MMZ – I Love My Secret Admirer (SS – 01)

Hey Guys, Satz back with few shots …pls read and let me know your views.

MMZ – I Love my Secret Admirer

Mishra house:

Mala and Nandini is sitting on the Sofa and chit chatting about their college life, their pranks on their staffs, friends and even on each other. Ultimately they are enjoying their togetherness after a very long time.
Nandini, “Mala, i am so happy today. Meeting you after this much years is like my dream comes true. I never expected that i will find you and tell me where the hell were you these years?”
Mala joins her hands with her saying, “You know right Nandu? After marriage i went to US with my husband and we got settled down there. But after his death, i couldn’t stay there with his memories haunting me all the time. So only i decided to come back to India but i am really sorry for not contacting you these years. Like after marriage the ladies world’s becomes her husband, her children, her household work. And i am not an exceptional too, even i got busy into my marriage life and with my children education, their health wise..even i forgot all my own stuffs in looking after them.
Nandini, “I am really sorry for Dilip, but why u did not come back here immediately, you took again 3 years to settle down here is it?”
Before Mala answer her, there is a sweet voice interrupts them, Nandini turns her head towards the voice and smile seeing the girl walking towards them having a Coffee tray in her hands.
“Aunty, it’s all just for us, she sacrificed a lot. I supposed to done my bachelors there itself and got the scholarship and all, i don’t wanna lose that so we stayed there for 3 more years and now we back into our land. Now we won’t go back there and will live here only” the girl replied cheerfuly.
Nandini to Mala, “Your daughter?”

Mala smiles, “Haan, Radhika. My lovely kid she is ”
Radhika, “Aunty, you don’t know about me but i know everything about you. You know how?” she paused looking at Mala and says, “Because of my own old recorder” pointing to mala.
Mala gets shocked and twisting her earlobe saying, “Am i a old recorder for you?”
Radhika screams in pain, “Sorry sorry….i won’t say that again”
Mala takes her hand and rubs that place where she twisted and Radhika mocks her, “Nothing will change if you heal that pain. I will take revenge for this definitely”
Mala just rolls her eyes and looks back to Nandini who is admiring Radhika’s activities and smiles at her.
Mala touches her slightly says, “Have Tea. She prepared it specially for you” and winks at her.
Nandini looks little terrible hearing the word special and blinks at her, Radhika makes faces, “Mom, don’t scare aunty” and to Nandini, “Aunty, don’t believe her. I will cook nicely. I know cooking. So you can have this tea without any fear”
Nandini gives an impossible look at Mala and she drinks the tea made by Radhika and praises her.
After some talks, Mala finds Nandini is little worried, she asks, “Nandu, what happened? you seems not to be so happy? What is bothering you?”
Nandini let out a sigh relief and says, “I thought about my family who scatters everywhere. We are not even talking properly to each.”

Radhika sipping her tea asking, “Why aunty?”
Nandu, “Your uncle is running behind money and business, if i ask then he is saying that he is working for the family. But where is the family? If i ask him again, he will go mad coz of his business tensions. So i just left it in his way”
Mala, “Your kid?”
Nandini, “Kids…hmm i don’t know what they are doing now”
Radhika spits her tea and looks at her shockingly saying, “You don’t know?”
Nandini keeps pout face saying, “They are not with me. They are in abroad one is studying and one is looking our company from overseas”
Radhika pouts, “ooooooohhhhhhh…break up family”
Mala hits her slightly and to Nandini, “You can call them here to be with you na”
Nandini, “Don’t you think i never did that. I called them so many times even i begged them. But those two are exactly a xerox of their dad who doesn’t even bulge to listen my words. Atleast second one will listen and say some soothing words to console me, but the first is such an arrogant and stubborn nature”
Radhika, “You are only certifying your children as arrogant and stubborn. Aunty then you should treat them in a different way”

Nandini, “You don’t know about them Radhika, they are..” Mala interrupts them and asks Nandini, “Nandu, you are just saying as Boys or girls or mixture?”
Radhika burst out in laughter holding her tummy saying, “Mom…mixture? Do you really understood what you said?”
Mala, “Why what i said wrong?”
Radhika continues laughing says, “Mixture? ha ha ha ha….Mixture of boy and girl? ha ha ha Mom seriously…you should improve your english. pls don’t say that you were in US for this many years”
Mala pinches her thigh signing to be quiet and looks at Nandini who is smiling seeing them, “Why r u silent? Giving time for her to taunt me again?’
Nandini too laughs saying, ” I have two children, A boy and a girl. Son is the elder who is looking our business from overseas and my daughter is still studying her Masters in abroad”
Radhika starts crumble the chips kept on the plate and starts munching it saying, “Arrogant, Stubborn is none other than you son. Right Aunty?”
Nandini to takes some and replies, “Exactly”
Radhika, “But why he is like that aunty?”
Nandini, “God only knows”

