer just to show the world she is worth living in this world has become the pride of one of the well known families of the world.

This is how SHE happened.

And that is how THEY ALL happened.

Thank you so much for being so patient while reading this story. People who know me from the start would have known this is the first ever story I’ve written. And people who didn’t “yes guys, this is my first ever story and I’m ending it here. Hope you liked the epilogue.”
Well, well, well, if I leave it there like that, I’m not me, you see. I know many of my friends already gave their share of explanations rather their decisions. Now this is my explanation to the fortunate article which I got to read when one of my friends sent me the link because I’m not at all active on TU. I hardly get time to talk to my parents and reading stories posted on social platforms is a nightmare to me. Trust me when I say this, I didn’t finish reading stories from one of my favourite authors that is none other than Abha Di, you all know her by the name Gauri. So pray tell me, when I don’t get time to complete reading my favourites how can you expect me to go back and check the last 50 pages of this page just to see how many of my author friends have completed their story and how many didn’t?

They were all at the right place if they thought to discontinue the story and I am no one to interfere in their decisions but to give them support in their decisions just as they are doing with mine. And also when I said to “keep the fingers in good place and the consequences part”, you should have known this too before posting a comment that bashing people under any circumstances online is a crime and the ones who supported it will have to know the consequences too. I would have done so much if this would have gone in legal direction, but we (Me and my author friends) didn’t want people to lose their graces so I didn’t reply to this comment. Now you all may think me as rude and arrogant girl who has lots of attitude to shove the comments of her loyal readers on their faces. I don’t give a freaking damn if you think like that because I don’t take shit from people who insult me or my loved ones. And my other author friends are my loved ones. Any insult to them is an insult to me as well. So this leads me to write this hasty epilogue when I planned so much more for the remaining pairs of this series.

And also trust me when I say this I have been through the withdrawal symptoms which many of the SILENT readers are facing now, because I’m an eternal reader too. I used to check the page for like 100 times if there was any post on TU page like some 2 years ago. I was silent reader then, mind you, but I didn’t post an article shouting out like a banshee calling all the writers out and demanding updates. Maybe it is just me, and I will never tell anyone of you to compare yourselves to me because I’m not great girl whom you see on the front pages of every magazine. I’m a simple girl who takes pleasure in reading novels and writing few of my thoughts to a book. So sorry here, if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

I’m coming to the part where many are asking for the quick updates, right, I have to be a robot to scan all the contents of my head and convert them to text and post them before my readers get angry on me. There are many readers who are waiting from forever for me to finish this story as this story was started on June last year. But it was my mistake to start another story before I completed this. What can I do, I thought to give a story in the place of ‘That One Thing’, and it became my biggest mistake because THWH series got side tracked. And not to forget my most praised and prized story ‘Misconceptions’ was side tracked as well because of my studies. How rude of my studies and my assignments to do such a thing! I gave updates even when I was met with an accident, when I was on hospital bed suffering from a rare fever that could have taken my life and even now when I am suffering from deeper depression and my friends are taking turns day in, day out to make me feel good. I didn’t give regular updates because of these reasons. Even now I have exams in less than 72 hours and here I am typing all that came to mind because I don’t want anyone to think I will not complete my stories.

As now it came to the completion part, let me tell you no other story of mine will be updated on TU. Misconceptions and THWH series remaining chapters and shots will be exclusively available on Wattpad. There will no wastage of time in refreshing the page if my story is not on this platform, right? So to reduce the wastage of time of my readers whether that maybe silent or the regular commenter, I am going to send a request to take down every previous chapter of Misconceptions from TU. After 72 hours of publishing of this article, the request will be sent and I will make sure they take down the chapters as soon as possible after my mail.

Love you all guys who supported me when I thought I am no one to write stories or anything in that matter. Thank you so much TU for giving me the friends of my life who stood like rock when I am going through so much in my life. If I write more than this, I will be banished to dark world, so running from here and do take a very good care of your health dearies because it is the one that is so much important.

But hey, last but never the least, did anyone watch Bahubali? If yes, please share your views on the film. I would love to know your views on this shot and the movie too. *wink wink*

Sayonara and thank you for being part of the journey so far, its been wonderful.

