MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 9)

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MMZ – MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 9)

Recap: Past in Rad’s POV.


Radhika reached her office and finds everyone’s gaze on her with a different attitude. She feels embarrass facing their glare which purely has jealous from the girls especially. She silently sits in her place and starts continuing her work without looking at others.

Girl 1, “See her, have you ever think Radhika will become like this? I thought she is a very nice and innocent girl but now, she got our MD’s attention. Hmm, there is a proverb na, should not believe the girls who talks less. She proved it”

Girl 2, “Yeah, even i thought she is so naive and now she gave the biggest shock to all of us. What could be the relationship between them?”

Radhika hears everything silently and her blood started boiling in anger, she bangs the table and walks to them by passing a sharp glare to them.

Rads to the Girl 1, “What did you say?”

She gets stammered seeing rads anger and keeps silent.

Rads raised her voice, “I asked what did you say?”

Girl 1 hesitantly tells her what she spoke. Rads, “So what’s your problem?. I can roam with anyone and that’s my personal matter. And what you said? I proved it….what i proved it? A Characterless girl is it?”

Rads turn to another girl and says, “I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I know who i am and know what i am doing. And what’s the shock you were talking about?”

The girl keeps silent and she continues, “You meant to say, roaming with the Company’s MD is it?. I don’t mind if you also go with him. Who asked you to keep quiet. Go and ask him for a date…he will accompany you happily. Without knowing anything, don’t just blabber anything which comes in your filthy mouth. Listen, this is the last warning for you both….i won’t tolerate it next time if you abuse my name”

Exactly the same time, Arjun reach the bay and watch the girls serious reactions. He walks to them immediately and looks at Radhika with concern asking, “What’s the problem?”

Rads glares him angrily and says, “YOU ARE THE PROBLEM SIR”

Arjun and the two girls gets shocked hearing her. The trio gives a blank reaction seeing her and Rads pass a smirk to the girls and says, “Why are you staring me? That’s what we discussed now right?”

Arjun,”What are you saying?”

Rads, “Exactly Sir. You are the biggest problem” she pause it and continues, “for them”

The two girls are blinking looking at Arjun and Radhika.

Rads controls her smile and continues, “I am just saying the truth. Sir, you know what…they become so crazy after seeing you here as our MD. Their ultimate aim is to go for a date with you and very excited also”

Arjun taken aback saying, “WHAT THE HELL?”

Rads smirk and continues, “And Sir, as far as i know you , i told them that you will happily accompany them. Am i right MD SIR?” she gives a force on the last word.

She turns to the girls and said, “I helped you both now…you have to take a lead from here. Al d best” she smirks and leaves to her place.

Arjun looks at them for sometime and those two girls bows their heads down and keeps rolling their eyes left to right.

He adjusts his tie and walks to his cabin. Before he gets in he pass a glare to Rads and finds her working with a smile on her face.

Arjun sits on his chair and rads words echoes in his mind and the girls reactions which makes him laugh thinking about that.

Radhika gets a call from Prerna, “Haan Maa”

Prerna, “Radhu, come home fast today”

Rads, “Why?”

Prerna, “You will come only if i say the reason?”

Rads rolls her eyes, “Maa, i have work also. What you want now?”

Prerna sighs, “Today, we have to go to Mehra Mansion to give Shagun for Sam. You forgot? We have to start the marriage rituals right? Nandini already called and informed me about the good time. That’s y i called you”

Rads immediately think about Arjun’s presence in Mehra Mansion and thinks to refuse but she feels pity on her mom and says, “Hmm ok maa. I will come. At What time?”

Prerna, “Evening 5 PM. I will pick you up from your office ok?”

Rads, “OK Maa”

She hungs up the call and looks at the closed door of Arjun’s and to herself, “Definitely, he will not leave that early. It will be good, if he will not be there. God hear out my wish…atleast once”

@ Evening 5 PM,

Rads gets a call from her Maa and she packs her stuff and gets ready to leave. She goes to her lead and tells, “Parth, i got an urgent call from my friend. It’s an emergency. Pls inform to MD. I am leaving now”

She informs him and rushes out before Arjun gets a glimpse of her.

Prerna and Radhika travels in a Cab to reach Mehra Mansion.

They reach their home and greets Nandini & Samrat who waits for them in the entrance. They welcome both daughter and Mother inside happily.

Radhika stunned looking at the home, her gets tensed seeing the royalty in their house. Soon Sam comes and gets blessings from Prerna and Nandini & Samrat receives the Shagun from Prerna.

RaSam stands together gives a side hug to each. Samrat, “Sam, Take Radhika and tour our house. First time she came right. Take her”

Sam takes radhika to her room first and showing the complete house and rooms one by one. She suddenly gets a call from Neil and leaves radhika on the middle and blends in talking with him. Rads sighs seeing her and keeps walking inside the room which is just opposite to her.

She enters inside the room and gets stunned seeing the room, a king size well designed teak bed. The room is neatly arranged, the decor for the book shelves, the mild soft curtains, the dreamy choco color on the wall makes the room so beautiful.