Radhika curls her lips downwards, “We can make him normal like us na aunty. Why can’t you give a try? After all what we gonna get being so arrogant, stubborn and angry on others. We get one life and we should enjoy it happily right”
Nandini, “I agree but those 3 monkeys did not understand it right?”
Mala gulps hearing the word monkey and says, “Nandu, you are saying your husband as Monkey?”
Nandini rolls her eyes, takes her mangalsutra and touches it on her both eyes saying, “Ok i am sorry for that… but they are really monkeys only. Often changing the decisions like they change their places, disturbing and irritating others. Ufff i had enough Mala. Now i don’t have strength to fight with them. So i left them in their way”
Radhika laughs seeing her reactions and looks at her sad face, she stares her for a while and says, “Aunty, why can’t we change them?”
Nandini, “But how?”
Radhika, “Aunty, first make them come to India and stay with you. Then we slowly start our game”
Nandini, “I did not understand”
Rads, “Aunty…” Mala stops her and to Nandu, “Nandu, don’t listen her. She will do everything playfully and will not realize the consequences”
Rads, “Mom…pls. I m more than enough to handle myself and i am not a kid for your information. I am just trying to make aunty happy at least for sometime.”
Nandu holds Mala, “Mala, you know what? You are the luckiest mom who gets a diamond like daughter. Now my trust on her gets increased a lot seeing her. I just wanna hear her out once what she is trying to say. Will decide then?”
Rads claps her hand saying, “Aunty, you just stole my heart by prasing me. I will definitely do something for you to make you happy”

Mala rolls her eyes saying, “You know Nandu, if you keep on praising her, she will go to any extreme to make you happy. She is just a self flattering girl who yearns for some praises from others”
Radhika keeps pout face saying, “So what? I m doing good so i m expecting? What’s ur problem Mom?”
Mala, “I don’t have any problem. Better you don’t give any problem to her by your over enthusiasm” and she goes to kitchen to prepare lunch for them and she tells Nandini to stay till evening.
Once Mala’s head disappears, Rads sit beside her saying, “Aunty, forget Maa’s words. I ll help you to get your children back to you” as if she says this like a secret.
Nandu smiles seeing her naughtiness and just nods her head.
Rads thinks for sometime and says, “Idea” by snapping her fingers.
Nandu eagerly asks, “what?”
Rads, “Simple aunty. Just tell them that you are serious and have to meet them ASAP. Once they come here do an emotional black mail and make them settle down here. It is old idea only but GOLD” says widening her eyes.
Nandini laughs hearing her and says, “I will definitely try this but still i don’t have any hope on them. But i believe your words.”
Rads, “But aunty, what you gonna with Uncle? How to manage him?”
Nandu, “He also wants them to be here but he won’t support me in this drama”
Rads, “Then cut him off. Don’t tell anyone. Keep it as a secret. Then only he will also realize your importance in his life when he sees you are not well”

Nandu with worried look, “Will it work Radhika?”
Rads casually leans back on the couch saying, “Ha..definitely. All movies are showing this only right. Mother’s love will win the world then why not your arrogant and stubborn son and Uncle”
Nandu looks little confident and says, “I am ready Radhika”
Mala too comes and says, “All d best nandu. Though i know she is prankster than me and naughty but i trust her the most. Her decision will always be right. Don’t worry.”
Rads, “Wow…Mala, you praised me? Really? You praised me? God, i pray Vardha cyclone should not come back hearing this wonder”
Mala makes angry face and goes to hit her but rads running around the house. Nandini is completely blown seeing Radhika, her charming chirpy nature, her trust on keeping the relations united, her jovial nature. She is totally impressed with her and looks at the Mother-daughter game.
Nandini stays there till evening and goes to her house in her car. She reaches her mansion, yes it is a mansion, “MEHRA MANSION” a large and impressive house but she is alone there with her few servants.
She recalls what Radhika told her and keeps on thinking about this. She takes her mobile and dialed to a number and waits for the other person to respond it.
Nandu, “Hey Vaishu, Nandu here”

Vaishu, “Hey Nandu, what a pleasant surprise? You called me after a long time. How are you?”
Nandu, “I am not well Vaishu, that’s y i called you”
Nandini sounds upset and Vaishu understands her and says, “What happened Vaishu?”
Nandini tells her everything and cries, Vaishu, “Don’t cry Nandu. What you want me to do in this?”
Nandu, “You need to support me in my play”
Vaishu, “Nandu? Are you serious? What play you gonna do?”
Nandu, “Just promise me first, then i will tell you”
Vaishu thinks for a while and promised her, then Nandu tells her plan…initially vaishu backing out but Nandu somehow convinced her.
Vaishu, “Will it work nandu?”
Nandu, “You are my family doctor. So they will believe you for sure”
Vaishu, “Hmmm, fine. Come here”
Nandu gets happy and goes out to her place.
After an hour, Samrat Mehra who is engrossed in his work gets disturbed by a phone call. He signs his PA to pick it up and keeps looking at the files on his table.