  1. Kavina

    Loved it. Hope you are feeling better. Please tell me your wattpad

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Kavina, thank you so much dear but this is not the end, remaining shots will be published on Wattpad, hope I find you there as well.. Stay blessed.. 🙂

  2. Brin

    Awesome ending, can’t blame you for leaving TU, I will be waiting for misconceptions on wattpad, good luck on your exams. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Brin di, thank you so much, but this is not the end, I will publish remaining shots of this series on Wattpad. I will PM you once I publish. Thanks again, stay blessed. 🙂

  3. Awesome update…all the best for ur exams… n ya i watch Bahubali… just Outstanding… each n every part of movie was fabbb…one of the best movie…totally nailed it

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Riya, thank you so much. Thanks for the review of Bahubali too. I loved the movie too. Stay blessed. 🙂

  4. Rads

    It’s simply superb, I just loved this epilogue, not only this story is m enjoying ur other stories too. Love u lots ?

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Rads, thank you so much, glad to know you loved my other stories. I will not be posting any other story on TU but on Wattpad, hope I will find you there. Stay blessed and lots of love. 🙂

  5. all the best di. the story was too good

    1. Sweetie

      Thank you so much Chashu, glad to know you liked the story. Stay blessed. 🙂

  6. sweetie. chala badhaga undi..nuvvu kooda TU vadilestunnavante.. nijanga feel avutunna..kani nee stories nenu wattpad lo chaduvutanu..misconceptions already wattpad lo chadavanu..I dont want to miss u…epilogue bagundi..yes bahubali superb..chala bagundi..dont miss it.take care dear…

    1. Sweetie

      Hey maddy, thank you so much. Frankly speaking naku badhagane undhi TU vadhileyali ante. Kaani em jarigindho telsina vishayame kadha. anduke, TU lo post cheyatam ledhu.

      Plus this series doesn’t end here. Remaining shots will be published only on Wattpad. Hope to find you there and your support too.

      Bahubali nenu chusanu, yes it is superb.

      Stay blessed and lots of love. 🙂

  7. Jewel

    sweetieee, epilogue was superb…. bt u will continue this in wattpad na?? i really want to read aham and monica’s story, will u continue that in wattpad?? i will wait for ur stories…

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Jewel, thank you so much dear. Yes I will continue this series on Wattpad, because I intend to give perfect endings for my stories. And we do have Shravan and Kashmira to consider too. 😉 Aham and Monica will soon make their presence. I am busy as of now. Once I am free I will start typing both of my stories. Stay blessed and lots of love. 🙂

  8. Aana

    Awsm…epilogue Di.. Loved it .
    Di will u post misconception here ?? Do tell me plzz…
    Bcoz really waiting for misconception…
    Love ya??

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Aana, thank you so much dear. This is not the end of this series, the remaining shots will be posted on wattpad.

      So sorry to say but misconceptions will not be updated on TU. Am busy right now, will start typing once am free. If you can please join wattpad, I would love to see you there.

      Yes, I did watch Bahubali. I loved it too.

      Stay blessed and love you too. 🙂

    2. Aana

      Hey Di…actually I am on wattpad…but I don’t kn he to find ur stories …well u have same name there too??

  9. Aana

    And yes Di.. I watched bahubali….
    Its mind blowing for me.. And part 2 is super duper cool. I liked this more then 1…..and seriously prabhas was killing with his looks. …I love him now…..the graphics , animation everything was perfect… I truly enjoyed the film…end u kn I missed my schl that day to watch 1st day 1st show of it…

  10. Sweetie…my sweeeeeetu sissy. …the epilogue was really superbbbb. …THWH and MC are one of my favorites….the way you ended, it’s very heart melting, and I understand the reason behind it…….your good bye note is very heart touching, reasonable n remarkable. ……u wrote very beautifully….we got lifetime friends, besties here n I’m sure we will be together forever….aameen…summa aameen…. :* 🙂

    I always felt alone before, inspite having two sisters and my own family…..but having you all with me…my life changed drastically…..the way I was looking at this world n my life, my perception totally changed….you guys woke up my heart n mind….now I see a better future for me….These stories gave me new light and this friendship gave me strength n courage to fight for my rights and dreams….now I feel like I’m alive too…..n there are very beautiful ppl (from inside out) out there who love me n care for me….n I love and care for them and I can do anything for their happiness. …..

