MMZ – Silently Falling For You !!! (Shot 1)

“I Love You Arjun. I love you so much but I can’t confess my feelings to you. I know that you don’t love me and you never felt like that for me. But still I love you and I will love you forever” tears rolling on her cheeks seeing the pictures in her mobile. Her fingers rubbing the image softly on the mobile screen and she wipes her tears and deleted all the pictures she has in her mobile just to wipe of all her memories connected with Arjun.

Her mobile beeps with a What’s app message and it is from Arjun. She reads it and ignored it. Immediately she gets a call from Arjun, she couldn’t control her emotions and attend the call where she hears her man’s manly voice.

“Radhika?” he sounded serious to her.

She replied in a low voice, “Tell me Arjun”

Arjun, “You have to tell me Radhika”

Radhika stammers, “What I need to tell?”

Arjun, “The reason for your ignorance. Why you are not replying for my message even after you read it. Any problem?”

Rads immediately refused, “No No ..No Arjun. No Problem. I was sleeping”

Arjun, “You are hiding something from me Radhika”

Rads closes her eyes tightly of controlling her tears but replied him, “Look Arjun, I can’t explain you everything what I am going through. I said I have no problem, then why you are doing all this interrogations? I am not in a mood to answer your questions. Please leave me alone” before she hears something from Arjun, she hanged the call without even knowing the impact of her actions.

All this was watching by her roommate Nivi, feels bad seeing her crying and hiding her tears. She goes to kitchen to prepare food for both them, but gets disturbed by the doorbell. She open the door and gets shocked seeing Arjun standing in front of her with full on angry mode. Before she reacts, he in a very serious tone, “I want to talk to Radhika”.

Nivi is friend of Radhika and because of her she got introduced to Arjun and now both Arjun and Nivi became good friends. Arjun always visit their flat and spend time with them before he goes to his home. Nivi try to stop him saying, “Arjun, she is not well. Leave her alone for some time”

Arjun angrily, “Better you don’t interefere Nivi. I want to talk to her now itself”

He walks to Radhika’s room angrily and slam the door. The door open with a heavy sound which makes Radhika jerk but more than that she gets shock seeing Arjun standing at the doorstep of her room starring her angrily.

Radhika stumble to stand up from her bed, before that Arjun came and pull her to him harshly and hold her hand tightly. Radhika gets hurt by his grip and asking him to leave her, “Arjun, you are hurting me, its paining. Please leave me”

Arjun loosen his grip seeing her tears but did not loose his hold on her and asks, “Then why you are hurting me?”

Rads, “What I did?”

Arjun, “Ask me what you did not do?”

Rads tries to move away from him but he still hold her hand of not leaving her wrist but asks her, “First answer my question and then go anywhere”

Rads, “What you want to Know Arjun?’

Arjun, “The reason for ignoring me”

Rads kept quiet hearing him but still tries to release from his grip. Now Arjun holds her tightly again saying, “You can’t go from me without answering my question”

Nivi watching all this shouts at Arjun, “Arjun, don’t you see she is getting hurt and doesn’t want to say anything. Then why are you keep on asking her”

Arjun raised his finger at Nivi, “Mind your words Nivi. I want to know the answer from her now”

Nivi also got angry seeing his stubborn, “Shut up Arjun. Don’t cross your limits. You want to know the answer right. Let me tell you the answer”

Rads stopped her saying, “Nivi, Please you don’t interfere on this”

Nivi did not even mind to listen Radhika and look at Arjun saying, “You are the Reason Arjun”

Rads pleads her, “Nivi Please”

Arjun is shocked listening Nivi and frees Radhika from his grip and goes to Nivi asking, “What are you saying?”

Nivi sighs looking at pleading Radhika but Arjun asks her, “Look at me Nivi. Tell me clearly”

Nivi look at his eyes straightly and said, “She is in love with you Arjun. She knows that you can’t love her back but still she does that…blindly…madly and deeply. And that’s the reason she is ignoring you”

Arjun gets his atmost shock in his life now hearing Radhika’s love for him. He looks at Radhika who stands silently having her head down with tears rolling on her cheeks.

Arjun walks to her calling, “Radhika”

Nivi stops him by holding his wrist, “Arjun, please don’t ask her anything now. Understand the situation Arjun, she needs some time alone. Please you just leave now. Will talk later”

Arjun wants to talk to Radhika but Nivi did not allow him at all and finally made him go out for now.

Nivi comes to Radhika to ask something but stops seeing her crying silently and goes from there leaving her alone.

Arjun reached his home, sit on the couch with a thud and reminisces his moments with Radhika, their first meet.

Flash Back 1: Ardhika’s First meet

It is a New year celebration world wide, the most lively and happening place is Marina Beach which is occupied by the youngsters with full of cheers and beers. Arjun who is roaming in the beach side road with his friends on the new year night to have the best celebration with his beloved friends.

He and his friends cheers them with hand full of beers and chasing each other playfully. Arjun who runs to chase one of his friend, find a guy standing alone with a sad face. He stops looking at him and goes to him asking, “Hey Bro, what happened? The whole world is happy today and you are looking sad. Any problem? Mind to share with me?”

Guy, “Nothing bro, I love one girl but she is not even looking at me.”

Arjun, “Have you proposed her anytime?”

Guy, “No, I am scared to propose her. What if she said No?”

Arjun, “Bro, without saying how can she know about you? Ok show me who is that girl?’

That guy shows Arjun a group of girls standing little far from them and enjoying the New year celebration happily.