PA picks the call and within a minute gives it back to Samrat saying, “Sir, they are asking for you”
Samrat sighs and gets the mobile from him answering, “Samrat Speaking”
Vaishu, “Mr.Samrat, i am Vaishnavi your family doctor cum family friend”
Samrat without any reaction, “I know it Vaishnavi, pls tell me what i need to do”
Vaishu, “I want you to be here as soon as possible”
Samrat stops looking at the files and replies, “May i know for what it is?”
Vaishu, “If i say, it is about your wife’s life, then also you will be asking me a question like this?”
Samrat is slightly shocked and tensely says, “I am coming right away”
Vaishu, “Thanks” and disconnects the call, looking at Nandu who is sitting right beside her and raises her eyebrows.
Vaishu shows her thumbs up and says, “I will get myself chopped in your husband’s hand if he comes to know this play”
Nandu, “Nothing will happen. Don’t worry”
Soon Samrat arrives to the multispeciality hospital and walks towards Dr.Vaishnavi’s cabin who is a specialist in cardiology.
Vaishu who expecting him already, did not show much shock in her face and calmly welcomes him in her cabin.
Samrat, “What happened to Nandu? Where is she?”
Vaishu, “You are really worrying about her?”
Samrat grit his teeth and asks, “I asked what happened to her”
Vaishu smirks saying, “She in another room, she got a mild attack and moreover she is weak. She wishes for something and that can be done only by you”
Samrat, “Shall i see her?”

Vaishu, “Sure. Pls come”, then she takes him to a special room and allows him to go inside.
He looks at Nandu who is lying and her face looks pale. He goes to her and calls her in a mild tone.
Nandu opens her eyes slowly and tears drops in her cheeks saying, “Samrat, you came? Vaishu told i got a mild attack. But i am scared”
Samrat hugs and pats her back gently saying, “Don’t worry Nandu. Nothing to scare. I am here with you right. You will be alright soon”
Nandu in a choking voice, “But my children. Samrat, i want to see them. Pls ask them to come here ASAP”
Samrat thinks but Nandu continues, “Samrat, pls tell them to come. I know i am counting my days, i wanna be with my kids in my last days”
Samrat, “Shut ur mouth Nandu. You want your children with you right. Leave it to me but don’t say those bullshit words…you will be alright soon”
He makes her lie on the bed again and goes out to make a call. Nandini smiles seeing him going and close her eyes peacefully.

Soon Vaishu tells Samrat to take her to home and warns him to make her happy always and not to make her sad. Samrat worries now for his wife’s health who supports him till now in all his thick and thin phase.
He takes her to home and puts her in their bed and goes to balcony to call again. Nandini can hear only his voice asking, “Ok, i will send the car to the Airport. She really awaits eagerly to see you”
He cut the call and comes to Nandu who pretend to sleep and he goes out leaving her in the room.
Nandini opens her eyes and happily says, “Thank u so much Radhika for your awesome idea. Finally i am gonna meet my son after so long years”

Next day, Radhika and Mala goes to Mehra mansion after getting a call from Nandu who asked them to come and meet her. She made Samrat stay in home itself and he moved to his study room after welcoming them.
Nandu expresses her happiness to both and pampers Radhka a lot for helping her to get her family back. To disturb them, someone’s mobile is ringing continuously and it was on the Dressing table.
Nandu snaps her head saying, “Oh no…Samrat left his mobile here. Radhi pls check who it is?”
Radhika nods her head and lifts the call answering, “Hello”
OS, “Why this much time to attend the call? And BTW who are you?”
Rads gets furious, “Excuse Mr. You only called to this number and asking about me? First tell me who are you?”
OS in angry tone, “I want to talk to Mr.Samrat Mehra, give the phone to him”
Rads with same attitude, “He is busy and not here. BTW what you want?”
OS, “Do you really know whom you are talking with?”
Rads naughtiness doesn’t have the limit and she proves it again saying, “How can i see you by this mobile to know whom i am talking with? Funny”