She looks at the books in the shelves and gets alerted hearing a knob opening sound inside the room and turns to the door where the sound is coming. Her eyes becomes wider seeing the great Mr. Mehra coming out from the room only with towel drape on his waist and water droplets on his bare body.

She hungs her mouth open seeing him and he too gets shocked seeing her and asks, “Radhika You?”

She gets sense and immediately turns to other side showing her back to her by closing her eyes and says, “Sorry i don’t know it’s your room”

He smirks and asks, “That’s ok. Why you closed your eyes? Am i looking that bad or what?”

She opens her eyes slowly and says, “Please wear something”

Arjun with a smirk, “Why should i? This is my room and i can be shirtless or …” he did not finish his sentence and look at Radhika’s reaction by the mirror infront of her and chuckles seeing her worried face.

Rads makes face hearing him and mumbles, “God, where i am stuck now”

Arjun, “You din’t say me that you will come here today”

Rads, “Even you dint say that you will be in home by this time”

Arjun chuckles, “You would have not come here, if i said so right?”

She curse her fate and turns to run out but Arjun holds her wrist in a minute and pulls her onto him. She hits directly on his bare front chest keeping her palms on both the sides.

He moves her hair strands behind her ears and rubs her forehead gently making her uncomfortable in his hands. She moves her body to free her from his grip and he tightens it more and husks, “Where are you running? You have all right to be in this room and stare my body…only you have. Don’t you?”

Rads lowers her gaze from his face and breathes heavily of unable to bare his proximity and stammers, “Leave me…Sam will come anytime”

Arjun bends down near her ear and whispers, “No one dare to step in my room, untill i allow them. Sam will not come here without my permission. And See now, you came by your self unknowingly and that’s our destiny.”

Rads stare his eyes and both gets into an intense eye lock and Arjun slowly leans on her to face towards her lips. Radhika stops struggling and keeps looking at him and close her eyes gently letting him to kiss her.

Rads phone disturbs their intense moment and both gets jerked listening the call in Rads mobile. She releases herself from his grip and picks up the call…it is from Sam.

Rads immediately walks out from the room and finds Sam looking for her beside the stairs. Both joins and gets down to meet their parents.

Soon Arjun also comes down dressing very neatly in a casual wear and greets Prerna wholeheartedly.

They all discussed for sometime and decides the marriage date by next week. Sam blushes and Rads teasing her silently.

Nandini, “We will start performing our Rituals from day after tomorrow. Will arrange the Sangeet Ceremony day after tomorrow, then haldi ritual and Marriage function. Will do everything at its best”

All agrees for it and soon Prerna & Rads leaves from there. Arjun offers a drop but Radhika refused it gently infront of their parents and leaves from there.

Arjun goes to his room and leans on the bed remembering their past.

Past continues,

Sanjeev finds Arjun lost in his thoughts, he shakes his shoulder and get him to reality. Arjun rolls his eyes and is about to move but Sanjeev stops him asking, “To meet Radhika?” and chuckles.

Arjun immediately sits on his place and glare him angrily signing to close his mouth and not to tell to anyone. Sanjeev nods his head and stare him going, the moment he goes out he turns to his friends and shouts, “Guys, you know what is happening?”

Arjun passes by Rads class and looks at her through the window but unable to find her inside the class room. He then moves beside her class and hear Rads & Kriti conversation.

Kriti, “Why are you crying now?”

Rads in a sobbing voice, “Then what i can do? I am scared now”

Kriti, “It’s ok Radhu. It’s just a dream. Forget it”

Rads, “No it is not a dream. It’s actually a night mare”

Arjun understands what she is talking about and he smiles seeing her face reaction with lots of worries and slightly sobbing.

Kriti, “yaar, radhika, don’t cry. Will try to be more alert. Don’t go anywhere alone. Especially to that library room. There only he kissed you right?”

Rads nods her head and wipes her tears.

Both leaves from there leaving Arjun amused.

Arjun walks to his class and met Harsh on the way. Arjun looks him angrily and walks past but Harsh stops him saying, “Hey dude, i am sorry yar. It was just an accident. Why you react so much?”

Arjun, “Because, you did wrong”

Harsh lifts his hands up and says, “I am sorry for whatever i did. Don’t avoid me”

Arjun smiles and hugs him, both shakes their hands happily. Sanjeev and other friends joins with them happily. Radhika see this scenes from far while going to her class. She stares Arjun angrily and walks away which is unnoticed by Arjun.

In the evening, Rads & Kriti walking to their hostel after the college, Harsh comes to her running and stops her from moving further.

Rads steps back and glares him angrily. Harsh breaths heavily and inbetween his breathe he asks sorry from her.

Harsh, “Hey, i am sorry for that day. It was not intentionally. Don’t keep it in mind”

Rads thinks for a while and said, “Fine” and tries to walk away

Harsh stops her again, “Can we be friends?”