    Sweetie my lovely sissy. …I’m following every step of yours, praying for your health and exams, for your success n happiness. … not physically with u but spirituality n virtually I’m with you always……your Roma di is not very strong but for you all I can fight with this whole universe……u all r my strength….so come out of depression n give me your precious smile….which makes you incredibly beautiful. ….stay blessed n healthy alwaysssss my sweeeeeetheart darling sissyyyy. …I’ll meet u in watty soon…….muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hugssss. …♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ;* 😉 :*

  11. For movie Bahubali 2…haven’t watched it yet….but I heard it’s really really superbbbb. …I’m planning to watch this weekend. ..but looks like I have to work hard to get tickets for hindi version…..don’t know why they showed only Tamil and Telegu versions tickets only online when I checked yesterday……I hope I find it…otherwise my kids will kill me….lol….even myself will be very disappointed. …see u soooooooon….muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hugssss ♡♡♡ ;* 🙂

  12. Dipika

    Ohhhh my my.. Sweetheart u just nailed darling… Love making part is so divinely explain… The nervousness n all r like just real… Awsome Awsome… I m big fan of this series.. N m ao sad tht it got ended mmi still remember the way aradhika meets in hotel…their investigation on eacg othr n all.. Its so lovely.. You made it so real tht i felt thts how thy happened in real world.. U gave many good points how to tackle situations by law.. N how to investigate thw reality.. I m going to miss this terribly.. N abt movie i haven’t watched it.. But soon will. Watch n let u knq.. Love u lots ? ?

  13. Arti viswanathan

    Sweetie darling superb, excellent, nice, good, outstanding, fantastic, fabulous, mind-blowing episode. … I loved it to the core…. I liked all the scenes…… tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you ……

  14. Gianna

    One more writer gone, this reminds me of Agatha Christie’s book and then there was none. ???

    Thoroughly enjoyed Karthik and Sarah’s union, so finally they happened. Loved it. I’m not saying goodbye coz I’ll be stalking you in watty ?
    Just want you to know that I love you so much. ?????????????

  15. sweetie di, what do I say? okay, let’s start from the appreciation part,

    this one was Beautiful. Kartik and Sarah. they are wonderful. About how Sarah is happy that she has got such a nice family. her family is beautiful. but u know di, I already have that family. WITH YOU PEOPLE ON TU. doesn’t matter if there are a few f**kheads who throw in some bullshit every now and then. I don’t give them a damn.

    sorry spoiled the appreciation part. let’s move towards the complaining part, (I know appreciation part was small but di u know u don’t need me of all people to tell u how good u r. I don’t even comment regularly.)
    Haan, the complain part, this was so short. and it ended abruptly. Why? Why? WHY?
    don’t say just because of something idiotic u decided its abrupt ending. because I want to shout madly. I f**king hate how what those shit heads said could make us lose you. I hate it. u all have been headstrong since the very beginning di, so don’t let those idiots take u for granted. don’t let them win. we don’t write for those u can’t appreciate. we write for ourselves. for those u see and feel what we write. who understand how and with whom we fight. who know that we fight with our situations, circumstances and OURSELVES too.

    so di pls don’t leave your family because someone created a shitty drama.

    sorry I spammed this part too.

    sorry di but I still don’t like how u ended it so abruptly and shortly. I want more and more and more. honestly I remember a few scenes of the earlier shots of THWH. how Arjun and Radhika met at the hotel, I guess. and about Neil and Sam. and the ones with Dia and there were other too. I don’t remember the names but a few subplots from the story. about how a girl from the family, I don’t remember her name, was kidnapped and put into trafficking business and then suddenly returned home. I remember Arjun and Neil looking for the culprit who did it all for revenge.
    and Kartik and Sarah’s story is still fresh.

    But di the story which I have loved the most is Misconceptions. I love Arjun and Radhika’s Ms. Reporter and Mr. Politician banters. they are so cute.

    I love you di, I guess this one is the longest comment I have ever written for you. stupid me. but di, take care. stay happy. I said this to Sammy too, stay happy for yourself and your friends. me included. 😉

  16. Hi sweetie… I’m big fan of thwh series n misconception.. I’m gg to miss u… I can still remember all the cute nok jhok between mr Politician and ms reporter n I can remember abt how each of them happened in the above series… your amazing law insights n knowledge n how each lead stood by each other in all the difficult situations.. it’s so saddening to say goodbye.. I wish u all the best for ur future endeavours… take care

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