OS with more furious, “Oh just shut up your blo*dy mouth and give the phone to him”
Rads jaw drop, “You still did not say who are you? And why you want to talk to him. He is busy”
OS finally bursted out saying, “I am Samrat’s son Arjun Mehra and i m waiting in my Airport for my car to pick me up. Where the hell the driver is? Don’t waste my time and give the phone to him”
Rads eyes widens hearing him and murmurs, “He needs a small lesson now” and says, “So what? If not your car, just get some taxi from Airport and reach home. Who asked you to waste your time? You should have done this before i said..being a business man you should know this”, by saying this she bites her tongue and disconnects the call.
Nandu and Mala busy in talks and she goes to them and looks at Mala saying, “Maa, we can leave na”
Nandu stops her, “Why now? Wait, my son will be coming. You should meet him”
Rads murmurs, “He will kill me for sure” and says, “No Aunty, even i have to prepare for my interview tomorrow. So i need to go and prepare for that. Maa come na…we will go”
Nandu, “Interview you? Why u have to work outside?”
Mala, “Even i told her, but she is not listening”
Rads, “Aunty, i don’t want to be the director of my company which runs by my brother, i just wanna enjoy the lower level life being as an employee, more than that, no one should point me that i became one of the director just because my brother is owning that company”
Nandini gets proud seeing, “Good thought Radhika. I am really proud of you”
Finally Mala and Rads leaves from there after bidding bye to Nandini and Samrat.

Precap: Arjun controls his anger seeing Nandini’s health and enquires about the girl who attended the call. Radhika attends an interview of F in F(First in Fashion) company and gets selected.
How was the journey on this first shot guys? Like it or not?
I hope you liked it…and pls show your likes as comments. If i get good number of comments, then only i wll continue …. take my word.

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  1. Amazing

    1. Sathya

      Thanks Aayushi 🙂

  2. Hi satz…… This was amazing…. U always bring up beautiful plots….. Love you…. By the way can u plz tell me when r u posting the next episode of the modern Krishna

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much We 🙂 for ur encouraging words. yep i ll update soon about the Krishna.

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    1. Meen

      Hey Aisha……it’s true ….we don’t want same type of stories……right?……but don’t u think there is this thing abt all stories here on manmarziyaan page that they all r related to d main story somewhere….& moreover they r all interrelated in a way or other…….
      & I think before putting ur point like “stop writing…” U should read few more updates &even thn if u don’t want to continue thn just don’t read…….don’t suggest her to stop…….coz she won’t….we won’t let her ……& next time if u want a different concept thn try telling on these lines….”hey …..could u plz write a story on this & this concept…” Rather thn saying to stop writing

      If u can’t motivate someone ….don’t demotivate thm on there first update of any ff…….coz u dont know how it feels…..u Hv no idea how much time it requires to think & write a story…..& sathya & other authors out here are giving there best for all of us without charging… we bttr should thank thm…..rather than giving nasty comments….. Hope u get my point…….
      …am sorry if my word hurt u but dis is what I felt.

      1. Sulbi

        Meen love you girl… what a reply… seriously whatevr i was thinking while reading those comments u have replied it… i totally assented with you… am proud of you meen… love you aloads…

    2. i agree with meen in this.. i understand your concern aisha. but you should see every story is different. even if the concept is same. we cannot go beyond our thoughts like completely change character. the original characters may protrude at some point even if it not compulsory… thats fine right?? we have seen and our minds ar engraved with the characers and thei rbehaviour.. so you cant expect that they will just change. you should give chance even then if you find it is not for your liking then just stop reading that. you can point out mistakes and tell something mistakes we make. so read only if you wish else dont.. it is upto your wish and that should be given to the authors too. they think for hours for some plot, for some scene and then write it.. its already a gruesome job. then we expect you to at least appreciate the effort.

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        Thanks a lot for ur soothing words Suga 🙂

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      Nd sorry to sathiya Di for this wrong approach…….

    5. Sulbi

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        Nitu darling, i am glad to have u as my cute little sister. Thank u so much

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      I second meen.. Its all okay tht u r nor liking the plot but u can find its akso on kids ignoring their parents na… So its a new concept… In other way… Right.. Just motivate her n wait for another update.. Might be it won’t go wity the same plot.. May b she had planned another thing also thr

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      I am commenting after reading all the comments…
      They all consider it an awesome start of mindblowing story….
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      Thanks for ur opinion Aisha.

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      Mind yourself.. from the next time you pull such a stunt

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      1. Sathya

        Savera darling 🙂 i am so happy seeing your love and support for me. I am so overwhelmed yar 🙂 yes definitely i ll write for all my readers. 🙂 love you

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      Cheri 🙂 ha ha ha m eating like you … lol 😛 golgappe ..cheri i never tasted that. ha ha ha and you know you caught some point correctly…about mala & rads convo. ha ha ha yes real life instances r there. I used to say that dialogue old recorder and will ask my mom to praise me if i did :P. Ha ha ah Ardhika convo is highlight here. Don’t worry she won’t get caught easily and she is very naughty here. (like me 😛 😛 :P).

      And many many thanks for supporting me darling 🙂 love you

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