Rads hesitates a lot and says, “No…actually”

Harsh, “If you forgive me, then accept my friendship”

Rads after a lot of thinking, extends her hand to his and accepts his friendship.

He sent them to their hostel and goes to his place.

Next day, Arjun, Sanjeev, Harsh and others sits on the gallery and have a chit chat. Suddenly Harsh notices Radhika and Kriti walking to the ground with her classmates.

Harsh jumps from the gallery and runs to Radhika, “Hey Radhika”

Rads with fake smile, “Hi”

Harsh, “No class now? You all here to the ground?”

Rads, “Yeah, Free period. So only we came here”

Harsh, “That’s good, come na, will sit together and chat. After all, we are your seniors”

Rads moves her sight from Harsh to the gang who sits and watching them carefully and among those, her vision stops at one person who looks at her and Harsh angrily…it’s none other than Arjun.

Sanjeev bangs his head and mumbles, “Yesterday only he asked sorry and today again he is doing the same mistake. God only will save him from Arjun”

Harsh forcefully takes them to his gang and starts introducing everyone to each.

Rads shakes hands with the girls and gives a gentle smile with Sanjeev and stops smiling seeing Arjun. She avoids looking at his face and gets nervous.

Harsh, “Radhika, you know he is our college Prince Arjun. All the girls in our batch are drooling him…lucky man he is”

Rads makes faces hearing this and turns her face to other side. Arjun keeps staring her face and observes her face antics. He jumped down infront of her giving her a jerk and says, “She knows me very well Harsh. You no need to tell anything. And Harsh, do you know onething? Even she too dreamt about me. Like others”

Harsh, “WHAT?”

Rads blinks looking at Arjun and he just stare her sensually which makes her discomfort.

Arjun, “Ask her? Your new friend will tell you about her dream…or you can say it as a night mare too”

Rads stare him angrily and leaves from there hastily followed by Kriti.

Past ends……


Prerna makes Radhika put off from her work and involves her in marriage work. Radhika happily involves in the work for her brother and it gets disturbed by a message, and it is from Arjun.

Message from Arjun,”I miss you so much today of not seeing you in office”

Rads reads it and ignores it. Again her mobile peeps with a new message.

“I am so excited. You know why? I will propose for our marriage tomorrow and that’s make me so nervous and tensed”

Rads reads the message and gets tensed reading it. She immediately reply asking, “You become Insane. Why you want to do it now?”

Message with smiley, “Good that you replied me now atleast. I know what to do and when to do. You just have to be with me always. Love you Sweetheart ”

Rads close her fist tightly to control her angry and switches off her mobile.

Next day, all get ready for the sangeet celebration. Prerna, Neil and Radhika gets ready to leave to Mehra Mansion with their relatives.

Soon all the guests reached Mehra Mansion, The Mehra family invites them heartily and makes them comfortable.

Radhika walks in with her mom Prerna, Arjun who stands with his business friends gets mesmerized seeing Radhika in the lehenga which he chosen for her. She adorns her with a slight make up and simple antique jewels which makes her look elegant.

He walks towards her with a s*xy smile, Rads gets tensed seeing approaching her and close her eyes when he comes close to her, but to her surprise he bends down to get blessings from Prerna and hugs Neil.

Radhika sighs and moves from there to Sam’s room. She finds her getting ready in her sangeet dress and starts teasing her.

Sam, “Radhika, i am so nervous yar”

Rads, “Why so?”

Sam, “What are you asking? It’s my marriage and so i am. You will know when you get married”

Rads smiles fade away from her face and now it’s her turn to get tensed remembering Arjun’s message.

Radhika fakes her smile and goes out. She goes somewhere aimlessly and gets alert when a strong arm pulls her to a reserved place.

She didn’t shout since she knows who can do this. Arjun who pulls her to him and pins her to the wall and blocks her way by his hands and leans close to her face.

She lowers her gaze and avoids looking at his face. He lifts her chin up and makes her look at him.

He cups her face and husks, “You are looking damn gorgeous. I can’t be so calm of not seeing you. I am mad on you Radhika. Why you are not understanding my love? Why you keep distancing yourself from me?”

Rads with tears on her eyes, “Because you betrayed me”

Arjun now gets her face close to his and whispers, “No Radhika. I never did that..even in my dreams. I always loved you truly. I still do that. I love you Radhika”

Tears drop on her cheeks, Arjun immediately stops it on her cheek by his fingers and says, “I never want to hurt you…and will never allow anyone to do so”

Radhika holds his hands on hr face tightly and whispers, “Arjun”

Both gets away hearing Nandini’s voice and she runs down to be with her mom. Soon Arjun also comes down and joins with the relatives.

All the while, his stare on Radhika’s face who is looking so confused.

Both Ardhika gets disturbed hearing a familiar voice calling Arjun’s name excitedly.

Radhika turns and gets shocked finding Sanjeev enters inside happily waving hands to Arjun. Sanjeev walking towards Arjun happily gets shocked seeing Radhika beside him.

Precap: Ardhika engagement. Radhika gets restless confronting her past infront of her.

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