Arjun, “Boss, so many chicks are there, show me whom you are pointing?”

The guy shows him the gang saying, “The girl in white color dress”

Arjun looks at the white color dress girl but he could see only her back, and to the guy he said, “Silence won’t work in love brother. Just watch me now”

Arjun walks towards the girls gang but before that someone running crossing him hits him, he is stumbling for a sec and manages to stand straight. But in the meanwhile, another girl joins the group and unfortunately she too wears white dress.

Arjun did not notice that and calls her out from her back by tapping her shoulder.

The girl turns to him and questioning him by her look. Arjun for a sec, stuns seeing her beauty, her beautiful black orbs, her long waving hair…he stands numb for a second.

She snaps her finger on his face asking, “Mr. What you want?”

Arjun without even thinking and blurted out, “I LOVE YOU”

She gets shocked hearing him and shouted at him, “WHAT THE HELL?”

Arjun comes to the reality and stammers saying, “Sorry, actually it’s not me. Someone else suppose to say that”

“Who is that?” she questioned him.

Arjun turns to his back and shows her the guy who stands far from them watching them silently. She started walking to the guy and stands infront of him with lot of guts and asking him, “So you love me? And you are sending this post man to deliver your feelings to me, is it?”

Arjun gets annoying hearing the word post man but before he says something, that guy blurted out saying, ”No No, I don’t love you”

She turns to Arjun and gives him an accusing look, Arjun look at the guy asking, “Brother, you only told me that you love the white color dress girl and she wears in white color only right”

Guy, “Boss, there is another girl in that gang who wears white color. I don’t love this girl. In fact, my lover will be more beautiful than her”

Arjun bursted out in laugh making her more angry, she looks at him angrily making him shut his mouth. She turns to her gang and calls out the girl who wears the same color dress.

The girl comes to her saying, “Hey what happened Rads?”

Rads pointed the guy saying, “He is in love with you”

She leaves that girl there and moves from there back to her gang, but Arjun comes running to her and stops her saying, “Hey I am sorry for the confusion. You both were wearing same color dress, so I got confused”

Rads, “It’s ok No problem” and she started walking away.

Arjun again stops her extending her hands to her saying, “Happy New year”

She sighs and shakes her hands with him saying, “Happy new year” and she tries to take her hands away, but he hold it still saying, “Arjun”

She smiles slightly saying, “I am Radhika”

Arjun, “Nice name and nice to meet you”

Radhika too smiles looking at him and goes away from there to join with her friends.

Arjun looks at her with some curiosity and he too joins with his friends.

After few days, Arjun spotted Radhika on the mall, even she also finds him there while doing a shopping. Both waves their hands seeing each other and walks towards each.

Radhika, “Arjun?”

Arjun, “Exactly Radhika”

She giggles hearing him and continues, “So shopping ah?”

Arjun, “Yes, window Shopping”

She laughs heartily hearing him and he continues, “What about you?”

Radhika, “Shopping and planned for a movie”

Arjun, “Nice plan. Where is your friends?’

Rads, “Their shopping is still on and I am done with my part”

Arjun, “Okay then, would you mind to have a coffee with me till your friends come”

Rads thinks for a second and informs her friends by message and goes with Arjun.

Ardhika spend some good time knowing each other and before leaving both shares their number too.
Ardhika’s friendship grows day by day and both have a very good understanding with each other.

Arjun comes out from the flashback and message to Nivi enquiring about Radhika.

Nivi look at his message and replied, “She is resting. Will talk later”

She then goes to Radhika’s room and finds her sleeping having the tears marks on her cheeks.

She comes out and remembers the time Radhika realizes her love for Arjun.

Flashback 2: Radhika’s love Realization

Radhika’s friends finds her always chatting and smiling seeing the mobile and arrested her one day & enquired her.

Nivi, “Hey Rads, whom you are chatting with always and that with full on smile?”

Rads, “My friend ya, Arjun. You also knows him right”

Nivi, “Shall I ask you some thing Radhika?”

Rads, “Mmm go ahead”

Nivi, “Do you love Arjun?”

Rads, “What nonsense? He is my friend Nivi”

Nivi smiles seeing her and said, “I don’t know Radhika, but I am sure you like him more than as a friend”

Rads, “Nivi, stop this topic. There is something you don’t know about him”

Nivi, “What’s that?”

Rads, “He is already committed. He already have one girl friend. So I am just a friend for him”

Nivi gets shocked little and continues, “For him you are just a friend but what about you? Is he just a friend for you?”

Rads, “Of Course”

Nivi, “Fine then. Keep this in your mind strongly that he is just a friend for you and nothing more than that. That will be good for you”

Rads just nods her head and goes away leaving Nivi behind her. Nivi looking at her going and murmurs, “I know you very well Radhika. According to you, Arjun is not just a friend for you. I pray god that you should not get hurt because of your growing feelings for him”

Rads locks herself in her room after talking to Nivi, she gets confused thinking about the conversation she had with Nivi.

She looks at her reflection in the mirror saying, “I can’t love Arjun”

Her thoughts gets disturbed hearing a beep sound in her mobile, she runs to pick it up and gets happy reading the message from Arjun. She happily replies to the message but the very next moment she realizes her excitement seeing his message and gets confused again.

Precap: ???? What could be the ending for this story?


Hello ladies, so how is the new shots. It is just a two shot story, just came to my thought and i penned it down here. Hope you all like it and enjoyed reading it.

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